A powerful year-long online program to awaken your soul

Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring ™ is a unique soul healing and spiritual empowerment process created by Alana Fairchild. The work is channelled from her Higher Guidance, the spiritual team that Alana works with to create her best-selling oracle decks, books, meditations and music that you know and love.

The training is designed to empower your own direct soul connection to the Divine, helping you transform your inner spiritual experience into an outer reality, manifesting your soul purpose and divine light in the world.  You will connect at a soul level, strengthen intuition, awaken inner wisdom and discover the beautiful healing power of our Universe. You will learn how to heal your soul and even how to guide others on their divine journey.

The training will meet you where you are at and help you move forward. For you the focus may be on awakening your own spiritual connection, or discovering your inner lightworker or priestess, becoming a professional healer, soul coach or sacred mentor, stepping up as a guiding light in this world, reclaiming your sacred feminine creativity, or going through a process of personal transformation and spiritual alchemy. Or all of these and more!

You’ll know if this program is meant for you, because something inside of you will just want to do it. You might not know why, but when you are attracted to the program, there is a divine reason for that. Trust it.

Opening up to this sacred work will attract some amazing experiences and opportunities into your life. You can emerge confident, clear and committed to your spiritual path. The world needs you to be brave, to believe in yourself and trust in all that you were born to become.

Give Alana a year to nurture you and your spiritual talents. She will guide and support you through a transformational training program to be ready to take on the world (with love). Your mind may doubt but when your heart speaks, listen. Take the leap of trust and join us. It is your time to shine bright.

Our training is an industry recognised program, accredited with the International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT).

When your heart speaks, listen.



Enrolments open for 2021


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The Alana Fairchild Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring terms and conditions apply to all participants completing this training. The terms and conditions cover a range of areas including legal, copyrights and licensing restrictions as well as specific terms that apply to course progression and completion.

Please read through the terms and conditions document carefully. By enrolling into this course, you agree and accept the terms and conditions outlined in this document.

Terms and Conditions


One Year

February – November


Self-paced online program


USD$1,330 full program or USD$333 per module + course materials

All prices are in USD currency


8th February 2021


“This whole experience has given me a new passion in my life to leave behind a sad past and move forward to a brighter future. You rock my world!”

Sarah from Australia

“Thank you for this wonderful experience. Loving it. The tools you have created are beautiful. Thanks doesn’t do them justice. Feeling hearts opening and love surrounding us.”

Elizabeth from Australia

“I don’t know how this can get any better … I am so thankful that this course just popped up when I was searching and said TAKE ME! Feeling very blessed! Thank you Alana! Thank you for being you!”

Priestess Rose from the USA

“I thought I knew what I was in for. It’s been more powerful than I expected. I did a distance healing and got feedback on a profound shift from the person. I never imagined that could have happened, it was amazing! This work is powerful. All this beautiful stuff pours out … I wish everyone could experience this!”

Monique from Australia

“I no longer run and hide and feel afraid of the dark. This work is truly miraculous! I am so honoured and my heart is filled with gratitude and love as I learn and grow and uncover the light of my soul and share with all of you. Thank you! Bless you!”

– Connie from the United States.

“How wonderful this course is. I honestly didn’t think learning to laugh and have spontaneous fun would be an important part of growing. So many beautiful surprises, words cannot express the love and gratitude for this incredible course.”

Lea from Australia

“Since the moment I enrolled I have been experiencing and feeling life in a whole new way, almost in a whole new body as well! What a moving experience! I could literally feel the walls around my heart coming down. I am so blessed to be here! Thank you for sharing this gift.”

Amy from Australia

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Empower your soul

Manifest your destiny as an inspired and successful healer. Empower yourself – and your clients – with a stunning healing modality channelled by Alana, using a unique oracle deck, sacred words and your divine connection.

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