Conscious Connection Honours Sacred Ecosystem 

Alana Fairchild Newsletter
25 Feb 2021

Product Description

Conscious Connection Honours Sacred Ecosystem

My somewhat bizarre evoling professional path has led me through a number of fields including the art world, law and management consultancy, healing, publishing and the music industry. I have found the metaphysical field attracts more mavericks, lone-wolves and sacred rebels than any other. Healers tend towards ‘against the grain’ personalities, even those of us that revel in harmony and peace. It goes with the territory of shifting consciousness. It makes sense considering our soul purpose is to initiate new ways of being.

Recently a meme was posted on social media claiming that ‘no-one is coming to save you – your life is 100% your own responsibility.’ I was fascinated by the comments in response to this. The theme that came through was that whilst this was somewhat accurate, it is also true that as one person put it, ‘no person is completely running their own show,’ and another comment referred to the expression, ‘it takes a village’ (to raise a child).

For those of us who have learned to disengage from collective consciousness in order to distill our higher awareness, learning how to re-engage in supportive and wise ways can be tricky. We need to balance the space required to nurture insight that is free from unwanted conditioning or  distorting influence, yet we cannot thrive without a sense of belonging. This  is encoded in our humanity. We belong to a sacred ecosystem that operates both within this world and vastly beyond it, and deep within, we know it.

Maverick healers have the ability to embrace solitude and individuality more fearlessly than most, and we also have the capacity for co-creating a respectful space that allows for love and honours diversity is a gift not only to ourselves, but holds an energy of ‘what is possible’ for the greater human collective.

In an era where people are navigating how to deal with toxic relationship patterns with more awareness than ever before, we need examples of healthy connection and community, especially for those who may not have been exposed to such a thing earlier on in life. With the ongoing rise in narcissism as the new normal, fostered by media and enabled by technology, heart connection is fast becoming an essential skill that needs to be taught, and role-modeled, to stem the dysfunctional trend.

We can create a space together where we can be our true nature, and express it and share it, and be honoured for it, rather than be marginalised or maligned. Together we can become a stabilising heart beat that grounds humanity back into wisdom. This is what we practice in our community. It is through the strength of healthy loving relationship within ourselves, with the divine, and with each other, that we become aware and empowered to deal with the less wise, less compassionate interactions that can be part of the human experience. We need people who are heart-smart in this manner to show the way. This is an important empowerment inherent in the training.

Personal Healing and Planetary Healing

In our community, we see personal healing as incredibly beneficial and far-reaching in effect. Because we are all connected, personal work is a form of planetary healing. Healthier individuals bring healthier energy to the whole. It is the also the basis for the capacity and desire to offer healing for the planet in other ways – such as through our optional comunity practices for global healing. We recognise that there are times when we need to focus on self healing and times when we are best to attune ourselves to spiritual currents for collective offerings.

Spirit has been guiding our online community to do regular work together for the planet and her creatures, including humanity. These optional group practice sessions generate energy flow through our community, akin to the way exercise gets energy flowing through the body. Spirituality is more than beautiful ideas, it is a way of living and a method of practice to strengthen what we value – love, healing, light, authenticity, empowerment to deal intelligently with the difficulties and pain of life, and compassion balanced with wisdom (so that your kindness doesn’t transform you into a trash receptacle for other people’s disowned stuff), as well as enhacing our capacity for joy. It helps us embody the teachings, and practice a functional spirituality that truly can help heal our world.

Join me for the live opening event online

You can connect with the beautiful energies of this program in the opening event happening this Saturday (or Friday for many of you in the Northern Hemisphere) for those who have enrolled in the training.

You can email questions for our Q&A to support@alanafairchild.com and I will offer a guided process live during the sessions too. Saraswati Healing opening kicks off at 10.10am and Kuan Yin Transmission at 11.11am AEDT. Recordings will be available in the community resource library for trainees and community members after the events.

If this is resonating for your heart, I warmly invite you to join us. To receive an invite to the Zoom event please ensure to enrol now so you can join us. If you don’t receive your invite by email, please reach out ASAP to training@alanafairchild.com. I look forward to the grace of what this year can bring. May we work together for the spiritual benefit of all beings.

With love,

Alana x