Dear Ones,

There are numerous platforms available to discuss what is happening in our world from a political perspective. There are fewer spaces where we are able to meet from a perspective of unity, acknowledging our shared experience of the human journey, even when our views and choices may be at profound odds with one another.

Every person’s belief system, political or otherwise, makes sense to them at the time, and evolves as they do. The best way I know to lift the quality of human endeavour in every arena, including political decision making and activity, is to encourage the expansion of spiritual consciousness. It is the foundation from which all thought, feeling and activity arises. As such consciousness evolves, our presence contributes constructively to the human collective, and more equitable, generous and inclusive realities of care become possible.


Consciousness cannot be compelled.  It is an organic phenomenon, and as such, providing an environment conducive to its growth and allowing for its innate spiritually-potent intelligence to move towards the light of truth will accomplish results. All else is about as useful as yelling at the garden, demanding that it bloom.

To require that others adhere to one’s particular politics, as though that were a prerequisite for awakening is pseudo-spirituality, misguided at best, and at worst, manipulative and sabotaging of free will and the unique spiritual path that every human has inherited as a divine birthright.

Spiritual Truth

Spiritual truth does not equate with a political viewpoint.  A genuine experience of spiritual truth elevates us beyond belief systems, revealing that they are part of the soul’s journey, but not part of our true nature. As the soul evolves, certain beliefs will be discarded like tattered clothing. The question is not whether one should have political or other belief systems, but whether one can recognise them for what they are – tools for awakening – and utilise them in a way that empowers soul growth and honours one’s spiritual principles and path.

I have reflected at length, over a number of years, on whether to include political discourse in my work, and upon every conversation with my spiritual guidance and consultation with my own heart about the probable outcomes of doing so, I return to the conclusion that it would be unwise and undermining of my purpose to do so –  as well as wholly unnecessary. It is my responsibility to maintain spiritual integrity on this platform that many people turn to for guidance and healing.  I orient the content, energy and focus of my communications steadily on the spiritual purpose for my work, which is to create compassion, goodwill, wisdom, kindness, courage and encouragement, fostering an environment conducive to the expansion of spiritual consciousness.

I Choose to Believe in Humanity

Even in our most severe crisis, chaos and confusion, I choose to believe in humanity. I believe in the beauty, courage and potential of the human soul and the value inherent in human life. I recognise that for humanity to make the most of our potential, safeguarding the spiritual path is essential. Without it, we hover perilously over an abyss carved from condemnation and control. With it, every being has the opportunity and capacity to evolve and every being ultimately benefits as a result.

I encourage you to trust in your journey and the spiritual long-game. Steady yourself with faith in the ultimate evolution of humanity. Affirm your higher spiritual principles when the going gets tough. If you collapse into judgement, fatigue, anxiety or despair, seek the spiritual sources of nourishment that return you to loving and vitalising truth. It is not our job to tell each other what to believe. It is our sacred task to have the courage to encourage, to allow each soul to find its own way to spiritual fruition, with trust in a greater guiding intelligence that understands the necessity and value of this, as well as how to best accomplish it.

As always, dear ones, so much love from my heart to yours.  Though many of us have not met physically in this lifetime, please know that I sense your light on the inner planes and hold deep gratitude for all that you are, and the spirituality that you bring to our world.

May our efforts to heal and awaken ourselves manifest authentic light, presence and love for the spiritual benefit of all beings.

Alana x