Free gifts from my heart

Guided meditations, spiritual guidance, and more from my heart to yours. Enjoy!

Guided Meditations

Regeneration Meditation
Connect, regenerate and heal with higher spiritual energy.
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DownloadRegeneration Meditation

Restorative Meditation

This meditation is for those times when you need to hibernate, to disconnect so you can reconnect – with you! Retreat into the energy of nature and replenish yourself.
Restorative Meditation (Hibernation).mp3
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Download Restorative Meditation

The Inner Room Meditation
Enter into your sacred inner sanctuary and reconnect with peace, loving kindness and your own spiritual self.
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Download: The Inner Room Meditation

Trusting God

A spontaneous discourse by Alana Fairchild live from her workshop on the Divine in Berry, NSW 2016
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Download: Trusting God

Healing Meditation
A meditation for healing with Archangel Raphael which focuses on connection with a sense of peace in the moment.
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DownloadHealing Meditation

Goodwill Meditation and Movement
A live channelled meditation by Alana Fairchild from her workshop on the Divine in Berry, NSW 2016
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Download :  Goodwill Meditation and Movement

Playlist for moving meditation.pdf

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Download :  Playlist for Moving Meditation

Spiritual Guidance

Higher Self and Spirit Guides
We all have a Higher Self, and Spiritual Guidance, of which we can learn to become more consciously aware. This article covers the basics and encourages you to learn how to dial up and connect to those many spiritual operators presently waiting to take your call!
Higher Self and Spirit Guides.pdf
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Spirituality, Life and Relationships
Relationships are often our best teachers – they can mirror how we are in relationship with ourselves and Life and help us learn love, tolerance and respect. A spiritual approach to life and relationships can help us solve problems and grow more easily.
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Divine Passion and Purpose
We are all here to live our destiny, which is essentially our Life Path – and that is revealed as we live as our true selves. Here is some help to get you there at any time you need more clarity about your direction and purpose.
Adobe Acrobat Document [453.3 KB]

Download:  Divine Passion and Purpose

Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing is one of the most beautiful healing modalities. It is just as beautiful to give a crystal healing as to receive one. Learning about crystals, and working with these beautiful healing tools, is therapy in itself.
crystal healing.pdf
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Download:  Crystal Healing

Lightworkers Resources

Are YOU a lightworker?
If you have ended up in this section then you probably are – but if you want to learn more, enjoy this short quiz.
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Download  Lightworker Quiz

Healing Earth Memories
Lightwork is intimately connected to healing and evolution of consciousness on Mother Earth. Here is a lightwork teaching on working with clearing and healing at a planetary level.
Healing Earth Memories.pdf
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Download  Healing Earth Memories

What is Lightwork?
Learn about the spiritual art of lightwork – both ancient and modern and very beautiful.
Introducing Lightwork.pdf
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Download:  Introducing Lightwork

Inspirational Message for Lightworkers
You deserve your own Spiritual Bill of Rights and Respect – this is from my heart to yours beloved.
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Download:  Inspirational Message for Lightworkers

Sacred Space for Lightworkers
Many lightworkers run their own spiritual groups and also cast sacred space around their home and place of work. Here are some techniques and practices to help you do this effectively.
Creating Sacred Spiritual Space – Techni
Adobe Acrobat Document [239.7 KB]
Download:  Sacred Space for Lightworkers

Inspirational Message for Lightworkers MP3
You deserve your own Spiritual Bill of Rights and Respect – this is from my heart to yours beloved, as an MP3 to be listened to whenever needed!
MP3 Audio File [17.3 MB]

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