Claim Your Authentic Empowerment & Live Your Light – 22 September 2019 Perth, Australia

Join us for a positively circuit-breaking day of sacred wildness, blessing and heartfelt wisdom.

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Sacred Rebels & Earth Warriors

22 September 2019 10AM – 3PM Perth Australia

Join Alana Fairchild for a deeply moving and uplifting gathering of divine energy and spiritual empowerment. In sacred space, we open up to the vitalising and healing energies of sacred rebels and earth warriors, the archetypal wild child energies of the soul that claims truth and devotion to spiritual ideals as its lifeblood and highest purpose.

These are the energies that we tune into within our own souls as we seek freedom from what has been and the energy needed to live new truths, creatively and with courage and joy.

We will speak, we will move, we will shake and we will meditate. Entering into the power of the creative alchemical love of Mother Earth and her vital forces, we shed our old skins and step into new life.

Journey through Alana’s unique combination of play, meditation, music, healing and sacred ritual, tuning into the abundance of spiritual energy that manifests during her events.

Join us for a positively circuit-breaking day of sacred wildness, blessing and heartfelt wisdom.

Alana will sign books, CDs and oracle decks during and after the event.

Light lunch provided

Investment $165.00

Early bird discount price if booking before 31 March 2019 $150.00



Chakra Angel

1/153 Rockingham Road, Hamilton Hill, WA 6163

Ph: 9434 9671


Dear ones, we have received requests for information about which of Alana’s products might be most relevant to the workshop. Any and all of her work will resonate with her key message during the day however, the list below can help. Alana is happy to sign her products on the day.
Earth Warriors Oracle
Sacred Rebels Oracle
Sacred Rebels. Oracle Journal
Earth Warriors Oracle Journal
Inner Power Meditation CD
Crystal Masters 333
Meditations with Sekhmet and Narasimha CD