Alana Fairchild’s 11:11 Oracle App

Alana Fairchild’s NEW 11:11 Oracle provides inspired answers to your questions!

Ever wonder about the meaning of a number you keep seeing? Or have a question you’d like to be answered with a number transmission?

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Product Description

Our lovely graphic artist Jenn, met with me to discuss the inspiration for the design of the 11.11 Oracle app. After we talked about the app (and our mutual love of crystal statement jewellery!) she felt inspired. She purposefully designed custom typography for 11.11 using the infinity symbol, the eternal bond between us and the divine, expressed through these loving number messages ….

The auspicious number of 11.11 is the basis of all things, just as Hydrogen is number 1 on the periodic table with an expansion rate of 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 … it is BIG EXPANSION …

The colours used in the design of the 11.11 oracle are purple, indigo and violet, specifically chosen to strengthen the higher chakras of the third eye and crown, like the colours of an amethyst and lapis lazuli crystal, they heal and awaken, helping us receive this kind and loving channelled guidance. With touches of gold, we remember the sacred pot of gold, the healing transformation of spiritual alchemy, and the golden Christ Consciousness. Gold symbolises the eternal promise of the Universe that there are infinite and inherited treasures of abundance, peace and higher consciousness for all.



Synchronicity Session (for when you have a question and want the oracle to answer you with a number transmission)

The Number Interpretation Session (for when you want to know the meaning of a number you keep seeing)


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