Welcome to 2022!

After two years of upheaval, paradigm shifts and spiritual nudges (or shoves, as the case may be) to evolve our consciousness collectively and individually, we arrive at the year of the heart.

The divine disruption energy of the 5 throughout 2021 functioned as a psychic solvent, dissolving bonds and structures, generating both chaos and opportunity.  In 2022 we enter the energy of the 6 vibration, associated with love and the heart.

The 6 Vibration

The 6 frequency supports us in weaving the threads back together in a new way. It resonates with the qualities of reconnection, rebuilding and renewal. Love accomplishes what fear, control and social pressure cannot. It heals. It regenerates. It integrates. It allows for something new in our experience as individuals and as a human family, to emerge.  

Love is the great healer and healing is essentially the reclaiming of lost, discarded and fractured aspects of ourselves and our lives, repairing and reintegrating them to bring about a deeper expression of wholeness.  

Healing Journey

On the healing journey, there are essential deconstruction phases, where circumstances, coping mechanisms, plans and even identities are destabilised by irresistible forces and fall apart. This is so that the individual elements can be cleansed, refined and recombined into more authentic and mature expressions.

The divisiveness that has arisen within humanity, between family members and cultural groups, particularly over the past two years, is an expression of a deeper fragmentation within our psyches that is yearning to heal. It can become part of the healing process if we work through this intelligently.

Separating, standing back, affirming difference and differentiating experiences

Separatism supposedly driven by politics or differing opinions on contentious matters is actually an expression of an unbearable tension of consciousness. Love is the tonic that expands consciousness to be able to bear tension, eventually transcending it and opening into a new awareness. This spontaneous progression of consciousness manifests as an awareness of underlying unity – that of the human experience.  We honour our differences, but we also genuinely feel bonded by the commonalities. In other words, we learn how to love each other.

Separating, standing back, affirming difference and differentiating experiences based on group identities is all part of the healing journey towards self-discovery, spiritual sovereignty and personal affirmation from which intimacy and love can arise. It becomes divisive rather than divine when we get stuck there. There is a natural turning point were stepping back transitions into moving forward. This happens as we realise that certain mending and repair are required for healing to continue and we embrace the process in whatever way that feels authentic, genuine and guided from our hearts.

The soul has dialled into that stream of healing truth when we sense the need for reconnection, to share the awareness we gained through our respective soul journeys, to bring us closer together. This happens at the time that is right for each soul.

Love is generous.

When your heart discovers a truth grounded in love, you naturally want to share it. Sharing is different to attempting to compel obedience to a viewpoint. The latter is fear-driven control. Love is neither fearful nor controlling. It is so powerful it has no need for those qualities, it is so spiritually advanced it has evolved beyond them. The 2 vibration, especially in multiples of 3, leading to the 6 is a powerful cosmic numerological call for humanity to seek relational healing (2), to share this creatively and socially (3), and in doing so, strengthen the bonds of love in our world (6). This is how we generate the wave of loving consciousness that can reorient our world after the chaos of challenge and upheaval which helped to break through stagnant power patterns, and open pathways for different choices.

The challenge or gift of the multiple 2 vibration, depending on how you look at it, is heightened sensitivity. This is a bonus for those learning how to develop empathy but can be tough on those who already tend towards highly sensitive orientation. If you fall into the latter, no need to worry. There is a beautiful spiritual workaround, which is to lean into your spiritual connection, even more, allowing it to strengthen, shield, support and surprise you in beautiful ways. The tendency to feel triggered may increase but so too does the opportunity to rest in a spiritual sanctuary and build spiritual resilience as well as learning to receive spiritual grace into your worthy heart.

The desire for connection, diplomacy and peace

In numerology, the 2 relates to the desire for connection, diplomacy and peace, and also the capacity for collaboration and unity. As noted, the 2 heightens sensitivity and for already super-sensitive types, we must tend to our boundaries and seek strength and joy through our spiritual practices. For the far greater number of people who are learning how to develop compassion, how to sense the reality of another person rather than simply what suits one’s own ego at the moment, this year holds a spiritual gift that can ultimately benefit all.

These multiple 2s come together as a total 6 vibration, which brings with it the promise of love. The 6 is the heart – warmth, care, generosity, affirmation and nurturance. For those not yet au fait with the heart’s realm, this year supports the development of empathy and warmth, of an understanding and potentially an experience of genuine love. 

The 6 vibration shadow side

The shadow side of the 6 vibration is that one can over-function, give too much, and honour the potential rather than the reality of the people around us. Whilst it is a gift to hold a vision of possibilities for someone, we want to take care that we ground our responses in wisdom, as well as compassion.

Awakened hearts need to be nourished, not worn out, broken or shut down in disappointment or despair. To heal the heart, and nurture it with self-love and spiritual love is an excellent basis for being able to love the world, and all of humanity, with compassion and empathy, from a heart that is kind but also intelligent and perhaps a little spiritually street-wise. The 6 vibration is determined to see the best in everyone and everything, which is a beautiful quality, but without carefulness, can readily be taken advantage of, which doesn’t help anyone in the long term. 

Support yourself this year

If you already have a tendency towards strong heart energy, support yourself this year with plenty of beauty, love, harmony and peace. Acknowledge your stress, or the stress your naturally sensitive and attuned heart will register in the world around you but don’t allow it to chip away at your innate divine sanctuary. You are a light in our world. Taking on the reality of mainstream consciousness can be like throwing a cover over your light. There is nothing wrong with that cover, but it doesn’t belong there, and it inhibits your truth and your purpose. Have compassion for others but also for yourself.

To be true to our own hearts, to recognise our worth, and to shine the light without agenda or fear is our task. All beings can then choose what to do with that light. They may choose to read by it, see more clearly into themselves, or make phantom animal forms with their fingers to either entertain or terrify themselves or others. That is not your call as a lightworker. Your spiritual task is simply to be in the truth of your heart and your light.

The 6 vibration is not only about the heart, it is also about the material world. We could say that 2022 is the opportunity to embody love, to ground and express the truths of our hearts, and an opportunity to connect with others to generate loving manifestations. How do you want to live your heart-truths in your life? This is the year to dream it and do it and supportive relationships will naturally rally to your cause.

Open your heart and become more aware

Whilst the consciousness of the mainstream is supported through this vibration to open the heart and become more aware of the needs of others, for those who are already high functioning in this regard, remember to allow yourself to be nurtured by yourself, others and the Universe!

You can experiment with orienting your sensitivity in such a way that it becomes the finely-tuned spiritual antenna allowing you to sense deep mysteries and spiritual guidance, rather than an open door to stress and conflict that wearies your soul. You can acknowledge what is going on, and respond constructively, without becoming enmeshed in the pain of it. For feeling-type souls, with a passion for inclusiveness, this is not always easy, but this year we will be asked to share and protect the best of ourselves, for the ultimate benefit of all beings. Allow yourself to receive and note how much more joyfully you become able to give too.  

From my heart to yours dear ones, so much love and holding the vision – entirely realistically! – of your inevitable and complete heart awakening into joy, freedom and peace. – Alana x