Divine Circus

A loving and wild musical chance bringing positive energy to life, straight from the heart.


Divine Circus is a safe and sacred way for the soul to get wild,be free and fall in love with what it is to be really alive! It is sensory seduction for your soul. you are a divine creature of instinct,intuition,passion and creative healing power. combing healing dance, sacred theatre, music, and divine play with a community atmosphere, the Divine Circus celebrates your individuality, creating a magical atmosphere where you can explore and express your self without judgment.

Experience the magic

“It is impossible to walk away without feeling that something very special has just happened.”

DD, United Kingdom

Bring it home

The new EP features five dance tracks that are designed to make you feel good and uplift your spirit, move you emotionally and bring healing power to life in your body and soul. Go on a journey through songs that tell a healing story and make you want to move your body and express yourself.

Run away to the next Divine Circus!

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