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Enjoy healing support for you and your lightwork with a full length meditation and two papers on Lightwork outlined below. Namaste beloved, your work is treasure for us all.

Image from Sacred Rebels Oracle by Alana Fairchild, art by Autumn Sky Morrison


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“Alana’s writings talk about the process and experiences a lightworker goes through on her/his path. I was amazed… finally here was someone who clearly understood what I’ve been going through. She has also provided wonderful and useful tools and knowledge to support my path.” DB, Australia

Lightworker Rescue Pack

Dark Angel Light Angel Meditation

For healers to be true vessels of healing, there must be initiation. Initiation occurs when trauma or wounding is integrated into our consciousness and transforms from a source of pain into a source of wisdom and healing. Pain causes our healthy instincts to go looking for the source of a wound. In this way, following our pain can lead us to find deep healing!

When we uncover the wound under our pain, and realise that something beautiful can come from it – a greater sense of self – healing has taken place. The realisation that the universe has given us a gift that we would not part with for anything moves us from darkness to light.

We have transformed our pain into our source of strength and wisdom.We have become true spiritual alchemists weaving our web of love and light through this life.

Enter into this guided healing meditation for finding light in the darkness. Invoke Divine Grace to allow a wound to become a source of healing! Through spiritual alchemy, our dark angel or shadow self can unite with our light angel or conscious self – and healing is the result.

NOTE this is not on CD, it is an MP3 file which will be emailed to you and can be listened to on your electronic device. Track length approximately 23 minutes.

Paper on Personal and Planetary Healing

Lightworkers are the living light cells of the Earth, consciously seeking to bring matter into consciousness – by awakening to the light within the Earth, which is switched on through love. This is no small task – and it affects lightworkers in a very personal way. This material will help you place your own personal journey (and struggle) within the framework of the enlightenment process of planet Earth. So whenever you feel alone, read this and remember that we are all in this together!

This material illuminating the Spiritual Process on a Planetary Level reveals the links between personal and planetary healing processes. Lightworkers in particular will find this information helpful as it will not only explain the greater cosmic reasons behind their own personal experiences as they tread their path as planetary healer, but it will inform them as to the undercurrents triggering shifts in their clients and in the very Earth herself.

This is recommended reading for lightworkers who feel as if their symptoms and challenges are related to spiritual growth but need further guidance as to how to work with the process of healing. Contains a bonus and essential preparation for emotional healing work.

NOTE this is not a hard-copy text, it is a PDF file which will be emailed to you. Approx 12,400 words, 28 pages.

Paper on Therapy for Lightworkers

This work is a spiritual booster shot for Lightworkers and healers. Uplifting and supportive, it gives Lightworkers a place to start their spiritual practice and for those that feel they have strayed from their path, a place to come back to. You are so loved and spiritually significant – all of humanity and mother earth wants you to feel connected and living your purpose. This work is offered to help you get there and get back there when you feel lost.

This comprehensive work includes sections on Healing the Healer, An Introduction to Planetary Psychotherapy and a bonus section of The Lightworker’s Charter of Spiritual Birthrights (guaranteed feel-good spiritual material!). These teachings include essential practice for healers, as we need to remember to look after ourselves on this path! In particular we address issues of self-esteem for healers and sensitives (in other words, healing the healer) and finding our place in the healing evolution currently unfolding on planet Earth.

Have you ever found yourself feeling really comfortable and at-home somewhere? Well imagine that feeling magnified and flooding you with spiritual safety from within. That is how you feel when you have found your true place in the spiritual scheme of things – sounds good, yes? It is within your reach.

NOTE this is not a hard-copy text, it is a PDF file which will be emailed to you. Approximately 9,000 words, 25 pages.

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