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Embodied Ascension and 11.11

The moon is exalted in Taurus and the full moon around the 11.11 spiritual transmission is typically a Taurus moon. Astrologically, exaltation means that the highest and best of a planet flows most readily in a certain sign.

Full Moon in Taurus is amplified potential for physical comfort, nourishment and pleasure, and encouragement to embrace the senses that allow the soul to experience and express the fullness of Life. During such a full moon we are spiritually stimulated to truly receive comfort, to feel connected and grounded in contented gratitude with one’s own physical body and sensual nature. We are asked by the Universe to come home to our bodies.

Embodied ascension brings heaven to earth

Spiritual bypassing is a term that expresses the possibility of using spiritual teachings incorrectly, misinterpreting the application of the teachings to avoid facing one’s legitimate soul journey. Embodied ascension is an answer to that. It is about utilising the teachings in the here and now to become more present, more willing to move through the difficulties that we must face to become more fully, freely and happily our true selves.

Time out to nurture and nourish is incredibly beneficial. It can help us sense the quieter steadiness of wisdom, so we are less likely to delude ourselves or fall prey to the deluded projections of others. Instead we can have compassion for how much suffering beings experience, and find gratitude for the blessings we have. We shift focus and we shift our energy and our reality in that moment. Taurus is fixed earth. Taurean energy helps us become grounded, steady, stable and even still, which is a deep need when engaging with a world of constantly moving technology, emotions, communications and ideas. 

The body tells such deep stories of truth when we allow for the deep embodied presence that Taurus can provide. Taurus is the golden mother energy, the infant being tenderly rocked in mother’s arms, with mother and child closely bonded in safety, love and peace. I have a golden grain mother meditation available as a free gift on my website for you if you would like some help connecting with this energy. 

With the pressures placed on humans these days, that ideal mother-child bond can be more readily disrupted, however the innate sense of it, the knowing and yearning for the peace, love and security is within our bodies. We hold within us a memory at a very deep soul level of what it once was to feel at one with the Universe. 

I remember when I first met my younger niece. She was not even a full day old. I walked into the hospital room where she was being held in her mother’s arms. Little baby was crotchety and cranky and my brother was attempting to swaddle her, as she flailed her tiny arms about in frustrated defiance. I asked him to wait for a moment. I leaned over and reached out my little finger around which she instantly wrapped her tiny fingers and opened her eyes to look deeply into mine. 

Suddenly my soul was propelled into the farthest reaches of the Universe, a vast ocean of undisturbed spiritual love engulfed us both, and we were both immersed in profound endless peace. She became quiet, happy and absolutely present. Yet I knew her soul was not yet fully in her body, but still partially in that vast oceanic love. My brother watched this exchange with avid curiosity and asked, “what are you doing? How has she become so quiet and peaceful?”. I smiled and stepped back and she allowed the swaddling to occur and then fell asleep. 

I felt as though I had been blasted with the most beautiful love. The utter bliss of it remained with me for days afterwards. That is the memory of cosmic mother. We all come from her and we all have that memory somewhere within our cells.

When we take time to ground and become present, to be with our body, and to work through the difficulties, we will eventually access the beauty within, rather than just more layers of suffering and unresolved struggle. The reality of our own experience needs compassion and love, including the ‘issues in the tissues’ that house the as yet untold stories recorded in the body. There will be a time when we are ready to bring those stories to consciousness so that in the telling, with fullness and compassion and honesty, we can release them and be released from them. 

Such stories may entail loss, love, aborted creativity or under-developed potential that can be reclaimed and renewed. Taurus is patient, and Taurus is a builder. Taurus is the mother love that is within our souls, and not limited to the experience we had with our biological mothers or their mothers and so on. It is the great feminine promise of the soul’s ability to grow and be spiritually born into fullness. Whether it is at Taurus full moon, or simply during a time when you are willing and able to focus on grounding and loving and listening to your body, you may dare to discover and express your truest purpose, and to build more of the precious mansion of your own soul.


