Hosting your own Alana Fairchild spiritual book club and oracle club

You can host your own spiritual book club, or even an oracle club, to explore Alana’s work with others. 

This suggestion is open to the general public as well as those who are graduate or trainee members of Alana Fairchild’s online healing community. 

If you feel guided to try this idea, you could consider working with any of Alana’s books, although we suggest you begin with The Kuan Yin Transmission or Crystal Angels 444.  

You can run a book club with members of the general public or with other trainees or graduates in the online healing community. This is a way to deepen your experience of the work, for healers to grow their business and also a social way for people with interest in spiritual matters to discuss topics they love. 

In a book club, the book serves as a focus and guide. This gives structure to your meetings whilst also providing safe space for people to come together with positive intention. 

If you are working with an oracle, you may each choose a card, reflect and discuss as a group. You will be united by the overarching theme of the oracle deck.

The feedback we have received on those who are sharing these book clubs is that the healing can be very deep for the participants.

If you wish to share your groups’ experience on social media, you may like to reach out to Alana’s team, or tag Alana Fairchild and the name of your chosen text (such as Sacred Rebels Oracle, or Crystal Stars 11.11 book). We recommend that you first gain consensus with your group about what to share and then reach out to us. We’d love to hear from you!

One of our graduate online community members from Alana’s modality Saraswati Healing came up with the idea and here is her explanation for the inspiration –

“As I have felt so much the desire to help spread the presence of Goddess energy, I started hosting small book clubs. Right now all participants are reading Alana’s Kuan Yin Transmission. Members have expressed how very much they are enjoying the experience. Most of them have had no experiences with Goddesses and do not know of Alana. I am greatly enjoying the deepening of my own Goddess journey. Thank you, Alana, for a book the world can share to hold hands with the many faces of Goddess.”


Step One

Intuitively select the book or deck and then find a copy for yourself.

Alana’s books can also be found on Kindle, and many of her oracles are available as an app version too, though we recommend the tactile experience of working with an actual deck when possible.

What is your personal intention in hosting the events?  Consider this and share it with the group members when you assemble them.

Step Two

Ask a few people to join you, you may like to limit the group to 6 members. You may do this by word of mouth, or on social media, for example. 

Share where you found your copy with your prospective group members so that they can have their own copy also.

Choose whether you run your group in person or online.   

If online, choose the time zones that will be most convenient for you and all the members. This makes the sessions flow and feel organic and opens the frequency of heart to heart connection. Trust your guidance around choosing time zones – it may be easier than you expect to manage an online group from all around the globe.  

Step Three

Schedule a Welcome session.  

Set a date to get your group together to read aloud the introduction and give a brief overview of your own motivation for choosing the text and setting up the group. This opening session may be short – around 30 mins or so. You will find many teachings in the introduction sections of Alana’s books and oracle cards.

Step Four

Session Format

Give all participants the opportunity (but no obligation) to share their experience.  Have a plan for how long each session will run and leave time for group sharing.  

Explain upfront to the members your intention to allow each person to have a say and ask that the members be mindful in their sharing so that its fair for everyone.  It will be up to you to monitor the timing and allow for flow.

Step Five

Setting Chapters to read.

Unlike other book clubs, it’s fine to allow your participants to read different chapters, so you can be flexible here.

Its likely themes will begin to emerge, even if the members are reading different sections.  This can still generate discussions from the sharing of people’s experiences of the text which are relevant to the whole group. This same principle applies to an oracle club too.

The graduate who originated this book club idea shared that she tried setting a specific number of chapters but people read what they wanted to. 

She felt that the point was “to read and experience the book”. This works well for her gatherings and that approach may work well for yours, or your gatherings may prefer more structure, with a specific allocated chapter for each meeting. You can ask the group for feedback and/or experiment with the approach that feels best for you. 

Step Six

Give your group enough time to read and absorb a chapter, be mindful of not finishing too fast.  If you’re unsure of how long your group may need, start with longer gaps between meetings and track everyone’s progress so you can decide as a group how much time is best for everyone.

This could range from once a fortnight (every other week) to once a month, or even longer. You want to feel connected to each other, but also with enough time to process in between sessions. 

Trust your intuition and adjust the sessions accordingly.  You want to balance a good amount of interaction and integration within the group.


Step Seven

As a facilitator, create the online link/invitation or space in person to allow the group to come together again to talk about their experiences. 

This process would then be repeated regularly until the book has been read by everyone or until you as facilitator get a sense that everyone has covered enough of the book and needs to integrate the teachings.

If the group becomes close – as can happen with this sort of gathering – you may like to offer opportunities for other members to host gatherings from time to time also. 

We hope you will find it is a fun way to meet with people and exchange ideas about relationship with the divine.


Suggested Prayer to open and close your book club sessions

Place your hands on your heart. Relax your breathing and say aloud

“May Divine Love guide and bless these group discussions, for the spiritual benefit of all beings.”

Intention setting for sessions 

This may be private to you, or you could open each session by sharing this with your group.  For instance, if you were all reading the same chapter, you may like to dedicate a session to that theme.  Or you could hold space for each group member to share their intentions for the gathering. 


Please make a decision about confidentiality for your group. If people are discussing personal matters, they may feel safer to do so if the group agrees “what happens in oracle club, stays in oracle club.” 

The unlikely exception to this would of course be if a serious matter arose that required attention of the relevant authorities. Otherwise, honouring the privacy and not talking about what people share outside of the group can foster deeper personal healing. 


Encourage your group members to make notes of their experiences or questions when reading the book. It’s also worth noting any signs or synchronicities that members notice in their life outside of the club because often these things arise more strongly when we feel spiritually stimulated.


Suggested Reflection Exercises

  1. What were your initial thoughts about how this book may be relevant to your life?
  2. Have you any prior experience of, or thoughts about, the themes of the book?
  3. What changes, if any, have you noticed in yourself or your life during this book club?
  4. How do you feel you can apply the book’s messages in a helpful way?
  5. What message had the most personal meaning for you in the process?
  6. How were you surprised by your experiences with the book club?
  7. If you are working with an oracle deck that includes a healing process, you may want to facilitate that process for the group to explore together.

We hope you enjoy your experience sharing the loving teachings that Alana is creating to help humanity.

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With love,

Team Alana x