New Moon in Aquarius 2022

February begins in a celebratory mood with the New Moon in Aquarius on February 1, which marks the start of the Chinese New Year of the Water-Tiger.

Chinese New Year of the Water Tiger 

Tiger inspires us to seek broader horizons and has enormous courage to do so. Tiger is not known for patience however and can sometimes leap first and consider the consequences later.  Learning to heed wise counsel and surround oneself with supportive allies is considered a good remedy for Tiger’s tendency towards occasional impetuousness. The water element this year doesn’t have to dampen Tiger’s spirit, but can rather cool feline hot-headedness so that we at least learn to look before we leap.

The multiple 2 vibrations in 2022 is a numerological code for heightened sensitivity. We can use this enhanced awareness to practice choosing rather than reacting, and in doing so, we can become more empowered, practicing the deeply satisfying art of outsmarting manipulative forces within us and around us.

There is an abundance of energy, drive and willingness in Tiger’s yearnings to expand beyond known worlds. Combined with the water element, the energies for growth are amplified whilst tigerish boldness is soothed, just a little. The outcome is the possibility to become both sensible and courageous! A marvelous combination yielding enormous possibilities for expression of one’s vision beyond previous obstacles, and for taking leaps of faith that land us squarely where we need to be (cats have an uncanny knack for landing well even in the most precarious of situations). 

Tiger is not necessarily predictable and this year is considered to carry those energies – the unexpected and unforeseen are likely to be our continued companions this year.  Tiger is able to navigate changes with dexterity. In trusting our intuitive, instinctual wisdom to guide us, we can work with whatever the year may deliver in such a way that we grow nonetheless.

The Year to Be Big, Bold and Brilliant

Tiger is passionate and ambitious but can become restless, rebellious and discontent. Tiger is intelligent and easily bored. Ever known bright children to misbehave because they were not sufficiently challenged? Tiger needs dreams proportionate to her passion, energy and enthusiasm – ie big, bold and brilliant! Small can be beautiful, but there are times when the soul needs to expand and stretch and this year may well be the year that pushes you to be your best and brightest self ever.

The water element inculcates patience and endurance, steadiness and power.  This year can truly support the soul with the courage, strength and patience we need to heal, regenerate and reach for our guiding star, accomplishing considerable progress. With a combination of dynamic Tiger’s creative fire-in-the-belly and water’s steady wisdom, we have a winning combination for heartfelt manifestations.

Manifest Your Deepest Inspirations 

For those that tend to lack dynamic motivation, this year is the spiritual encouragement you may have been waiting for, to get moving, to refuse to give up at the first (or the five hundredth) obstacle. Tiger is determined. So is the soul. It simply continues until the grace has manifested.

For those that are dynamic to the core, this year provides temperance with the water element and the heightened potential for heartfelt collaboration. The numerological codes this year can tame your boldness (not too much!) allowing for you to move with others to manifest your deepest inspirations, rather than blazing trails so far and so fast, that all others experience is the dust cloud you left behind on your scramble for higher ground. As we balance the need for progress with the need for relational support, camaraderie and playfulness, strength and wisdom gained through multiple souls working together for a common purpose, we will grow individually and generate a greater chance of success for all involved.

This is a year to consider growth, what we want to nurture and nourish, and what we are willing to fight for because we love it enough to refuse to be overcome by the inevitable obstacles that will arise in our journey to creative and spiritual fruition.  

Let’s Play 

May this be a Happy New Year, dear ones, and a year of promises delivered, prayers answered and blessings bestowed, for the spiritual benefit of all beings. I invite you to summon your most grateful and inspired vision and kick it into play with a soul-deep, heart-felt, tigerishly-motivating GRRRRRRRRRRRLLLLLLL! The Cosmic Tiger says to the Universe, “Let’s Play! I’m ready!”

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