About Me (and You)


So what do you do for work?

I write, sing, teach and offer healing, but the inner reality for me is that my work is part of how I live and an expression of my inner journey. I share what has helped me, that it may help others too.

I am committed to transforming the spiritual visions and inspirations of my heart into beautiful offerings that foster soul healing and spiritual development. It isn’t really a job so much as a creative passion.

I’ve been fortunate enough to be invited into the mysteries and teachings of many and varied spiritual traditions from around the world. The blessings bestowed upon me through these cultures have tended to happen in unconventional ways. I believe that there is a significance to that, an additional teaching that the ways of Spirit are not constrained by the ways of the human mind.

I was raised in a society of abundant cultural diversity and my own personal healing journey has been enriched through exposure to numerous varied cultural sources of spiritual wisdom. What has been openly given to me, I openly share with others, that they too may find spiritual benefit.

When a person is reaching to me for help, I feel it as though they were physically pulling at my heart.  A deep and real channel between us opens up through this compassion and the divine presence flows through it. It is the subtle, filled with grace and I find it to be a deeply beautiful experience.  Even after decades of sharing this work, I am humbled and inspired by it every time.

To Thy Own Self Be True

We are taught so many fearful ideas (none of which are true, by the way) so that many of us don’t really know who we are or worry that if we did figure that out, we wouldn’t be enough.

One of the most devastating deceptions is to be taught that we have to be someone else in order to be successful. We can only become truly successful (and in my definition, that includes a feeling of inner peace, being passionate about your purpose, and living in a way that lights you up from within bringing a positive contribution to humanity according to your particular personality and abilities) when we choose to be true to ourselves.

Each one of us is meant to be as we are, not like any other person, not like any other may tell us we should be. Others may not always understand or even accept our emerging sense of authentic self. This can be scary to the ego but it is liberating for the soul.

The soul doesn’t want to bound by convention or limited by what others may think. It wants to be free to seek truth without fear, for the ultimate purpose of realising wisdom. The more true we are to ourselves the more we empower Spirit to support our journey, and through us, support the journey of others too.

Connecting to the real you

I am motivated by a protective instinct to nurture and encourage the truth of inner being to emerge. My passion is for a practical spirituality that gets into every part of life, stimulating a genuine and direct inner connection with Life and Spirit that brings about a sense of deeper meaning and higher purpose.

Experiences with me are not spectator sports where you passively consume. My work invites you to receive divine beauty by recognising that you have the capacity to attract sublime energies and be in co-creative partnership with them for healing and support in every aspect of your personal life journey.  You can then realise the possibility that you have to generate positive ripples in the ocean of collective human consciousness, for the greater good.

Growth takes courage, but there is joy too

Real spirituality awakens our inner selves and heals our lives, yet it takes courage. We don’t always understand why things happen the way that they do. Sometimes the changes and challenges that lead to freedom and wisdom don’t seem so beneficial at first! It is often only later on that we can look back with gratitude for what once appeared to be an unwanted burden, realising it was what was needed to stimulate the breakthrough.

The Divine loves you in ways that are beyond what you could imagine. You might not know how that’s possible, or what that means, but you will still receive and be transformed by that love.

Growing pains are part of the process of coming alive, yet the purpose of our existence is not to simply endure suffering. As we take a path of growth, we are able to live into the mystery of our soul journey, and find joy, refuge and wonder for our lives.

There is a path that only you can take this lifetime, that is divinely destined and meant to suit you perfectly, for the fulfilment of your innermost truth. It is worth every leap of faith required to live it. And every being benefits spiritually as you do so.

Heal. Connect. Uplift.

Spiritual Store

Spiritual Store

Oracle decks, books, music, guided ritual, dance and meditation. Alana's products are created with love, to loosen the grip of fear and empower your soul journey.

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Sacred Events

Authentic, friendly, wild, loving and empowering, Alana's events are divinely unique. Meet like-minded people in sacred space as we commune with divine presence.

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Alana created her intuitive Soul Therapy sesions to impart healing energy through her voice, presence and channelled guidance. Find the comfort and wisdom that you seek.

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Manifest your destiny as an inspired and successful healer. Empower yourself – and your clients – with a stunning healing modality channelled by Alana, using a unique oracle deck, sacred words and your divine connection.

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