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Dance music with a twist, Divine Circus conjures up “shamanic house music”, where indie-electro dance gets sacred. Nourish body and soul with lush energy.

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Divine Circus is a soul tribe of beautiful spiritual rebels with a passion for music, love and life. Radiating positive energy and celebrating individuality, the Divine Circus creates a magical atmosphere of music, wildness and freedom. This bohemian group fizzes with contagious joy to open the heart and free the soul.

With catchy, accessible, foot-tapping, feel-good tunes, Divine Circus is not just something you listen to or watch, it’s an experience you have, are moved by … it gets inside of you and opens you up to love.

At the heart of Divine Circus is lead vocalist, Alana Fairchild, the singing shaman from Australia, with wild hair and an even wilder heart. Alana believes that in every human heart there is a divine spark waiting to be fanned into flames of love, freedom and unique expression. She knows music can do this. Whether performing solo or with her quirky crew of musicians, shamans, dancers and DJs, Alana weaves a charismatic web of angelic vocals, crystal singing bowls, love in the air and feisty dance beats to ignite body and soul.

Alana says, “Powerful healing happens when you are allowed to just be who you are and love what you love. Trust in what you really love. Let it move you. The heart is more powerful than the mind. If you trust in it, it will lead you home. If you don’t resist it – its passion and its pain – it will restore you, help you remember your wild divinity, and free you to live your life, as a sacred gift, as yourself, with peace even amongst the rigours of transformation and global change. You see you are created exactly as was meant to be. There is no error in you! The heart knows this. If we take the time to look beneath the superficial scars and wounds – for that is all that they are, no matter how deep they may seem to be at times – we will experience the power of this true heart within us, and life becomes filled with magic.”

A bit eccentric, definitely unconventional, Divine Circus generates energy, aliveness and most of all, love, because where there is love, anything is possible. Love will always find a way.

Our mission is to be alive. Not just exist, but really live and ignite the body and soul of those that dare to be free! We believe that underneath every exterior beats the wild loving heart of a divine creature, busting to break free of control and craving to really live life. We create music and magic to liberate that wild, gorgeous being within you.

Our mission is to play with passion. To be real. To have fun. To dance. We don’t care if you haven’t danced in years, usually only dance ‘on the inside’ are a disco-bunny or club-hopping podium-poser with some serious moves. We invite you to be who you are, celebrate your individuality, to let your body come to life – along with your spirit – and to live your divine destiny … which means to become you, in truth, without fear or doubt.

Genre: Electronic: Dance
Release Date: 2014