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Healing with the Divine Feminine Pack

 This pack contains a mini-ebook on goddess energies and how to work with them, and three full-length meditation MP3s outlined below. For women and men who are keen to explore the Divine Feminine and incorporate Her wisdom into their lives.

Golden Mother Meditation

Positive mother energy nurtures us, allowing us to feel safe and loved. It is a precious energy that as a race we are in desperate need of as an antidote to fear, materialism and that terrifying sense of being without a soft place to fall. Positive mother energy is often the food that we are seeking when we don’t know what we are hungry for, so may this meditation feed your soul.

Many people, sensitives and addicts in particular, are seeking the numious – that sense of something mythic, beautiful and divine to connect with at a human level. There are powerful healing forces available to every human being and learning to work with those forces – archetypes – consciously can initiate incredible transformation.

This is a healing meditation for invoking the positive mother archetype for healing. The negative mother archetype holds us in thrall when we feel stuck in any situation where we wish for change but cannot seem – despite great desire or effort – to break free. When we feel subject to an overwhelming sense of repeating over and over again that which brings us pain, we are possessed by the negative mother archetype.

To break free into love, healing and genuine change, we need not only a strong masculine to cut the ties that have bound us, but a genuine healing alternative to the negative mother – that is the positive mother archetype channelled here for your healing.

NOTE this is not on CD, it is an MP3 file which will be emailed to you and can be downloaded onto your computer and ipod. Track length approx 23 minutes.

Body Love Body Light Meditation

The lightbody is the subtle inner radiance, visible clairvoyantly, that grows as spiritual light infuses matter through love. This meditation is a gift of love for your spirit and body to deepen their relating and give birth to the lightbody – which enables you to live your soul light in your body, here on earth. This is what it means to live your light.

In a culture that values mind, achievement and doing over body, relating and being, we need to consciously make an effort to reconnect with our spiritual home this lifetime, our own temple of the goddess, which is our body.

Without this conscious connection and building of relationship our spirits hover above our head and we never really know what we feel, what our truth is or where we belong.

The healing of such a dilemma is literally in our own hands (and feet and heart and belly and so on). This meditation is a gift to guide you home to yourself and to know more of the beauty that you are

NOTE this is not on CD, it is an MP3 file which will be emailed to you and can be downloaded on to your computer or ipod. Track length approx 20 mins.

Moonlight Meditation

Rebalance your energies with the gentle restorative powers of moonlight. When there has been too much solar energy – such as planning, thinking, doing, exercising and attending to goals – we can feel dried up. We can have the best of both worlds if we take time to replenish ourselves with the feminine healing powers of lunar energy. This is particularly helpful to generate feelings of peace that come from acceptance and trust in the cycles of life. Perfect if you have found yourself at a crossroads or an apparent block in your life. Take time to do your inner work, in preparation for action in the outer world in due time.

There is so much emphasis on the value of solar light – to pursue understanding, knowledge, action and demonstration. What we are rarely taught is that we can have too much of a good thing! In the same way that too much exposure to light burns the eyes and the skin, too much solar energy can dry out the spirit – we are left overwrought, burnt out and wound up with nowhere to go.

This is a symptom of the burnout that happens when there is too much emphasis on this solarising activity without balance that lunar receptiveness can restore. Connecting with Moon Energy in this guided healing meditation is an antidote to too much sun! It offers replenishment and release, a sweet spiritual surrender into the forces of Life that are bigger than us and our will. This channelling brings you to gifts of life, death and rebirth and the peaceful knowing that all things come in time.

NOTE this is not on CD, it is an MP3 file which will be emailed to you and can be listened to on your computer or ipod. Track length approx 23 minutes.

Divine Feminine eBook

Enjoy a little book about a big topic – ancient feminine healing, psychology and spirituality for the modern woman (and man!).

Meet the Goddesses of Transformation
Enact a tough-love transformational ritual with the Divine Mother Indian Goddess Kali. Enter into the Ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools through a healing ritual (with incantation) for rebirth with Winged Goddess and Master Healer Isis.

Kali is the Goddess of Dark Transformation, whilst Isis is the Goddess of Light Transformation.Kali destroys so that we are no longer shackled to outmoded forms in our life and Isis is the force of ressurection, the Divine Feminine Expression of the Christ Mystery (which is essentially that after death or ending there is rebirth or new beginning).These are some of the most potent Goddess Energies and once you have connected with them, brought them into your being more consciously, you have some extraordinary and completely natural healing wisdom at your disposal.

May you choose to wisely honour such a gift and exercise it with consciousness and compassion, for the betterment of self and others always.

Meet the Goddesses of Power
In these teachings, meet the empowered feminine with kick-ass lioness Goddess of Ancient Egypt, Sekhmet, and the cool, calm and capable Ancient Greek Goddess Athena. Strengthen your feminine passion with Sekhmet and learn how to channel it with detachment, clarity and precision with Athena. A wonderful combination of empowering goddess energies!

Meet the empowered feminine with kick-ass lioness Goddess of Ancient Egypt, Sekhmet, and be guided into a cleansing fire ritual for passion and empowerment.

Whilst Sekhmet is all fire and passionate power, Ancient Greek Goddess Athena knows how to play in the boys club and win! With her cool detachment and observational skills, she is the energy to drawn on for clarity, strategy and excellent decision making without losing connection to your feminine values. An invocative ritual for connection with Athena will help you feel this cool, calm and collected state for yourself whenever you need it.

Meet the Goddesses of Sexuality
Healing with these Goddesses allows for a journey into the experience of sacred feminine sexuality. Find sexual joy and heal past abuse experiences with Egyptian Feline Goddess Bast. Then meet the big mama of feminine love energy, Aphrodite, through a Tantric Healing Ritual. This work is for men and women who wish to engage more deeply with the feminine values of soulful and emotionally-present sexuality.

Feminine sexuality is an experience available to us all – irrespective of gender. It is based in feeling soulful and enriched by sexual experience, rather than shamed or wounded. This original work channelled by Alana Fairchild provides you with a guide to unleashing the qualities of these goddesses in your own sexual and life experience – including passion, sensuality, a true sense of union (for which we all yearn in various ways) and intimate connection. Frisky Goddess Bast and Passionate and demanding Aphrodite work together to bring healing and joy to your sexuality – which can truly be a gift of physical joy, play and aliveness.

Enjoy the sensual journey!

Meet the Goddesses of Spirituality
These channelled teachings guide you toward the Light and Dark of the Divine Feminine. The light journey begins with spiritual compassion evoked through the serene presence of luminous Kuan Yin. The journey is enriched through a deep meditative journey into the darkness and the connection to essential self that this enables. The adventurous Sumerian Goddess Innana presides over the dark spiritual journey, helping you mine its riches.

The Divine Feminine teachings here are expressed in the spiritual light of compassion through Kuan Yin and the Journey of Innana through spiritual darkness. These Goddesses are gateways into the feminine spiritual mysteries.The feminine mysteries are anchored not in ideas or philosophies but in feelings and experiences contained in the body. This is how you just KNOW – not believe, but truly experience the mysteries of spiritual presence in human form for yourself. Even the smallest moment of such an experience has the power to completely transform us from the inside outwards! Be brave and enjoy the process!

NOTE this is not a hard-copy book, it is a PDF file which will be emailed to you and can be read on computer or printed out. Approx 13,000 words, 49 pages.

Image from Journey of Love Oracle by Alana Fairchild, Artwork by Rassouli

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