September Cosmic Campfire

Cosmic Campfire – Gathering in the heart

Celestial Guidance from Alana Fairchild

Pisces Full Moon

The full moon shines in glorious Pisces on Sep 20, bearing the Sabian symbol, “light breaking into many colours as it passes through a prism”. White light is a divine symbol of unity. It contains all the colours. The call to unity is not a call to sameness. It does not require that we share the same beliefs, or the same religious or spiritual path, nor the same gender or social background. Unity is innate. It is an understanding and experience of sacred ecosystem. The leg and the arm are different and provide different functions, yet they are both limbs and they both belong to the one body. There is a beautiful teaching in the Tibetan tradition that the goddess Tara, with her oceanic compassion, has one child. Not many children, but one child. In her enlightened view she recognises our unity with all of life. It is not possible for one cell to become healthy at the expense of another. Before long, the system will start to fail with such mentality. There must be whole-being wellness. The full moon reminds us of profound diversity and underlying unity, and of the need for all aspects of being, personal and collective, to be recognised as belonging to the whole. In that awareness, we can become more settled and trusting of our individuality and our valuable role in the collective.

The September Equinox

The September Equinox swiftly follows the full moon providing a moment of steadiness and clarity, a chance for mind, body and soul to find their right relationship with each other. I feel it is important to note that wholistic wellbeing is not predicated on a well-functioning body. It is possible to demonstrate physical mastery over the body without an iota of soul wisdom or compassion and I have met truly advanced spiritual masters that grapple with health issues most of their lives. To accept that physical or mental illness can be part of the process of the soul becoming well is a sign of compassion and wisdom, deftly toppling the false gods of physical perfection as a pseudo-sign of spiritual advancement. Chasing perfection is the nefarious bright shadow of the spiritual path. The wiser goal is to bring the body to consciousness, and therein is the building of soul.

This is not to deny the support of a healthy body for easier meditation and processing of energies. Physical health can be profoundly supportive of the spiritual path, but in and of itself, it is not an indicator of anything other than what it is – a healthy body obtained through genetics and karmic legacies that focus on other areas of life, and varying degrees of discipline. I have seen so-called spiritual advancement sold via the beauty, sexuality and power of the body. Take care with this dear friends. It is exploitative of the body and diminishing to the soul. Embodiment and presence are easily mimicked by power and charisma. Whether it be conscious manipulation or simply misguided, there are times when one is best not to buy into what is being sold. Remember that spiritual muscle is not something that can be seen in a physical sense, but my goodness it can be felt when you need protection, support, love and assistance to move through the more challenging moments of the soul journey. As we learn to trust in what we sense intuitively, our capacity for compassionate discernment increases along with our ability to more readily process deceptions and move on.

Cosmic Campfire

The full moon and equinox

The full moon and equinox are an opportunity to dethrone the demon of spiritual glamour that proliferates throughout social media and can dazzle the unsuspecting soul with false light. It is essential for a real, profoundly ordinary and simultaneously extraordinary spirituality to be able to breathe its way to life in the soul. Image-driven perfectionism quashes the necessary and messy vitality of the authentic soul path. Reminding ourselves of this can help us remember to feel for the truth and cut straight through posturing and performance.

The month closes with a call for sacred introversion and introspection in the sign of Libra as Mercury goes retrograde on Sept 27, emerging from the shadow zone in early November. The Sabian for the retrograde moment is ‘An eagle and a large white dove turning constantly into each other”. Libra is the sign of the scales, the sign of balance, of polarity, held in harmony. The eagle and the dove. The ferocity and the gentleness. The Tibetans know this balance well and how it is not about good or bad – for enlightened divine beings can come in both wrathful and peaceful forms (and also, my favourite – semi-wrathful which is just an exquisite intermingling of both qualities). Tibetan Buddhism focuses a lot on skilful means, with the understanding that wisdom is what works. This needs to arise with compassion from the soul that is not constrained by its own images of itself – of what being spiritual must look or sound like, for example, because it recognises that love will not be constrained and must manifest for the benefit of beings.

Mercury Retrograde

This month calls for balance, for integration, for siphoning out the real from that which cannot match superficial promise with depth of delivery.  This is not about judgement, it is about what works rather than what distracts. It is an act of radical compassion. Take your time, ponder and reflect – feel for the truth – and trust in what you sense more than what you see.

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