Soul Therapy with Alana Fairchild

Soul Therapy sessions with Alana are about deepening your relationship with the Divine. Alana believes that all healing happens through Divine presence, and a session with her is an invitation to connect with the grace, love, power and beauty of the great Beloved.


How much does a session with you cost?
Isn't it better to see you in person?

I offer sessions in person occasionally when I travel or at times if guided to do so. You’ll be alerted of those times by signing up for my newsletter. I also offer sessions more regularly  via Viber or Skype. If you need help setting up Skype or Viber, email Alana’s admin angel. No matter what method of working together, there is no difference to the quality of the healing transmission. I am able to love you and work with you energetically just as much from a distance as if you were sitting right next to me because on the soul level, we are connected no matter what physical distance is between us.

Preparing for your session

Please prepare questions for your session. It is fine if you are open to whatever guidance comes through, but preparing at least one or two questions will make my work easier and your session deeper. By sitting with your heart and considering your questions, you are opening up to guidance already. It is like you are warming up your car before driving or your body before exercising. Everything flows more easily! When I then connect with you, your energy field is ready to flow and the session moves with the most grace possible. Sometimes we will deal with areas that you don’t expect, but it is in the preparation that even this becomes most possible.

Before your Session

Can I speak with you in-between sessions?

As a rule, I cannot speak to clients between sessions due to limits of time and energy. If you are unsure, feel free to contact my wonderful admin angel and we’ll go from there.

Do you record sessions?

Provided you are using the recording for your own personal healing, and not for any other use, including commercial use, then you are welcome to record your session. Alana does not provide a recording service, this is something you shall need to arrange prior to your session.

Before your session

For all new clients we do require you to fill out this form below ‘Before your Session’ and please send to [email protected]

Before Your Session

Empower your soul

Manifest your destiny as an inspired and successful healer. Empower yourself – and your clients – with a stunning healing modality channelled by Alana, using a unique oracle deck, sacred words and your divine connection.

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