The Universe loves number play – flashing those number signals until you stop, pause and wonder what the message could be. Perhaps suddenly you are seeing 444 everywhere, or 11.11. I wrote an entire book about the whimsy, wonder and wild wisdom in the numbers because I felt it was a way that many people sensed a greater connection with the Universe. Decoding the messages in the numbers can be a fun, attention-grabbing way to sense intuitive guidance. And it can be persistent, yes? The Universe lovingly nags through numbers!

On 11 November we tune into the code of 11.11. This code relates to ascension and paradigm shifts, of the Universe pushing you to step up and evolve. The other meaning of 11.11 is to pay attention to spiritual codes, synchronicity and signs more generally because the Universe is really talking to you at this time.

Every flash of 11.11 opens a portal of communion between your heart and the Universe, an opportunity to give and receive, for instantaneous energy transfer to flow. 

“You can play with the practice of 11.11 as a trigger for gratitude. You don’t have to attach that gratitude to a particular example. Just feeling gratitude in that moment is enough. Gratitude opens the spiritual floodgates for blessings to enter your world and 11.11 is numerical amplification.” 

Every being benefits from more grace circulating in this dimension. The 11.11 gratitude game is a playful healing activation for the spiritual benefit of all beings.

We love the numbers and the 11.11 frequency in our community and often have special offerings taking place at this time. You are warmly invited to reach out to find out more, or perhaps join us ‘unofficially’ but conducting your own sacred offering of dance, or an oracle reading, or a healing practice for yourself and for all beings on the 11th day of the 11th month, or whenever you are noticing 11.11 flashing into your awareness – a sign that the Universe is inviting you to remember your spirituality and believe in the power of fresh starts and divine grace. 

When Love’s Ocean Gets Rough

White caps are a type of wave considered tricky for sailing. They indicate volatility on and beneath the surface. White cap waves tend to indicate increased wind interference, to the point of impeding one’s ability to control a vessel in unstable environmental conditions. 

What does this mean for us? Water can be a symbol for emotions and psychic energies of the collective, as well as the individual. The interaction of the air element, in the form of wind, that creates white cap waves can symbolise the mind, thoughts and what we would call Vata in Ayurveda, which is the element of psychic and physical winds that moves through the world (and our nervous systems). White caps can signify agitation that can temporarily compromise our ability to chart our course, particularly if we are still learning how to navigate the influence of collective energies. 

“During any collective upheavals – such as traumatic events that make it into the news around the world – we simply become aware that there may be some volatility in the collective psychic weather, and to be mindful so we find our way through it without capsizing!”

For those that are more experienced, this might be a thrilling time where we apply our mastery and practices and enjoy the ride, but even so, we have guidance here to take care as the peace that we may have built within could give way to the spiritual stirring which must occur sometimes as part of Life’s expression, readying us for yet another turn of the ascension spiral.

During such times, use your personally preferred spiritual practices to tether yourself to inner stability, whilst you allow for whatever needs to fluctuate and rise up to do so. This may be deeply personal ruffling of feathers as preparation for future transformation, or it may feel as though it is happening around you in the collective. Either way, this is part of the healing journey and can be the final soul swirl before the healing breakthrough. It is said that it is darkest before the dawn and sometimes a great flurry of resistance will dredge up any remaining psychic sediment that needs to be aerated in order to be met, processed and released. Then the journey continues into calmer and vaster waters once more. 

We learn how to navigate psychic currents in our many online community offerings including Saraswati Healing and The Kuan Yin Transmission healing programs. One of the enlightened divine beings associated with safety for seafarers – literal and symbolic – is Mother Mary as Stella Maris, or Star of the Sea. The symbolism of protection during wild storms occurs repeatedly with the divine mother, for there is an innate understanding that healthy mothering involves protection, guidance and nurturance. We offer our Rosa Mystica program to explore your connection to Mother Mary and how she can support your soul journey. Our courses begin March and August each year. 

Gratitude for art by Andrew-Gonzalez

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