Dear beloveds,

On November 19, 2021 the full moon lunar eclipse takes place in Taurus. The moon is exalted in Taurus, one of my favourite astrological terms that basically means it is a planet very much ‘at home’ and functioning happily in that sign. This lunation encourages further integration of the 11.11 spiritual download in a very down-to-earth way.


The lunar eclipse is a climactic energy.

The resolving quality of the full moon is intensified during the eclipse. Taurus knows how to ground and connect to the Earth for balance and support. This is a time to tune into your body, to your emotional and material wellbeing. Taurus can provide the antidote to fear and scarcity, helping the soul connect with a sense of home in the body, of connection to nature, and of a degree of self-worth sufficient to attract abundance, peace and a beautiful, nourishing spiritual path. This lunation is an opportunity to embrace and integrate a ‘consciousness upgrade’ in all areas of emotional and material wellbeing. Taurus governs all kinds of prosperity and wellbeing, from the mundane (but important) to the esoteric (also important!). What needs to be released? What needs to be invited in and affirmed? The lunation supports the soul in its realisations and reconciliations.

Taurus and Venus

Taurus is ruled by Venus and as an Earth sign, is particularly skilful at attracting, manifesting and expressing the Venusian qualities of beauty, harmony, abundance and higher consciousness of the golden light. The Taurus trap is to become attached to material goods as substitutes for genuine spiritual awakening. As this shadow side of Taurus evolves, our relationship to the material world deepens as something sacred that can support, rather than distort, the soul’s journey.

The process of liberation is often equal parts terrifying and marvellous. To surrender into the creative and abundant resourcefulness of the Universe, we need to get ourselves onto the bright side, where we can connect with the light, not to avoid darkness in ourselves and the world, but to be able to see it and respond with wisdom.

Taurus loves the light and the esoteric evolution of Taurus is the awakened third eye of the Buddha, shining with infinite light of clarity. This is more than putting a positive spin on things and in the reframe, gaining confidence to continue. It is about breaking through the demon of Taurus – attachment, greed and grasping – to find a more expansive truth, to sense the benevolence and blessing that are so often hiding behind the things that we initially reject. In the process of being willing to look beyond our initial judgements, and investigate possibilities, we can discover that even the circumstances in our lives that we have fought to overcome, have in some way been teaching and likely even protecting us. Such revelations can be astonishing and a complete game-changer in our own minds. The realisation that the Universe is always working with your soul, not against you, is an invitation to release fear and embrace one of Taurus’ most beautiful gifts – trust.

Trust in the Divine Blessings

Trust in the growth that has happened for you this year, and trust in the divine blessing of higher consciousness that is amplifying the light within during the cosmic play this month. It is the triumph of the light not to deny darkness nor to avoid it, but to recognise the potential value of darkness and transform it through compassion, wisdom and if at all possible, a kindly mischievous sense of humour. This is the work of soul alchemy – fearless yet wise and steady engagement with a view to distillation of the (sometimes initially hidden) spiritual blessing in every event that unfolds. The more the voices of fear assume their unrightful place at the top of the consciousness hierarchy, the more radical and rebellious our spiritual trust, and alchemical skilfulness, needs to be. We’ve been rebellious-in-consciousness for most, if not all our lives. I have faith in us. During the full moon eclipse let that inner nutty alchemist run free (even if that part of you is completely confounding to those around you – except other delightfully eccentric practitioners of the art of soul-building of course).

The Sabian symbol for this lunation is stunning – “a person in middle life stands in rapt sudden realisation of forgotten charms, in unexpected recovery of romance.” The spiritual gift in this lunation (one of many) is soul-level maturity, awareness and recovery of the youthful exuberance of passion. May our souls realise such delight, for the spiritual benefit of all beings.

Alana 💜



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