2021 A Year of Expansion and Evolution

Alana Fairchild Newsletter
1 Jan 2021

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2021 A Year of Expansion and Evolution

Happy 2021 dear ones! 

Welcome to a year of change, expansion, growth and evolution.

This year resonates with a 5 vibration, presenting both opportunity and a challenge. 

The challenge is that we can feel thwarted in our plans, and the opportunity is that we can surf the spiritual waves to overcome obstacles and manifest our authentic soul fruition. 

Manifestation this year will likely happen in unpredictable ways. The 5 is not necessarily a ‘no’ to our goals, but it is often a ‘not that way, this way is better’ from the Universe.

The 5 vibration is also like spiritual steroids. The two online training programs that begin in March are alchemical catalysts for soul fruition too. The combination of this year’s energies with spiritual practices is a dynamic combo that can give us more bang for our spiritual buck, manifesting soul in a way that we have not previously been able to accomplish.

With so much psychic fluctuation, we need a source of internal steadiness, to feel supported and bold, rather than thwarted and defeated. 

Your spiritual practices, and certainly the online training programs I’ve created for you, can provide this for you. From that holding space, you find your centre and align with support, rather than feeling overwhelmed by the upheavals going on around you (and sometimes even within you).

In online training with me, you are spiritually held during 16 weeks of intensive immersion. We work in our community to practice together and get the spiritual juices flowing to heal ourselves and benefit the planet. 

The training is not just education, it is a living transformation and spiritual process. This is why the retention rates in our courses and community are so high. There is something real, dynamic and sacred that we are co-creating together. As one of our community members recently shared, ‘teamwork makes the dream work’. We envision a happier, more peaceful, awakened and healthy world and that begins in our own souls.

The feedback from both courses has been powerful and beautiful. What has arisen repeatedly is how different the coursework is to anything else, and the trainees open into new spiritual terrain, outside of their previous experience. 

Enrolments are now open for the courses beginning in March, running for 16 weeks. We attract a diverse global soul group into our healer training, and if this is resonating for you, I warmly invite you to join us. Information on the two courses, with foundations and intermediate training options, is below. 

I am looking forward to the grace of what this year can bring. May we work together for the spiritual benefit of all beings.

With love,

Alana x

Gratitude for images from The Pegasus Oracle by Alana and Ekaterina Golovanova, The Kuan Yin Oracle by Alana and Zeng Hao and The Crystal Mandala Oracle by Alana and Jane Marin.