Namaste Beloveds,

I’ve been receiving some questions from you beautiful people about how to journal, what it means, and how you might use some of the oracle journals that I have created. 

Your Journal is a Sacred Space

There is a beautiful saying from Rumi that I Iove, and it goes like this: “If you yearn to be written on, become a blank page.” I love this for so many reasons, one being that what we have with journals are a series of blank pages. A journal is a sacred space, it is a space for mirroring and reflection. In healthy relationships, we not only give and receive, we also have this experience of realising who we are. Not because people try and tell us who we are, but because we experience an opportunity to be that self, to grow in that in self-hood, and to grow in that authenticity in our healthy relationships with others. They in turn have a chance to become more of who they are. 

Mirroring, Non-judgement & Presence

That is why when you are with someone that is healer, for example, and those healers amongst us might have had this experience. Where you may have someone say to you, “I am only just realising this now as I am talking to you.” It’s like being in a state of receptivity and non-judgment, and presence. That person doesn’t have to hear you give them the answer, or necessarily share your insights (although sharing of insights can be helpful.) What is happening in that mirroring, and that holding of space, is that person is realising their own truth.  

Mirroring is not only limited to reflecting and noticing something in a non-judgement way with neutrality. It’s about holding space so that Being can realise the fullness of what they are. When we journal, we make up for the people, and bless them, who maybe are not as capable of healthy relationships as we would wish. They may have intentionally or unintentionally, done some damage. They might have tried to make projections or put their version of events on you and you know in your own way that it’s not real. Perhaps there is a need for you to find that space to connect with your truth. Journaling is a way to do that without requiring that we control anyone else or force them to see things the way we do in order to make them to feel validated.

Imagine the peace in the world if we could stop needing to force other people to see things the way we do in order to feel accepted and heard? Oh, my goodness, that is a completely different world. There is more freedom and love, there’s permission to be who you are and take delight in your weird and wonderful view of the universe and the experience of your life, and at the same time completely respect and recognise the right of all beings to have their own view. You don’t have to agree yet you don’t have to go to war—and you can journal in the privacy of your own home without anyone else needing to see it. Perhaps journaling is a step towards world peace? Who knew! This would be so powerful at a collective level; it already is.

What is Journaling?

It could be writing about your dreams, your reflections, your experiences of meditation. It could be writing letters to the Divine Mother; it could be writing notes to your Inner Child. Or writing letters that you don’t send to people that you have unfinished karmic business with. It might be family members or past lovers, or relationships with people that you have worked with. Journaling is a way you can speak what’s in your heart without any ill will. Even if it’s anger or fear or any kind of emotion, it’s healthy to give it a voice so that you can allow your inner being to tell your story and therefore put it to rest. If you don’t feel your story is told, if you don’t feel your story is heard, it can be very hard to put it to rest. It can niggle away and there’s something unfinished dwelling in your heart. Your journal is non-judgmental. You can write anything in that journal, and it will still be there for you the next day. 

Your journal is an opportunity for you to switch off your critical mind and give yourself permission to be in a completely safe space to let anything out on the page. You may want to take care to recognise that your expression and experience is your own. 

A good way to remember this is to look at different family members that may have been raised by the same parent and yet the experience of various siblings may be quite different. Often there may be a family story that is not necessarily what appears on the surface, a hidden story, that is running underneath that the more sensitive types may be more aware of. You can share this narrative in your journal to have compassion even if your family is not in a position to or doesn’t have the compassion to awaken to that underlying story. Perhaps they are not ready to deal with it and that’s OK. You can accept and journal about it; saying it’s not my role in the world to tell people what my path is—my path is to live my life with as much courage as I can.

And in the journaling of that, you give it a voice. So, in a way, a journal is like a supportive therapeutic technique. I would still recommend therapy for so many people. I think it should be part of daily or weekly life yet needs must prevail and sometimes it’s just not practical. In this case, your journal is there for you when you need it most.

Creative & Artistic Expression

Journals don’t only have to be only written. They can also be an expression that come from dance, meditation, or a need to draw or express yourself artistically or creativity. Journals can be a mixture of mediums, mine have everything from poems to drawings, letters and channellings from spirit. If I do a reading for myself, I might write it in my journal. I share all sorts of things, and the journal then becomes a mirror for the soul. 

I hope this gives you some inspiration and permission to treat your own journal as a sacred space, and to work with it in the way you feel is best for you. 

I send you much love from my heart to yours. Honouring that when you are on a conscious path—taking responsibility for yourself as a human being and bringing your journey to more light—you’re making such a huge difference on our planet. 

Self-care & Self-responsibility

Imagine for a moment, if everyone that had level of self-care and self-responsibility? That’s a very different world. I want you to know that those of us that are doing this work in the world are helping the whole collective. It’s not always an easy journey, it requires courage and strength, but know that your journal will be there for you.

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So much love,