Venus – Goddess of Divine Love

March opens with a cosmic gift on the first day of the month, as the shadow zone of Venus retrograde clears and our shining stellar goddess of divine love and higher consciousness dances direct into fresh territory. The Venus retrograde transit, which we won’t encounter again until 2023, brings with it the gifts of spiritual integration and potential personal breakthroughs.

To realise Venus’ guidance for your soul journey, consider the focus and shifting patterns that occurred for you particularly from mid November 2021 to the end of February this year. That is your Venusian harvest and you have a week to reflect and digest this before our shining star mother initiates her next consciousness-healing shift, as she sashays into Aquarius on 6 March.

Venus in Aquarius

Venus in Aquarius loves humanity, supports human beings in embracing our individuality whilst simultaneously experiencing our spiritual unity. She urges us to bring heart wisdom into social consciousness. Venus in Aquarius also heightens our pure knowing and spiritual connection. She loves to express herself through claircognisance, or clear knowing. What is that, exactly? It’s that sudden clarity of knowing you have when you don’t know how you know but you just know that you know!

New Moon in Pisces

Supporting this opening into a new cycle of spiritual awareness is the New Moon in Pisces on March 2. The intriguing Sabian symbol for this lunation is ‘a sword used in many battles now rests in a museum’.  Museums are places for historical relics. The artifacts in museum exhibits tell us stories of the past that can help us understand what was, become conscious as to how that may be conditioning us now, and make a choice as to what is really needed in this moment. We don’t put something in a museum if we still need it now. The sword on display is a rich image of hard-won battles acknowledged and also, that either the war itself is over, or the means to fight it has evolved.

In the peace-loving, spiritually-attuned sign of Pisces, the soul seeks to outgrow issues, to evolve beyond them through healing and spiritual awakening, rather than attempting to bop life on the head with the club of your will, and force it to submit to your personal view of what life and other people should be. Lower-level Piscean consciousness provides faith without higher consciousness. This can manifest as that crazy-making phenomenon of violence against others supposedly justified by religious beliefs. In this age of rising secularism, that pseudo-justification switches seamlessly from religious beliefs to political ideals, which can become a new religion of sorts. This lunation invites us to consider what battles we are ready to put behind us, and how we might learn from the past, and continue to evolve into new ways of relating.

Full Moon in Virgo

The theme of war – and power and masculinity – arises in the 18 March Full Moon in Virgo with the Sabian symbol being “a bald-headed man in uniform seizes power”. Baldness and uniform represent both masculinity and authority, as does seizing power rather than allowing it to spontaneously arise from within. The latter is the experience generated through feminine intelligence. This symbol describes the masculine urge to push, rise and conquer.

Growth of the Sacred Masculine

In the feminine-honouring sign of Virgo, this is an opportunity for us to consider how we can heal the masculine energy. We neither want to promote toxic masculinity – for it needs compassion and healing, yet in order to accomplish this, we need healthy masculinity to differentiate and discern. So we cannot unduly outlaw the masculine drive within us either. We need discerning wisdom combined with compassion so that the masculine consciousness can find his way to the heart, liberated from power drives to conquer regardless of consequences. Abhorring the instinctual masculine drives for dominance can drive masculinity underground and in doing so, generate a rebellious reaction of worshipping power at any cost, whilst denying the love that the masculine needs to mature. The innate expansive, exploratory and assertive qualities of masculine consciousness infused with love can generate life. Without love, unchecked masculinity can be devastatingly brutal. Yet there is no benefit to decrying all masculinity as toxic. Castrating the masculine and turning him into a boy-child is a toxic matriarchal response, and that is not the answer either. The human desire to climb the proverbial mountain can be channelled for the good of all if it is allowed to become conscious and infused with compassionate wisdom. Then it can mature from self-aggrandising ego stroking as a defence against feeling small into the drive needed to tackle the hard work of self-mastery and protection for the values of the heart to benefit all beings.

Through spiritual growth, the masculine consciousness is given the space and presence needed to develop. The desire to change the world to meet our personally preferred image matures into the realisation that being in uniform, at the symbolic level, can represent belonging to something greater than one’s own ego. With toxic masculinity, it is all about power drive to conquer, an expression of unresolved trauma. With healed masculinity, the greater collective and purpose to which we humans belong is recognised as a sacred ecosystem. It is not about conformity, it is about belonging.

Sacred Ecosystem

When one realises the innate connection with all of life – and with the 2 and 6 numerology this year, that is our repeated reminder from the cosmic teachers – then our seizing of power is not about dominating others but about learning to master ourselves. We become more refined instruments of a greater guiding spiritual authority that genuinely has the best interests of all beings at heart, and also possesses the skill and wisdom to know how to best serve them through us.

Aries Equinox – A Balance Point

We see this powerful month out with the Aries equinox on 20 March. This will be the Autumnal equinox in the southern hemisphere and the Spring equinox in the north. Equinoxes are balance points. The balance of masculine individuality with feminine connectivity. This provides us with the necessary facets for spiritual growth.  Spirit has told me repeatedly that to attempt to work with masculine consciousness before awakening, empowering and grounding our innate feminine awareness of the heart is foolish.  To steady ourselves in our hearts, to learn how to process our own pain without collapsing into it, or projecting it outwards, is a journey indeed. Once we have covered enough of that journey to be able to bear witness to the collective suffering, without becoming lost in the despair or fear that will arise from time to time, then we are ready to open our hearts to the masculine energies so in need of clearing, healing and awakening to the innate purpose that they serve – the empowerment of all beings into spiritual truth of the heart.  

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