Full Moon in Cancer

Supporting the theme of connection and harmony this year is the truly fascinating Sabian symbol for the Full Moon in Cancer on 17 Jan. The Sabian symbol for this lunation degree is ‘an Indian woman introduces her college boyfriend to her assembled tribe’. Could this indicate a potential cultural clash or a meeting, and joining, of two different worlds and ways?

In this symbol, the connection is led by the feminine, stimulated by love and relationship. So many love stories begin with the attraction of difference. They can end tragically if the forces of hate, violence and fear are allowed to overcome the sweetness of the love that began to bridge the divide and open up possible relationships. If the love and spiritual awareness are strong, those stories can trigger the healing transformation of the lovers and their communities. This love story can also occur within the soul and society – with the true path of the heart moving the soul in a different direction to what family or society may expect, or even demand. Fortunately, love is courageous, and the development of consciousness will often ask us to have courage.

The Full Moon in Cancer invites us to orient ourselves in the heart and consider where in our lives, and in our world, we can dare to love beyond conditioned barriers – perhaps literally in terms of bridging a cultural divide, as implied in this symbol. As Cancer is the sign of the divine mother and divine child in perpetual sacred bond, this Full Moon may also guide us to look within, to where we need to feel and trust that the divine mother’s love can lead us beyond hesitancy and into courage, revealing unconventional yet authentic choices expressed with respect for ancestral wisdom too.

Ancestral Healing

The navigating of our ancestral inheritances is a karmic journey requiring compassionate wisdom, two qualities that are strong in the highest expressions of Cancerian consciousness (the 14th Dalai Lama is an example of this).  We need to honour the bravery that our ancestors showed in living their human lives and undoubtedly facing considerable challenges and suffering in doing so. To the extent they had the spiritual capacity to process their suffering, we will have acquired gifts perhaps like strength, independence, also humility and empowerment. To the extent that they were working on a wound far beyond the capacity of one generation to resolve, we will be carrying forth the proverbial relay stick, and working on taking the next steps to resolve multigenerational trauma from our ancestral lines, through awareness and healing around how it shows up in us, in this lifetime, now.

Cancerian energy relates not only to mother and child, but to ancestry, the collective, past lives and future legacies, and the capacity for spiritual birthing of new consciousness. The Cancer Full Moon can bridge gaps, provide insight, supported by Mercury and Venus in a backspin, help us journey within to reconcile and repair the wounds that may have arisen between soul and society, inspiring our hearts with love, which when allowed to grow, can conquer all (even karma).

This is an epic month dear one, and we have many sacred offerings to share with you to support your journey this year. If you resonate with the Divine Mother you may want to join our community in exploring the online divine feminine teaching program called The Kuan Yin Transmission ™ which begins with Foundations training and progresses to Guardianship training in higher levels, and eventually, Master and Secret teachings will be made available for graduates. Find out more at www.alanafairchild.com or join our Community of the Sacred to receive regular emails and special offers and be the first to know when Alana’s offering something new! Sign up here.