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From Divisive to Divine

Namaste Beloveds

We had a question in our community recently, and I wanted to share that question with you, and the answer that I came to for that question, because I felt it’s something that a lot of people would likely relate to. The question was about how one deals with the divisiveness and the sense of profound opposition and disruption, that so many people are feeling at the moment with themselves, within their communities, and within the world. Where you have a group of people that believe one thing directly opposing a group of people that believe another thing. There’s always been conflict around opinion within humanity, but at the moment it does feel like it’s more in your face than ever; it’s sort of hard to step back from it.

The Collective Shift

There’s a relentlessness and a kind of pervasiveness to this conflict and this sense of potential division that is often occurring as a result of it; yet doesn’t necessarily have to. What I found interesting in the question that was asked, was that this lady acknowledged and shared that she felt it was an overall collective shift happening for humanity, which is something that I teach. She felt that even though there’s a spiritual purpose, it was still really difficult. She was feeling fear and anxiety and distress, and she wanted to know how she dealt with this? I thought that was a marvellous question and I wanted to really reflect on it.

Later that evening, as I was reflecting on the question and how to respond, I tuned into the feeling of this tremendous sadness at what’s happening with humanity, a fatigue and tiredness at this deep, deep level. As well as a feeling of suffering and pain, anger, aggression and violence—that is just an acting out of fear that’s been going on for a very, very long time. It’s in the news at the moment, but it’s not new in humanity’s history, or in society, really.

There is So Much Courage

I really sat with that feeling of despair, fatigue, anxiety and worry. And I said to his spirit, to the universe (as I do.) I said, “There’s so much suffering, there’s so much pain.” And the response that came to me really touched my heart, the response was: “There’s so much courage.”

And I felt that and when it came through, I just had this sense of the mystery and the strangeness of life and the human soul journey. That as a healer, or anyone really, even if you don’t particularly identify or relate to that term, but you want to make a heartfelt contribution, rather than feeling caught up in the momentum of reactivity—then there’s a part of you, a part of your heart that really yearns to make a constructive offering to the planet. In the way that you are, the way that you live, and the way that you relate to yourself. To your loved ones and the world, that brings a positive benefit for all beings.

Vulnerability Opened Me

In that sense of honouring the mystery of life, it gave me this sense that didn’t take me all the way to healing. Yet there was another facet that I want to share with you, as it did help. It helped me begin to step out of that lower vibration that was just so consumed with sadness. When I recognized that sadness it opened me, with vulnerability, and this sense of doubt opened me up to receiving that answer from guidance.

You may find this; I find this a lot. The more that I’m in the darkness of my struggle, the brighter, the light is, and the grace that comes through in response. It’s kind of commensurate in a way it’s sort of that flip side, that beautiful paradox, that the more you’re in that wound, the more you actually are being honest and authentic about how you feel. In keeping open in mind and heart, the more you actually allow spirit to help guide you and heal you.

Our Lady of Light

I went to bed that evening and I slept peacefully though. I wasn’t completely clear on the shift, but I knew it had begun; the process had begun. The next morning I woke up and I sat down to meditate as I do each morning. And I had an experience of Our Lady. She was Our Lady, Mother Mary. And she was Our Lady, Isis. And she was Our Lady, Maritsa, a form of beautiful goddess, Tara. She was all of these things. She was just there. She was the light. She connected with my heart and in an instant, the residual energetic stuck-ness that hadn’t quite cleared, that last 20-30% or so, melted in.

I felt my breathing change and rest. I felt my heart return to restfulness. And I realized that it’s all a process. When we find that we get stuck in things, when we feel like our energy, our vibration, our way is being maybe distorted or overly burdened. Or we feel overwhelmed, or we’re just at the edge of what our compassionate heart can process. We’re in this space where we’ve just taken it all in. The way guidance described it was like eating a large meal. Maybe it doesn’t sit that well with you, it’s a bit big and a bit heavy in your body. The feeling of having a lot to digest. What I experienced and what I’ve shared with you is a kind of psychic and spiritual digestion process.

Psychic and Spiritual Digestion

It began with recognizing that the meal wasn’t sitting well, that I’d taken in this energy from the world around us. It didn’t really sit with me, but it was happening, and it was there—and I was having an emotional response and the emotional response that I could tune into had all of these facets and I could express from that place of authenticity and vulnerability. It’s like the next stage of the psychic digestion process could happen. Which is I could hear and receive a message of some encouragement. But it wasn’t completely done. And for the next stage of digestion, I had to metabolize it before I was ready to find that restfulness and to let it go and return to myself, as if this beautiful moment of grace could sweep it away. I was still compassionate and very passionate about wanting to assist, but able to do so from a place of hope, confidence, optimism and trust, and wander in the mystery of what it is that as a collective, we are creating and healing together.

I wanted to share this with you, because I wanted you to know that many of us, many healers, many people that want to make a positive contribution and really grappling with how to do that in the state of the world at this time.

How to cut through the noise, how to respond to the suffering without feeling like you’re getting caught up in it and drowning in it and becoming ineffective. What really occurred to me through this process was how important it is to rest and digest. Not just physically for your physical wellbeing, but emotionally and mentally for your souls’ wellbeing, and that you take a bit of that time.

The way that you do this may differ a little, but I thought if I shared the way that worked for me: talking to the universe like I was talking to my best friend. And being able to sit down and meditate and open my heart to see what happens. Those things are the tools that work for me, and they may help you. If those things feel a little bit unreachable, I have a vast body of work that has all sorts of healing tools and suggestions, as well as many free resources here.

If you’re looking for a place to start where you can use those spiritual tools to support your psychic digestion of what’s happening in your life, and in the world. Finding a way to continually bring yourself back to the beautiful sanctuary of your own heart. May your heart be blessed. Know that you’re loved, may you feel hope, and all of the guidance and encouragement that you need to take your beautiful, unique life path journey.

So much love from my heart to yours.



Artwork by Isabel Bryna from Alana’s Earth Warriors Oracle

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