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A Healed Vision for the Divine Masculine

The divine feminine and divine masculine energies are our souls’ inheritance as human beings. The soul utilises these spiritual building blocks to manifest, to heal, to express itself. That will show up in your life in a way that is authentic and resonant for you.

There can be confusion around what it means to connect with the divine masculine energies at a soul level. This doesn’t necessarily mean ‘becoming more like a man’. Considering potential role models for divine masculine and divine feminine energies can help us understand how these energies are expressed in a human being. This is beyond traditional views on gender and biology. These energies can help us find our freedom and courage to live authentically, creatively.

A healed vision for the divine masculine

How masculine energy manifests in your life

Examples of the ways masculine energy could manifest in your life include:

·       cutting yourself off from negative influences but doing so with enormous compassion
·       giving yourself the time and space to revitalise your wellbeing
·       exploring the nuances of your identity beyond that which you were raised
·       making radical changes in your life direction
·       having the courage and confidence to take action on your intuitive insights
·       valuing your feelings enough to make meaningful change in your life

Every human being works from these same basic energies as the fuel for our life journey. And what we do with these energies is a unique expression of our soul’s creativity.

The divine masculine and divine feminine connection

The divine masculine and feminine are our souls’ primary building blocks for innate creative power. When we need magnetic, regenerative, resourceful and accomplishing energy, we dip into the feminine qualities within. When we need dynamic, expressive, inspired and directional energy, we dip into the masculine energies within.

Regardless of our biology or gender-expression, the masculine and feminine energies exist within our souls, like a personal sun and moon.

These energies are connected – one cannot exist without the other – yet they provide different functions and purposes. They work best when they are in harmonious relationship with each other. As we understand what these energies are and how to work with them joyfully, happily, healthily, then our creativity ignites.

Embracing the humanness inherit in the masculine and the feminine

Famous psychotherapist Marion Woodman spoke of the resistance that some people can experience towards the concepts of masculine and feminine. I believe this is because this terminology can be misapplied to reinforce gender stereotyping. That is not helpful.

So why don’t we choose more abstract terms as substitution? Yang and yin. Solar and lunar. These are helpful descriptors, but if we abandon the terms masculine and feminine, we lose the human quality.

Given the pervasive difficulty we are experiencing as a race in loving and respecting our humanness, it is important that we hold on to as many references to the value of humanity as possible. There is an increasing tendency to feel ashamed or hateful towards humanity in general. We have our issues to deal with. Yet there is an abundance of beauty within humanity, and it is love and compassion which will bring that forth.

We need to love our humanity and understand our human nature and our human potential if we are going to bring out the best in ourselves and each other.

The positive dynamics of divine masculine and feminine

Working with the divine masculine and divine feminine energies within is a way to:

– understand ourselves and each other
– feel greater tolerance for difference
– realise how much we have in common (regardless of differences)
– strengthen our feelings of empowerment, creativity and choice in how we live our lives
– feel at peace with our life journey and go for it with gusto (joyfully!)
– bring out the best of human potential to increase positive energy in our world

Much of my work emphasises the divine feminine because this is the basis from which healing, protection and wisdom can arise. I am aware of the cultural hunger for healthy expressions of masculine energy too, and the need to grasp what that may look like in our lives, and how we might work with it.

With the feminine energy of wisdom, inner values (which may differ dramatically from societal or mainstream values) and a sense of meaningful connection to the Universe intact within, we are ready to open ourselves to the divine masculine.

When lived with wisdom, the masculine energy protects and uplifts the feminine truths of the heart. As this occurs within us, the dynamics between masculine and feminine energy can change in our world, becoming more conscious and less antagonistic.

Our entire human family needs such inner healing at this time – and will benefit from the positive effect such a change in consciousness will bring into the political, educational, economic, and medical fields.

The happier, steadier and more confident we are within, the more naturally our positive influence can enter the world.

I trust in our ability to face the gritty aspects of this work, and to bring through a new way.

If you’re looking for a deeper exploration….

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* Gratitude for art by Rassouli from Alana’s Journey of Love Oracle



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