When the universe really wants to tell you something it will tell you three times.

My astrology teacher taught me that when the Universe really wants to tell you something it will tell you three times. Three is the number of cosmic manifestation, of the enlightened spiritual guardians of humanity (sometimes called ascended masters), and is associated with the complicated, and beloved, trickster god presiding over crossroads, spiritual communication and thresholds, Elegua, from the stunning Yoruba spiritual tradition originating from Africa.

How do the 3s relate to August and Friday 13 August in particular? We are mid-way through a series of 3 Friday 13 transmissions paced 39 weeks apart. In 2020 we had Friday 13 November. This year, 39 weeks later (3 x 13), we have Friday 13 August 2021. In another 39 weeks after that (3 x 13) we will experience Friday 13 May 2022.

So we know the 3 is letting us know that we are in the midst of a creative cycle, and at a threshold spiritually, but what is the significance of Friday and 13 to this process?

Friday is the day dedicated to Venus, and 13 is what I refer to as the sacred feminine master number. The number 13 holds the resonance of Her occult teachings. From the 13 moon calendar utilised in some ancient cultures (and modern cultures too, thanks to Ethiopia), to Magdalene as the 13th apostle, to the association of 13 with the cycles of Venus – Earth – Sun noted below, each Friday 13th is an opportunity to more deeply connect with an ancient and yet enduring wisdom. Traditionally these were days of eroticism in sacred context, a conscious reconnection to the experience of aliveness and creativity.

Venus is a spiritual sister to our Earth Mother. This planetary goddess of divine feminine wisdom weaves her cosmic dance around our Sun with every 13 Venusian years equating to approximately 8 Earthly years. Every 8 years, in relationship with Earth, she articulates a 5-petalled Pentagram or Rose of Venus through our skies. She is dancing a cosmic feminine blessing of the rose around the Earth. The rose is a symbol sacred to Venus, Mother Mary and her Rosary, and the Goddess Isis (and I feel that these are one and the same divine being in varying emanations, which is why they are connected in my work on The Kuan Yin Transmission™). The rose is a symbol of love as the great power of our Universe, a treasure beyond compare.

The numbers 5, 8 and 13 are sacred numerical code for awakening, and the divine feminine. 5 + 8 = 13, 13 – 8 = 5. The 5 equates to paradigm shift, change and flow, expressing the feminine principles of receptivity that allows for recalibration through infusion with a higher divine intelligence. It is also the numerical signifier for 2021, indicating that the wildness of this year is about breaking free from what has become stagnant. The 8 expresses the manifestation of divine grace, stability, empowerment and harmony between the spiritual and material realms, reminding us of the Hermetic teaching from the Emerald Tablet of Thoth – As Above, So Below. And together, they manifest 13, the sacred feminine number of wholeness, mystery and activation of higher wisdom and authentic purpose in our lives.

On these special days we have a chance to co-create more consciously, more generously, as Venus is a consciousness accelerator, stimulating, renewing and uplifting the heart. She stimulates spiritual juice to flow and pushes us to embrace new pathways more aligned with our divine destiny. These sacred shake-ups can come out of the blue, unexpectedly, yet when we are ready to see the truth, it is so obvious and undeniable!

In my own life, Mother Mary has appeared during all my most difficult moments – the upheavals of needing to relocate where I lived, the realisation that I needed to leave a relationship that wasn’t healthy, despite my ongoing love for the other person, and more. She is always there – gentle and kind, and fierce as hell, making sure that I acknowledge the truth and commit to the journey before me, which although challenging, is so much more beautiful when I allow her to be with me every step of the way.

I created this course at her urging. I did so because I trust her guidance, and I wanted others to feel her beauty and to know how real she is, how present she is in our lives if we are willing to open to her intervention. She is a master navigator through all sorts of complicated and difficult times. She always has our backs, and knows where the path is leading far sooner than we do.

I genuinely hope that you learn to trust her as I do – with complete confidence and knowledge that when I have no clue what is going on, she really knows and has it covered. I just need to tune into my heart, listen for her direction, and follow as faithfully and fearlessly as I can. May all hearts in need know such loving and wise divine friendship.

We have many new exciting things in the works – from a new deck I am working on, to a new community offering, and – ta da! – a new Mother Mary course. I warmly invite you to follow your heart and join us in exploring what speaks to you at a soul level. Let’s keep the light and love, and sacred sassiness, flowing freely in our world for the benefit of all beings.

Blessings to you dear ones,