Information About Counterfeit Products

The publishing and distribution of Alana’s work is organised and overseen by the publishing and distribution companies. It is not managed by the author. The best we can do from the author’s position is forward customer concerns to the publishing houses and advise people to shop carefully and look for the warning signs, which we do.

Alana, the publishers and distributors, and genuine retailers, as well as people who connect with Alana’s work, all want that work to reach people to help them. None of us feels good about pirating and its effect on people who have experienced such unscrupulous interactions. It is particularly unpleasant when you believe you are purchasing something sacred only to find you have been deceived.

If you have an experience with a retailer selling pirate copies, please report it immediately to the marketplace through which you purchased (eg Amazon) so they can take steps to block the seller. This is a problem across many industries, unfortunately, and we are aware that the publishers of Alana’s work are doing their best to stamp out this practice, but at present, the best we can manage is reducing it. We need your help to do that.

We are grateful for your interest in Alana’s work. We thank you for reaching out and hope that together we can each do our part to minimise the likelihood of this happening again.

With love,
Team Alana x