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Alana Fairchild Newsletter
17 Feb 2021

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Many of us begin our spiritual journey by falling in love with uplifting ideas and beautiful experiences of higher dimensions. When I began attending spiritual workshops, I was hooked. A world had opened up to me and I wanted more of it.
Yet at the end of every workshop, I felt bereft. My soul journey was leading me into confrontation with inner pain, much of it ancestral and therefore quite challenging to metabolise. The divine beauty of spiritual worlds felt like a tiny light flickering in a vast, seemingly endless, realm of painful struggle. I wondered if there would always be more layers to uncover. Would the work ever really be done?
I met my first spiritual teacher around that time. She told me that the higher worlds could be more real to me than the chair I was sitting on. I immediately decided that is what I wanted and I would do whatever it took to attain it.
I pleaded with Spirit regularly, “let me by your eyes, let me me be your ears…” and so on. You could say that I nagged the Universe into submission, but of course, what our heart wants is actually what the Divine wants for our heart too. Yet passion works. Why? Because it galvanises us to embrace the challenges as the birthing pains of the blessings.
Pleading prayerfully focused my heart and my mind. I wanted to know how to find and live that real spirituality. I needed practical methods that would work. I trusted my intuitive nature and open-mindedness to guide me, and what resulted over time was an entire body of spiritual teachings which I now share with the world as decks, books, music and meditation, and in an even more intensive form in online training.
Cactus needs to be spiky and forward-thinking
What I have learned from Spirit is that beings need to be allowed, encouraged and supported to become what they were born, divinely designed, to be. Song birds need to sing. Cactus needs to store water (and teach us how to draw upon our inner resources when the outer environment isn’t providing spiritual or emotional nourishment). Your soul needs to do and be true to its own nature. With effective supportive energies and holding of sacred space, this will naturally happen.
Online training provides the tools and also the opportunities for a certain soul type to be true to itself and offers practical pathways for authentic, aligned activity that strengthens that soul type. When you belong to that soul type, you feel something that attracts you to this work – even if your conscious mind isn’t exactly sure what it’s all about.
It doesn’t really matter what name we give to this group of souls – could be healer or lightworker or old soul or shaman or spiritual seeker, or something else entirely. What matters is that your soul is given the methods and the practical opportunities to practice healing – for the self, for others, for our planet and her creatures. It needs to feel and be real, beneficial, and healing on every level. If it can be done solo and also in community sessions (even online) in our community, even better.
When we act in harmony with our divine nature, we enter into flow and we are strengthened by the work. There are stil challenges, of course, but they become part of the sacred process of awakening, not an impediment to it. We more easily attract divine grace because we are open and more direct in our connection with the Universe. We aren’t twisting ourselves into psychological or emotional pretzels, trying to be something that we are not, conforming to societal conditioning rather than leaning into our soul essence.
There’s genius in the tingle
How do you know if you are one of these souls? Don’t go by outer world  stereotypes or even job descriptions. These positive, light-honouring souls are found in all walks of life. They often have experiences in their lives that lead them right into the darkness that others would run from. They go into it because they need to figure it out and learn how to bring the light in. They are wise, they are attuned to the light, and even in the depths of suffering or struggle, they are determined to find a way to be in divine truth in that space.
This is something that you recognise within yourself, within your heart. It is an urge to make a positive contribution to our planet, to do something constructive with the gift of this life, and in some way, to leave the world a little better, more loving, more inspired, more real and healed and healthy, than how you found it. When you are one of these beings, you cannot help but want to use crap as fertiliser and turn lead into gold. You know that you are on a spiritual path, even if (perhaps especially if) it doesn’t look the same as anyone else’s journey. 
You may feel like you are from the stars, or an earth-loving shamanic soul, a light worker, a healer, an informal psychologist at every party you attend because people just open their hearts to you and blurt out their innermost struggles, or the wise one that isn’t sure if humanity is ever going to get its act together but you are here again to do what you can because deep in your heart you just cannot give up the hope for divine beauty, wisdom and truth to become the leading way on this planet. Maybe you have a bit of all of these in your heart (having been around the spiritual block so many times, it’s hardly surprising). 
Whatever way you experience your own soul in this diverse soul group of ours, there is something that we all feel in common. It’s the genius of the tingle, that inner excitement, light-switching-on, and in-the-bones-in-the-soul resonance of a compassionate compulsion to agitate for healing. Even if you love peace, and seek it, you just know that it can only come through working through the stuff that’s getting in the way. And the prospect of doing so gives you energy, uplifts you and helps you feel like you are being truly yourself. 
The feedback from both courses has been powerful and beautiful. There is support for you to learn modalities, yes, and practice according to guidelines to ensure integrity and effectiveness of the work, yet because we are working with divine energies that honour the needs of your authentic inner being, your soul will be simultaneously supported and stimulated to bloom into its own unique expression. This is why trainees often report the positive effects that arise from their training journey in other areas of their life. 
Join me for the live course opening on Zoom
Enrolments are now open for the courses beginning in March, running for 16 weeks. A live online Zoom opening event is open to new trainees (and current community members) and will take place on Saturday 27 February to open the online training communities for the year ahead. You are welcome to email questions for our Q&A to support@alanafairchild.com and I will offer a guided process live during the sessions too. Saraswati Healing opening kicks off at 10.10am and Kuan Yin Transmission at 11.11am AEDT. Recordings will be available in the community resource library for trainees and community members after the events.
If this is resonating for your heart, I warmly invite you to join us. Information on the two courses is below and if you have any questions, please reach out to training@alanafairchild.com 
I look forward to the grace of what this year can bring. May we work together for the spiritual benefit of all beings.
With love,
Alana x
Gratitude for images from forthcoming oracle currently in process by Alana and artist Sophie Wilkins, The Kuan Yin Oracle by Alana and artist Zeng Hao and forthcoming app project currently in process by Alana and artist Jane Marin.