Accredited Online Healer Training – Empowered Voice Module 3 of 4


Join Alana’s exciting and empowering accredited online healer training program, to grow spiritually and professionally in an amazing transformational program.

Image by Jane Marin courtesy of The Crystal Mandala Oracle by Alana Fairchild

Product Description

Module 3 starts on Monday 6th July 2020

In this module you will connect with the wild feminine goddesses for divine healing. You will be ready for more advanced material by this stage, including dealing with negativity and lower vibrational consciousness in a loving and empowered way. You’ll learn how to work effectively with belief systems in the mainstream to help humanity evolve spiritually, especially in situations like the aftermath of a traumatic event which triggers a fear-based reaction in mass consciousness. Alana will teach you to find peace, empowerment and a sense of humour when dealing with such matters.

Alana will also speak to you about the importance of letting go of the past and even sometimes your own sense of self so that you can grow into who you are becoming. You’ll hear Alana and Jo sharing their experiences with you, and speaking of the importance of unconditional trust on the path. Alana will teach you ways to discover and express your authentic voice, and encourage you to realise that no matter how many healers there are in the world, there is a place that is just meant for you and the Universe is leading you to it. In this module you will also learn how to work the third healing energy template in the Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring method which is the Crystal Goddesses 888 template. Apart from the online course materials of video, MP3s and PDFs, you will be supported by the Crystal Goddesses 888 book, the Messages in the Numbers book (with focus on the 888 vibration) and the Crystal Mandala Oracle. You will also be guided by Alana’s For Love and Light on Earth Meditations.

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What if I miss the enrolment cut-off date?

If you want to join Module three, but have missed the enrolment deadline please email the training angel immediately at

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