Accredited Online Healer Training with Alana – Complete Program 8th February 2021


Enrolments open 2021

Course begins 8th February 2021

We warmly welcome you into Alana’s exciting and empowering online training program, for an experience of deeper divine connection, soul healing and personal transformation. You will find support for your individual spiritual growth, awakening the qualities of the inner healer, priestess and lightworker within. Trainees also have the option to become professionally qualified as a practitioner to support others on their divine life path too. We look forward to sharing this powerful sacred journey with you.

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Enrolments open for 2021

Give Alana a year to nurture you and your spiritual talents into a practical, successful, inspirational career. She will guide and support you through a transformational training program to be ready to take on the world (with love). Your mind may doubt but when your heart speaks, listen. Take the leap of trust and join us. It is your time to shine bright.

Course materials are an additional cost.

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