Accredited Online Healer Training – Soul Connection Module 2 of 4


Join Alana’s exciting and empowering accredited online healer training program, to grow spiritually and professionally in an amazing transformational program.

Image by Jane Marin courtesy of The Crystal Mandala Oracle by Alana Fairchild


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Product Description

Module Two starts on Monday 20th April 2020

In this module you will connect with the Ascended Masters for divine healing. You will be supported to discover your divine purpose, to stand strong in your own truth, and to trust in your intuition and discernment, to remain authentically connected to your own inner wisdom. You will learn how to remain true to yourself when becoming involved in group dynamics, and the importance of listening to your own intuition about when to get involved in spiritual groups or communities and when to step back. You will learn how to deal with distractions and be productive on your life path, and explore the importance of divine timing and how this helps your path unfold more gracefully. Alana and Jo will talk about living as your higher self, and issues of control, surrender, and having a sense of humour as well as how to step out of being a rescuer, ways to keep going when the going gets tough, and the need to honour who you are and not compare yourself to anyone else. Alana will also offer guidance on what happens as you grow more powerful spiritually, the exciting freedom that opens up for you, and how to handle your increasing influence as a light in the world.

In this module you will also learn how to work the second healing energy template in the Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring method which is the Crystal Masters 333 template. Apart from the online course materials of video, MP3s and PDFs, you will be supported by the Crystal Masters 333 book, the Messages in the Numbers book (with focus on the 333 vibration) and the Crystal Mandala Oracle. You will also be guided by Alana’s Mystical Healing meditations.

(please note course materials are not included in the enrolment fee)

If you want to join Module two, but have missed the enrolment please email the admin angel immediately at [email protected].

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