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Lion’s Gate 888

On 8th day of the 8th month every year, we honour Lion’s Gate 888, a celebration of the Cosmic Lion – also known as the Cosmic Heart.

Opening to the Cosmic Heart

On 8th day of the 8th month every year, we honour Lion’s Gate 888, a celebration of the Cosmic Lion – also known as the Cosmic Heart.  

The Lion’s Gate falls when the Sun is in Leo. Leo is the sign of the Lion, the astrological ruler of the heart and animal totem sacred to many cultures and associated with numerous facets of the divine feminine include Durga, goddess of Light, and Ishtar, goddess of Ancient Babylon (known as Inanna in Ancient Sumer). 

The rising of Sirius amplifies the Lion’s Gate portal, which is essentially a cosmic transmission of Love. Although the specific date of Sirius’ rising varies considerably depending on different attitudes and locations, the presence of Sirius is the inner spiritual heart of what transpires during the Lion’s Gate. As a star it was celebrated as a positive sign of creative talent, spiritual enlightenment, wealth, honour and love.

We can communally celebrate the opening of the Lion’s Gate officially on the eighth day of the eighth month. The 8 frequency relates to the sign of Leo, the connection between spiritual and earthly energies (the midpoint of which is the fourth chakra or the heart chakra which is also ruled by Leo) and 8 is considered a number sacred with divine feminine energies of abundance and prosperity, success and fame, leadership and love, all resulting in the alignment of heaven and earth. The eight-pointed star of Ishtar, also associated with Lakshmi and the Goddess Tara, represents the turning of a stellar key, the flow of celestial blessing into the world. Amplified by spiritual energies of Sirius, the numerical frequency of the spiritual portal or doorway that opens on 8th August becomes 888. 

The 888 frequency brings us closer to the spiritual dimensions within us and all around us with an amplification of light and an outpouring of positive blessing for humanity. It is believed that many, if not all, of the cosmic avatars that come to earth as advanced spiritual guides for humanity herald from Sirius and make their presence and blessing increasingly available to humanity during this opening between the worlds. 

Lion’s Gate is a time to set intention and receptivity to stellar gateways, especially that of Sirius, with the intention to receive and fill yourself up with so much divine goodness and grace that it overflows from your heart into the world around you to benefit all. 

“This is a time to deepen our soul’s love affair with this star system and all that it represents – literally the best and brightest. There is a reason that it was so widely revered by the ancients for all its spiritual majesty and beauty, and lives on as a stellar guide for sensitive, spiritually-attuned souls in modern times.

Lion’s Gate strengthens the spiritual consciousness of the heart, and reminds us that we have the courage to honour the teachings of the divine feminine, especially our Lady Isis, Mother Mary and Kuan Yin who teach us that all experiences can be worked with in such a way that we heal and increase our spiritual vibration and quotient of embodied light. 

The heart of the Divine Mother is big enough to love all beings, to belong to all beings truly as an expression of Our Lady, Our Enlightened Divine Mother, in various forms to suit the minds of all. With that enormous heart, she teaches us to embrace all facets of our journey. So we use the proverbial crap for fertiliser and grow even more (creatively and rebelliously) radiant for the spiritual benefit of all beings.

Spiritual Sovereignty

Leo rules the heart and holds a regal quality and the 8 rules the realm of spiritual sovereignty. The heart is truly the queen of the soul, and the Lion’s Gate ascension pathway is all about claiming spiritual authority, autonomy and agency – how do we choose to own our life journey? 

One of the symbols in my life’s work is the crown – representing individual spiritual sovereignty. Isis’ name means ‘throne’, she is the sign of royalty.  Where and how will we give ourselves the sovereignty – and therefore also the responsibility and the freedom – to claim our Life journey? Lion’s Gate invites us to crown our own hearts as sovereign of the soul, dethroning false interlopers like societal programming and ego-identities with the courage to honour what we truly love.

Loves Unbearable Power of Gentleness

Nature’s balance to the fierce lion, is the peaceful dove. Both are associated with the heart.

The dove is a symbol of peace after struggle, and associated with Our Lady as Isis and as Mother Mary. From honouring the divine feminine (also known as the truths of our hearts and the paths of our souls) through Lion’s Gate, we meet with the holy presence of the sacred feminine, the blessing bestowed, an answered prayer, guidance offered.  

