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Community of the Sacred

The Community of the Sacred Courses  with Alana answer the deep heart calling to heal ourselves, and become a light to help heal all beings on our planet and beyond.”

Training Makes The Soul Bloom

Heart-opening courses to transform you and your clients


Join Alana Fairchild for spiritually intimate online healer training in beautiful and unique modalities to heal yourself, others and our planet. Online training with Alana answers the deep heart calling to heal ourselves, and become a light to help heal all beings on our planet and beyond.

Over the duration fo the courses,  you will be building a relationship with enlightened divine beings, and your own soul. You will view videos, listen to audio recordings, read the PDFs, receive healings, and practice the techniques, whilst you are supported to explore and heal yourself and express that healing light within, in the world.


Kuan Yin Transmission

The transmission of Kuan Yin Transmission™ is a unique divine feminine energy work practice, created by Alana Fairchild, integrating the presence of Our Five Enlightened Mothers – Kuan Yin, Isis, Mother Mary, Tara, and Kali – infused in the heart through the spiritual essence of Venus. 

This work integrates the ancient practices of mudra (sacred gesture) and mantra (sacred sound), and channeled practices such as The Red Threads of Isis™ and The Seal of Horus™ to empower the practitioner. You will learn how to activate the presence of Our Five Enlightened Mothers within your own body, mind, and soul, through the spiritual activation key known as The Hamsa of the Cosmic Madonna™. You can work with these energies to heal yourself, others, and our planet.

Saraswati Healing

While developing your healing channel with the divine energies of the Angels, Ascended Masters, Goddesses, and Crystalline frequencies.

You will learn how to create and hold sacred space for healings; To integrate, ground and evolve your own soul light, how to manage your own energy and keep yourself clear and vibrant as a light in the world, and how to channel the energies of heaven on earth for the highest good of all beings. You’ll also build a relationship with enlightened divine beings, and your own soul.

Saraswati Healing Intermediate

The Saraswati Healing™ Intermediate Program is an energy healing program named after Saraswati—the radiant goddess of creativity, voice, manifestation, music, prophecy and wisdom. She gracefully flies upon a celestial bird, with her mala prayer beads and divine musical instrument, weaving magic, sound and blessings through our Universe.   

In this modality we connect with the potency of Saraswati through voice, writings, music, divination, meditation, movement and sacred healing rituals to generate powerful divine energy fields dedicated to healing and liberation for the greater good. We work for self-healing and for the benefit of all beings, including our beautiful planet.

Invitation-Only Training Program


The Saraswati Healing™ Intermediate program is not a beginner’s practice. This course is only open to those who have completed the Saraswati Healing™ Foundations Program, or the full year of the former training program, Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring™. These programs will have prepared you spiritually, emotionally, psychologically and physically to move on to the next level of exploration and practice.

If you meet these prerequisites, you are warmly invited to join us in this beautiful energy healing training. 

Rosa Mystica

Our Lady, Mother Mary, is also known as Rosa Mystica or the Mystical Rose. In our Rosa Mystica program we open to the spiritual embrace of Mother Mary, to personally experience her beautiful divine energy. Supported by Mother Mary’s unconditional love, you’ll travel your unique soul path, through the inner doorway of this program towards her sacred realm of trust, love, peace and, ultimately, divine healing.

Our Rosa Mystica program was created by vibrant spiritual thought leader and mystic of the divine feminine, Alana Fairchild. The program is designed to awaken you to the presence of Mother Mary, to experience your radiant heart bond with her, to receive her palpable protection and stimulate your own soul healing. We believe you will find a deeper experience of spiritual love with our Rosa Mystica journey, including meditations, visualisations, movement, voice and more.


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