The month vibration for December is an 8, supporting final integration and mastery of the occult healing lessons for the soul throughout this transformative year that has challenged and awakened us to fulfil our innate potential.

New Moon December 4

On December 4, the new moon total solar eclipse initiates soul rebirth. The Sabian for 13 Sagittarius is “a widow’s past brought to light”. This speaks of love and loss brought to consciousness. What we cannot acknowledge, we cannot heal. This lunation invites us to set brave intentions for healing resolution, to acknowledge what has been, to also realise the strength and wisdom we have developed from all that we have spiritually traversed this year.

Eclipses stimulate unresolved aspects of being. In dualistic thinking we tend to classify some things as positive and others as negative. The soul doesn’t operate within such constraints. For the soul, the wound is the way to healing and healing is the way to liberation. The Universe is continuously, generously, creatively providing us with all we need to heal at any given time, and eclipses stimulate both the wound and the healing intelligence necessary to elevate our consciousness and awaken us to the truth of our destiny.

Uncover Secrets Of Our Past

This particular lunation is a call to uncover the secrets of our past – the unresolved yearnings, the suffering but also the dreams that we may have prematurely cast aside, the joy that we once knew and are ready to recreate in a new way. Eclipses aren’t known for peacefulness, rather they are portents of change and spiritual progress, yet there can be great peace in that, in the realisation that something is finally in process of resolving, of reaching fruition.

In the sign of the cosmic archer, Sagittarius, the eclipse is a reminder to keep one’s eye on the proverbial prize and desired direction. I learned this as a child the first time I got on a horse. If I looked at the ground, fearful that I would fall out of the saddle, the horse would stop and have a nice munch on the grasses! If I kept my vision, and therefore my intent, on the direction I wished to move, the horse and I would naturally move in harmony. I could trust my equine friend as much as I trusted in my secure and steady intention. The half-man, half-horse that symbolises Sagittarius is a being of higher spiritual intelligence with enormous capacity for healing. This month can be profoundly healing, and liberating May we remember to harness our intention and our focus so that the journey takes us where we want to go.

On 12.12 the Feast Day of the Madonna of Guadalupe is celebrated. This is a beloved and empowering form of Mother Mary. Mother Mary is a treasure for the soul. She is there for any heart open to her, irrespective of your particular religious beliefs or lack thereof.  She is all about the people, encouraging us to recognise our inner strength and refuse to give our power away, whilst trusting in a loving higher intelligence to help us navigate our life path.

Mother Mary

Mother Mary is with us always, yet I have noticed that her presence spontaneously becomes more palpable at certain times. These tend to be moments when we are most in need and feeling most deeply challenged. There is an abundance of soul medicine in Our Lady of Guadalupe’s presence, and two particular Marian soul tonics are the firm and persistent guidance to not give up (especially when things seem unlikely or even impossible) and to not be intimidated by those that appear to have more social or political power than you do. Her teaching is to put more faith in spirit than in worldly matters. She is not asking us to avoid dealing with worldly concerns, for they are part of our soul journey. She just knows that in aligning with spirit, rather than adopting the viewpoints of mass consciousness, we empower ourselves with a masterful support team of guides and guardians that will bring out the best in us, and support our soul in accomplishing what needs to be done.

Our Lady encourages the soul to have faith in its own destiny, to call on her for spiritual support, and to believe that what you are meant to do, you will do – provided that you don’t talk yourself out of taking the journey and allow the loving intelligence of the spiritual realms to help you. I suggest that you connect with the forms or faces of spiritual support that resonate most with your heart, because in that connection you will be most readily and radically able to trust and empower yourself with divine flow. This is one reason why I include such a diverse range of enlightened divine beings in my work. It is to increase the likelihood that we can find what resonates and increase spiritual empowerment for the greater good in doing so.

Full Moon In Gemini

The Full Moon in Gemini on 19 December coincides with Venus retrograde. The best advice I can offer for any retrograde is ‘always a little patience (and then some)’. The Sabian for the retrograde is a hopeful and inspiring one. At Capricorn 27 we have the vision of “a mountain pilgrimage”.  This is pure aspiration for spiritual awakening, a vision of the path. Mountains are considered holy places in many cultural and spiritual traditions. I led a retreat to the Himalayas and it wasn’t only the air that was rarefied, it was the spiritual energy that was completely sublime. On another journey, flying to Alaska, I felt spiritually uplifted by the stunning snow-capped mountain peaks – and was also rather captivated by the vision of a light-footed goddess dancing and running joyfully from peak to peak. She felt like an emanation of Tara, to me. Though what she was doing in Alaska I cannot say (perhaps she hitched a ride with me from Tibet!). I not yet been able to find out if the tribal peoples of the area recognised and named such a being but I’m hopeful an answer will come. The purity of the mountain energy is so nourishing for the soul. This full moon – Venus retrograde holds a promise of a truly meaningful inner journey, irrespective of whether or not that also involves an outer one.

Venus is the planetary goddess not only of love in the romantic sense, but also in the sense of love as the highest consciousness. Venus relates to the higher mind, the golden wisdom light of the illumined heart. Retrograde doesn’t have to mean regression. It can mean steadying ourselves, retracing old ground in order to become very clear, and more wholly integrated, so that when entire retrograde process concludes (which it will do entirely, shadow zone included, on 1 March 2022) we will be moving forwards with a more stable foundation and given the Sabian for the retrograde motion, I would suggest also with greater spiritual understanding and a far higher, more expansive, perspective on our life journey.

In counterbalance, and yet also support, of this process is Chiron, the most noble, kind and wise of the Centaurs and a master of the healing arts, going direct in Aries. Chiron in Aries is the radiant knowledge, the spiritual connection that is so much stronger than connection to one’s ego. During Chiron in Aries, we may need to revisit the process of finding one’s sense of self-worth and right to be who we truly are, yet the gift of this transit is a potential for profound spiritual connection – the Spirit can fill the place where the ego would otherwise be.

The full moon, Venus retrograde and Chiron direct dance together in this luscious lunation of awakening, promoting spiritual insight, and perhaps even breakthroughs, truly worthy of celebration. Keep your inner gaze focused on healing, spirit and the purity of your innermost heart.

Stay tuned for more this month on the Solstice, and the final pass of Saturn square Uranus for this year.


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