Accredited Online Healer Training – Inspired Presence Module 4 of 4


Join Alana’s exciting and empowering accredited online healer training program, to grow spiritually and professionally in an amazing transformational program.

Image by Jane Marin courtesy of The Crystal Mandala Oracle by Alana Fairchild

Product Description

Module 4 starts on Monday 14th September 2020

The emphasis in the final module is you. It encourages you to discover and develop your own unique soul presence and divine purpose, through working with the Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring modality, and beyond. You will be supported to trust and express your unique divine energy and sacred life purpose. You will be encouraged to step into a position of increasing professional success as a guiding light on the earth at this time.

Alana will talk about practical issues to support your professional success. From websites to setting a price point, taking payments and attracting the best clients for your sacred work, managing difficult personalities and finding your own personal facilitation style, Alana will lovingly guide you through the practical side of your professional spiritual career.

Alana will give you helpful guidance about insurance and financial matters, marketing and promotion, and how to approach these sometimes fear-based systems with a heart centred and grounded attitude. Alana will offer guidance about marketing from a perspective of giving and a heartfelt, honest approach, and how that can be more successful, enjoyable and authentic than a hard-sell approach, which is often counterproductive and unnecessary for healers.

You’ll be offered suggestions about hiring venues versus working from home, how to deal with moments of self doubt if you aren’t sure about your progress and how to keep enough faith so that you can grow the reach of your work, connect with the people you want to attract to your healing practice and experience the joy of increasing spiritual success. Alana will also speak about the importance of your unique offering to the world by being truthfully and completely yourself.

Alana and Jo will talk about how much to charge for your work, about donations and how to have a good-feeling attitude to money that is in integrity with your spiritual work. They will discuss professionalism, attitude and how to deal with some of the challenges (and amusing situations) that arise when you are a professional healer. They’ll chat about walking your talk, how to take care of yourself and ensure that you can have a long-term, enjoyable and productive career as a healer.

If you wish to include the role of workshop facilitator in your practice, moving from one on one work with the Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring modality into working with groups, you will learn how to do that in this module. You will be taught to facilitate three group mentoring workshops based on the the three energetic templates that you have mastered and the related books Crystal Angels 444, Crystal Masters 333 and Crystal Goddesses 888. You’ll be taught how to facilitate various sessions within the workshops including guided visualisation, moving meditation to sacred music, group healing with the healing energy templates and guided on how to conduct a beautiful, heart-felt graduation ritual for the participants in your workshops.

Apart from the online course materials of video, MP3s and PDFs, and the books and meditation CDs from the past three modules, you will also be energetically supported by Alana’s sacred music CD Voice of the Soul.

(please note course materials(CD’s, books, oracle decks) are not included in the enrolment fee)

What if I miss the enrolment cut-off date?

If you want to join Module four, but have missed the enrolment deadline please email the admin angel immediately at [email protected]

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