Messy magic, loneliness and authenticity

Alana Fairchild Newsletter
22 March 2021

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Loneliness calls us to authenticity

The world is more peopled than ever. We have more methods for contacting each other than at any other time in human history. Yet according to recent studies, loneliness affects the majority of our population. Recently the Japanese Government appointed a Minister for Loneliness, defining this as a rising crisis in mental and emotional health.
The majority of my time is spent in solitude, when I typically feel a deep sense of connectedness with the natural world and the spiritual dimensions. My experiences of loneliness have occurred in unhealthy relationships that could only survive through me dismissing my authentic self.
What this taught me is that loneliness has little to do with how many people you have in your life, and everything to do with the quality of your relationship with yourself, for the quality of all other relationships – spiritual, human and otherwise – emerge from that capacity for authentic inner connection. 
If we pursue relationships at any cost (including the eradication of our authenticity), loneliness can become an ever present demon that we struggle to avoid. Yet like any other emotion, if we meet it willingly, loneliness rises and falls away, and can be a messenger. The message of loneliness is the call to deeper connection. That may be with others, with Spirit, with our Earth Mother, but often it is our authentic self that we are lonely for.  We yearn to know and be who we are and to be loved for who we are unconditionally.
Growing authenticity is a task. It may involve unlearning of certain ways of being that diminish rather than enhance your essence. What begins as a process of self discovery eventually becomes an authentic way of being. Then we simply require ocassional realignments for those moments when we unintentionally became entangled in something that is not true to our hearts and our path. 

 Authenticity is messy but magic

The more authentic we are, the more we are true to our uniqueness, and the less likely we are to fit into coherent and predictable stereotypes. We may appear eccentric (or let’s face it – downright weird) yet internally we will feel integrated, strong and at peace.
This may evoke admiration, curiosity and/or criticism from others as a result. Some are able to see the soul at play in authentic people, recognising the sacred badassery it takes to be true to one’s own complex, multifaceted being, and relishing the strangeness of how all those disparate pieces somehow work together to create a very real unique human. Others wll be looking, rather than seeing, and judging because your beingness may challenge certain beliefs that they are not yet willing to question.
Either way, authenticity is magnetic. It attracts energy – some that you want  such as spiritual grace – and some that you probably don’t (unless you are after attention at any cost). Fortunately the more authentic you are, the more naturally connected you are to the spiritual forces that can support you. You can more spontaneously lean into divine energies like Tara and Kali to attract more of what you do want and increasingly repel or subjugate that which you do not. There are numerous ways to learn how to grow your authenticity, as well as aligning and protecting yourself spiritually. Online training with me is one such way as it focuses on unveiling and amplifiying the truth of the soul. 
Stepping away from the herd does require courage. Yet our authenticity allows us to experience more intimacy with the divine and in turn, we enhance an inner spiritual relationship that increases our boldness and our confidence. These are two qualities that I would love to see more of in all pure-hearted souls! These qualities help us recognise how our intuition wants us to proceed and summon the internal wherewithal to act on that.
May you trust in your worthiness and realise your innate ability to attract what your soul needs to flourish in divine love. May we awaken and create more healing joy together.
With love,
Alana x
Gratitude for images from the Journey of Love Oracle by Alana and artist Rassouli