October is all about emergence, with four major planetary players going direct this month. Think of the retrograde motion of the planets like a cosmic archer pulling back the arrow in the bow. There is incredible tension generated, and the archer has to bear the resistance that will become the force for fearlessly unleashing the arrow. Precision is required to cultivate the correct focal point. Where is this arrow headed? What is the intended purpose for the accumulating energy and where is it going to flow?

Major Planetary Retrogrades

Since the series of this year’s major planetary retrogrades began in April with Pluto and May with Saturn, energies have been building. The cosmic archer within our psyches has been generating the inner soul tension necessary to ensure a leap of faith, a boost of spiritual progress this month. Tension is not much fun sometimes but it is the initiate’s friend. The initiate learns to hold the tension between what was and what is yet to be, between not engaging in a behaviour, thought pattern or situation that no longer serves the soul, and the slow process of evolving into the mastery required for a new level of experience. 

This is the psychic friction that creates alchemical heat. Heat is the means through which cooking takes place, provided we have a container within which the ingredients are held and that is able to withstand that heat, remaining intact. The soul, neither collapsing into the past, nor losing faith in future evolution, remaining mostly steady (there will be a few undoubted wobbles) is both the container and what is cooked and created. 

The heat can be turned up when we hold psychic tension consciously, and spiritually-speaking, we are ripened through that warmth. There is an art to this – too much and we feel burned out, too little and no transformation occurs.  Holding space is not always easy – the uncertainty, the unfamiliarity, the at times prolonged delay of gratification. If we can learn to hold ourselves with compassion and gentleness in this space, then our courage does not become an act of self-flagellation, but an investment in our own divine potential. 

The Cosmic Archer

This month, the cosmic archer releases the arrow that has been increasingly strained since the beginning of the year. Although spiritually this happens in an instant, from our denser dimensional experience on earth, it happens in a kind of slow-motion lunation starting from the new moon and culminating in the full moon period. During the lunation cycle for October the cosmic dinger sounds, signifying that the soul’s alchemical cooking process is done. 

What happens during this time is that new inner resources become available to us. Put simply, we are able to do what we could not manage before. It is akin to assiduously working to build your strength and then apparently all of a sudden, you can simply lift heavier, jump higher or move with more grace, and you aren’t exactly sure how it happened, but now you can do it. Not only that – but it is effortless and natural. This is the blooming period of soul work. In the October lunation period from new to full moon, we have the opportunity to see just how far we’ve come as individuals, and also as a collective. The extent of this process depends on the degree of containment and cooking we’ve been able to consciously engage with throughout the year, especially since April, to this moment.  Whatever has happened, and the extent to which, will be authentic and appropriate for your unique soul journey.

The 6 Frequency

Numerically in October we dip back into the 6 frequency, the same vibration that the year opened with in January. This is an affirmation of the reset button quality of this month and that the starting point for our evolutionary journey is the heart. 

The 6 vibration is a sacred number. The six inner petals of the heart chakra lotus. The 6 in numerology corresponds with love. Some ascribe the 6 to materialism, and therefore see it as somehow non-spiritual (hence the association with the devil). However, I do not see the world as a spiritually-deficient illusion that must be renounced (unless monastic renunciation is your authentic soul vibe, in which case, I honour your journey). 

My personal experience of the world is as a tantric initiation. To progress spiritually (which to me is the whole point of being alive) we must learn to work with our attachment and aversion in order to engage in the mystery of life – in all of its purity and poison, love and loss. Through that process we discover many things, grow in wisdom, and gradually unveil the truth beneath the form, awakening to reality that is increasingly unconditioned and growing in our desire, and our capacity, to self-liberate and in the process, help all beings become happy and free. 

The Goddess Lakshmi

The 6 is the terrain of the goddess Lakshmi, the bright face of the divine mother, providing abundance and prosperity. This is not to distract from the spiritual path but to support it. It is taught that it is harder for a hungry man to meditate. The ascetic path is not the only way, but the tantric path is challenging too – how to be in the world but not of the world? How to enjoy without becoming consumed by desire, to instead learn to channel that desire in harmony with the spiritual journey? That requires ongoing self-reflection and application of integrity. It is not always easy, yet the effects are always ultimately gracious. To me, the whole point of divine feminine practice is to embody our enlightenment rather than leaving it wafting about in the ethers as some lovely idea whilst our souls continue to be distorted, deprived and denied by ego. To live our divinity in this body is our tantric soul challenge, our purpose and our gift. 

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Namaste, Alana

Image credit: Simon Berger @8moments