“The sacred feminine is the pathway to purpose and the sacred scripture of the soul, holding the secrets of our destiny and higher purpose. When we have the courage of the lion unleashed, we can find the peace that comes with recognising and embracing our true calling in life.

To take a moment and step back from the constant noise of society and technology, to connect with the realm of the sky – and all its vastness and openness – promotes spaciousness within. To create inner spaciousness is a fast-track to spontaneous healing and transformation. 

With sufficient space and holding, truths arise. This is why spaciousness is sometimes avoided by those who have had to adapt defensively through constant activity, noise or distraction. In such cases, silence and spaciousness, and even love, can be experienced as confronting. Sometimes it is what we need that is most off-putting, at least initially. 

Sometimes people ask me if I get lonely when I spend much time on my own. My response is that my abundance of alone time is more than an expression of my natural introversion, it is a spiritual facet of my experience that I treasure. The more spaciousness I have within and around me, the more connected I feel to everything in this Universe. It is as though the quiet steady pulse that beats within the spiritual veins that connect every being can be heard and felt more readily in the silence. 

Through Lion’s Gate that vital connection with the subtle worlds of spirit, and the incredible amount of love they shine for us, can be even more noticeable.

To be spiritually undone

Once of my most potent experiences of divine love involved so much gentleness that I felt it would shatter me into a trillion tiny pieces. I have experienced the ecstatic euphoria of wrathful deity and yet this sweetness, gentleness and tenderness was so profoundly disarming and paradoxically powerful, it offered an undoing of myself that at that time, I could only partially allow. 

The appearance of the dove is not to be underestimated. Whilst the fierce forms of compassion manifest because sometimes we really need to know there’s a divine badass bigger and more potent than our fears, there are times when only gentleness is powerful enough to disarm ego defensiveness and allow for a deeper truth of vulnerability to emerge.

Gentle compassion is the master tonic, able to accomplish spiritual transformation where strong-arming falls short. I have experienced this many times. Not so long ago, I was sitting quietly in my loungeroom, emerging from a pre-dawn meditation, to see a small bat flying in the air before my eyes, the soft glow of the lamp shining behind him. It looked like my very own Batman signal! 

After a few seconds stunned in awe, I leapt up, rummaged around for thick protective gloves and followed the little guy who had retreated away from the light of the lamp. Gently I nudged him into my palm, so I could transfer him into a container for security and quiet until the wildlife rescue folk could arrive. The utter sweetness and vulnerability as his strange and beautiful little face looked up at me elicited a most fervent and spontaneous wish for that creature’s enlightenment. Freedom, peace, love and joy tore through me with such intensity, I can still feel it now, more than a year later. Compassion holds such potency. It moves us and empowers us in a way that no-other feeling can come close to accomplishing.

For the heart that is willing to be vulnerable and open, Spirit brings grace beyond imagining. Your heart deserves it. Will you allow it? Every year, the Lion’s Gate invites you to consider it.

Compassionate Creators and Vulnerable Visionaries

As more hearts open, and more such awareness increases, the hopeful vision that many of us carry for a humanity awakened in our stewardship of beautiful Gaia and her creatures will become a reality.  We cannot become aware of the vulnerability and preciousness of life if we do not become aware of this in our own nature. 

The heart closed down by pain needs compassion, and through compassion can begin to open, and through opening can begin to generate compassion. We can only see what we are ready to allow ourselves to see and know. When we have touched into our own vulnerability, our capacity to see truth increases radically. 

Accessing our vulnerability does not make us weak, it makes us wise. Wisdom brings with it a resilience and capacity for evolution that contains such strength. Resilience is not the resistance to being moved by Life, but the strength to grow through that movement. 

May all beings come to know their vulnerability and their strength, through divine grace, that we can grow in wisdom together, for the spiritual benefit of all beings.

Our exquisite modality programs are more than learning a healing modality. They are about nourishing your soul and empowering your spiritual path with personal experience of profoundly beautiful energies. Would you like to find out more? We celebrate the power of compassion and peace in the Kuan Yin Transmission and the Mother Mary Rosa Mystica program. In Saraswati Healing we explore voice and sacred rituals to hold space for healing transformations. These courses are just some of the offerings in our Community of the Sacred, where you will find a warm, wise and welcoming group of humans who honour individuality and connection, and are working together to bring spiritual benefit to our planet. 


Gratitude for art by Isabel Bryna from Alana’s Earth Warrior’s Oracle

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