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Ancestral Healing and Mama Moon Power

Cosmic Lunatics

The Cancerian energy is often labelled as “mother” and that archetypal energy is so darn powerful not much else is typically said about it. 

Before we dive into mother healing and mama power to create, we need to accept another facet of Cancerian energy. It will help us have the courage and confidence to embrace mother energy regardless of our gender or biological identifications, in a constructive, healing sense.

That alternative facet of Cancerian energy is the playful cosmic clown – the lunatic, if you will. Ruled by the moon, the lunacy of conscious Cancerian cuts through toxic power. In Shakespeare’s plays, the fool is the one who speaks the truth, saunters amongst the nobility, singing irreverent and hilarious songs, speaking poems that reveal the inner workings that everyone else is thinking about but are afraid to speak of for fear of losing their political power. Modern day comics have a similar role, which is one reason why we have to take great care that in our desire to nurture each other (another Cancerian quality) we don’t oppress those that must ruffle feathers and divinely destabilise us from time to time so that we don’t become enslaved by our own desire to feel secure at any cost (oppressing others and selling out to feel secure are hallmarks of unconscious Cancerian energy). 

I mention this because when we grapple with the powerful mother energy, we need a sense of humour and permission to speak truthfully. Mother energy can be messy, messed up, healing, beautiful, a sanctuary of protection and a source of great despair, and more. Mother is more than a person. It is often complex psychological and emotional terrain requiring deep healing. Mother represents what we inherit, and the starting place – what we do with that is up to us, which is Father energy. We meet that energy in the opposite sign of Cancer, the Capricorn energy. 

When we bring those energies together, we birth offerings, we bring them to life in the world, allowing our creative impulses to mature. For that to happen, we have to come to terms with the starting point of mother – inheritance, ancestry and karma.

Mama Power and Ancestral Karma

As we heal and distil the essence of what the mother energy is for us at a heart and soul level (which may align with our biological mother’s view of mothering, or differ considerably), we will generate a certain quality of consciousness. From that place we can evolve from unconsciously re-enacting an unconscious past, perpetuating traumatic patterns, and moving towards increasing awareness and conscious choice guiding our creative expression. The awakened mother consciousness is creative in a healing way, able to nurture and nourish, support and protect, until our soul visions are ready to enter the world.

Mama power to create might manifest physically in the form of a child. It may manifest through a business, your art (Cancerian energy is ultra-creative) and your community (Cancer is all about connection, closeness and intimacy). There is also a less obvious but profoundly important birthing, which is of our consciousness individually and collectively. 

It is who we are as individuals that becomes who we are as a collective, and this creates culture. In this sense, regardless of our biological or gender identifications, as we bring our own mother-energy to consciousness in a spiritual sense, we are helping to create our world. 

Becoming aware of the inheritances we have is essential. We need to know what requires healing, what can support us as is, and what we want to build on, or transform, within our lives and for generations yet to come. 

Mother as inheritance relates to the ancestries of our biology and our soul (which can differ, and is why sometimes our culture of origin and our yearnings for a particular spiritual path may not always be obviously linked). 


“For the soul to flourish we must be able to honour what increases love within our being. In a social culture that is governed more from fear, this will mean that you will often have to diverge from what the world around you tells you is valuable, meaningful or worthwhile, and learn what holds purpose and preciousness for your soul. This is how your unique, creative soul voice emerges.”


This is also how you can nurture your soul and our world. Love is the basis of the healed, conscious mother instinct that inspires us to generate genuinely nurturing creations.

Love Stories at a Soul Level

So many love stories begin with the attraction of difference. They can end tragically, if the forces of hate, violence and fear are allowed to overcome the sweetness of the love that began to bridge the divide and open up possible relationships. 

That relationship may be between two people, or even between two cultures or two different levels of consciousness. When love and spiritual awareness are strong, those stories can trigger the healing transformation of the lovers and their communities. The lower consciousness can become infused and uplifted, aligned with something more healing and beautiful for all. 

