Thank you for your invitation for Alana to join your program.


We ask that you please consider and answer the points below. Thank you.

  • Our Terms and Conditions

  • Scheduling and Pre-interview discussion

    The more notice you can give us to find a date to commit to, the more likely we are able to do so. We cannot commit to an additional time window for pre-interview discussion. However, we can allocate an additional ten minutes prior to interview, to discuss format & flow; a private warm up conversation, sound check, and a logistical run through if needs be. We are happy to receive talking points to review or answer questions in the lead up via email. Please advise of your requirements.
  • Political Viewpoints

    We wish to be clear that we will not have Alana’s name or brand associated with any political hashtags, promotions, ideologies or events that promote these, Alana's brand is to remain associated solely with her own work as a spiritual teacher and to be noted as such.
  • Social Media

    We have permission to quote any part of the interview on our website, social media and digital communications
  • Release Agreement

    The podcast with Alana shall be available for free and never repackaged or reproduced for sale without express written permission from Alana which will likely include an agreement regarding royalties payable to Alana for the sales. Alana retains the final right to veto proposed sale of the interview. This clause overrides any other clause that may counter it.