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NEW! Ganesha Meditations for Success app. Nourish your soul and enrich your life with this new Alana Fairchild guided meditation app

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Ganesha Meditations for Spiritual Success

Ganesha Meditations for Spiritual SuccessGanesha is an ancient elephant-headed deity with a powerful energy that removes obstacles and bestows grace. He assures us of divine success in all of our endeavors. Alana Fairchild guides you in meditation using the healing sounds of the crystal bowl and mantra to meet the loving energy of Ganesha.Over 78 minutes of meditations connect with Ganesha for your own divine success. This success is more than simply having greater wealth and wellbeing. While it does include those things, it is also about living in a way that nourishes the soul, where success is set and doesn’t cost us what matters most, but brings more of what genuinely enriches us into our lives.


●Over 78 minutes of audio content in three tracks:

●Waterfall Healing with Ganesha (23.57)

●Bridge of Transition with Ganesha (26.03)

●Mountain of Ganesha (28.20)

●Daily reminder notifications

●Sleep timer


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