This love story with creative potential occurs between the soul and the divine – whatever the latter may mean for you. It also occurs between the soul and society. The soul learns how to align with nourishing forces to improve wellbeing in the same way we learn how to live healthily in this world with the right exercise or nutrition, meditation and so forth. At a deep level we learn how to mother ourselves well when we recognise what helps us to grow on all levels, including spiritually.  

We connect with the Cancerian energy when our soul wants to heal maternal inheritance, ancestral inheritances, nurture society and community and children and creativity into more loving consciousness, resolve past life issues and become more present to conscious relationships in general. Cancerian energy is considered the gate into incarnation and as mother is the beginning, Cancerian energy is also at the start of all cycles in our lives. 

Cancerian Lunations

We especially connect with Cancerian energy during the Cancer new moon (typically falling mid-year) and the Cancer full moon (typically occurring late in the year). 

Cancerian lunations invite us to orient ourselves in the heart and consider where in our lives, and in our world, we can dare to love beyond conditioned barriers – perhaps literally in terms of bridging a cultural divide, or more specifically letting go of impediments to loving ourselves or holding space for our soul journey. 

As Cancer is the sign of the divine mother and divine child in perpetual sacred bond, this Full Moon may also guide us to look within, to where we need to feel and trust that the divine mother’s love can lead us beyond hesitancy and into courage. We may need to reconnect to the childlike curiosity for new worlds, to play, to open to possibilities and adopt the wisdom of the ‘beginner’s mind’ which allows us to learn new things and embrace new ways. This can reinvigorate us, clear staleness, and stimulate hope for healing. 

We need this hope and courage and freshness to empower us for when we feel the inner call to do work on our lineages. This is the terrain of ancestral healing.

Ancestral Healing

The navigating of our ancestral inheritances is a karmic journey requiring compassionate wisdom, two qualities which are strong in the highest expressions of Cancerian consciousness (the 14th Dalai Lama is an example of this).  

We need to honour the bravery that our ancestors showed in living their human lives and undoubtedly facing considerable challenge and suffering in doing so. That doesn’t make them perfect but it does honour their courage and their goodness, even whilst they were trying to figure things out. 

To the extent they had the spiritual capacity to process their suffering, we will have acquired gifts perhaps like strength, independence, also humility and empowerment. To the extent that they were working on a wound far beyond the capacity of one generation to resolve, we will be carrying forth the proverbial relay stick, and working on taking the next steps to resolve multigenerational trauma from our ancestral lines, through awareness and healing around how it shows up in us, in this lifetime, now. 

As a collective we are learning to derive the best from what we have brought with us into this lifetime, and deal with the messes that need cleaning up, envisioning a healed human family, devoid of war, fear and doubt, and embracing the interconnection with the environment and higher spiritual ideals of peace, compassion, creative collaboration and conscious interrelationship. It’s not easy work, but the transformations it yields are deeply rewarding, as though we are witnessing a most glorious flower unfolding to the light, one petal at a time. 

Connecting with Mama Divine

Cancerian energy relates not only to mother and child, but to ancestry, the collective, past lives and future legacies, and the capacity for spiritual birthing of new consciousness. When we call on the Divine Mother, we are activating the Cancerian energies. She is strongly present during Cancerian lunations, but because her love for her children never falters, she is there with us whenever we ask for her help. 

Much of my work is filled with practices to connect with her. A simple way is to place hands on heart and simply, with full intention and desire to be nurtured, healed, supported, protected and guided, say, “Enlightened Divine Mother of flawless wisdom and unlimited compassion, please help me now”. Feel or visualise a healing divine light gently warming your heart and then have a conversation with her as though you were talking with your best friend. For that is what she is.

May you know the divine, the endless universal wisdom, and realise it is with you, guiding you, always. May you recognise the love that is seeking you, the eternal love within.

If the divine feminine and conscious mother energy is resonating for you, you may like to explore the Mother Mary Oracle, the Isis Oracle, and more of my work. In the Kuan Yin Transmission products and online healing program, we connect with Our Five Enlightened Mothers – Kuan Yin, Goddess Isis, Mother Mary, Tara and Kali Ma to heal ourselves and help all beings. Please feel free to reach out to our team if you would like more information. 

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