Accredited Online Healer Training – Module One -Heart Awakening 12 February 2018


Course begins 12th February 2018.

 Join Alana’s exciting and empowering accredited online healer training program, to grow spiritually and professionally in an amazing transformational program. The entire program takes one year to complete, qualifying you as a licensed Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring practitioner, trained to share one-on-one healing sessions and facilitate powerful group mentoring workshops.

*Due to high demand we have extended the enrolment date to the 9th February.

Image by Jane Marin courtesy of The Crystal Mandala Oracle by Alana Fairchild

Product Description


*Due to high demand we have extended the enrolment date to the 9th February.

Try on the training program for size, enrol in Module One – Heart Awakening. Due date for enrolments for Heart Awakening is 1 February 2018. The module begins on 12 February 2018 and runs for six weeks. If you fall in love with the course and want to continue, you can opt in to our payment plan of AUD$444 per module for the remaining three modules of the training.

The beautiful Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring modality is unique. The modality and training program has been channelled through Alana with the guidance that work with her to create the best-selling oracle decks, books, meditations and music that you know and love. The training is designed to help you fulfil your divine destiny, create an abundant sacred healing practice, and step into your role as a guiding light in the world.

Whether you have no experience as a healer at all, or already have an established healing practice, but are ready for that something special which will empower your professional success in a new way, this program will meet you where you are at, and lift you to the next level, whatever that may be for you.

You’ll know if this program is meant for you, because something inside of you will just want to do it. You might not know why, but when you are attracted to the program, there is a divine reason for that. Trust it.

If you want to enrol with our payment plan, then sign up by purchasing Module One on this page.  You’ll pay AUD$444 for each module as you go. Due dates for the payment plan are below.

What if I miss the enrolment cut-off date?

If you want to join our program, but have missed the enrolment deadline of 1st February 2018 please email the admin angel immediately at [email protected].

Course materials are an additional cost.

For a list of materials required please see FAQs document.

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