Priestess Sacred Guardian of the Divine Feminine – 17 June 2018

Join Alana to reclaim, awaken and empower the ancient priestess energy within you … with very special sacred ceremony, meditation, movement and expression from the depths of soul, we gather for an extraordinary day of healing and light.

Image (left) artwork by Isabel Bryna from ‘The Earth Warriors‘ oracle by Alana Fairchild

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The Priestess walks the Sacred Path of the Divine Feminine. She is the channel through which the spiritual light can enter earthly hearts. She is the guardian of the soul, the light bearer and the wisdom holder. She intuitively understands the sacred arts of healing, channelling, meditation and ritual. She is born with her own unique divine purpose to fulfil, honouring the highest wisdom for the greatest good.

Together we we will awaken to the priestess within. We will explore the wisdom of the priestess and how she manifests her light in us, and the sacred task we have as priestesses to cultivate a conscious and healing relationship with the divine feminine and divine masculine energies.


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