Temple of Isis – 04 June 2018

Embrace this rare opportunity to cross the threshold into sacred space, and enter the Temple of Isis. This is a place of deep healing, magic and mystery. During this powerful and loving day, you will experience inner healing through music, meditation, Alana’s inspirational guidance and unique sacred rituals. It is a day for the Soul to embrace its divine blessings, protection and direction for empowerment of your life purpose.

Image (left) artwork by Jimmy Manton from the ‘Isis Oracle’ by Alana Fairchild

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Enter the Mysteries of the Sacred Feminine

Your guiding priestess for the day is Alana Fairchild, best-selling author and loved spiritual teacher. Alana’s work includes best-selling oracle decks, Kuan Yin Oracle, Sacred Rebels, Rumi Oracle and the Isis Oracle and popular meditation CD Isis: Power of the Priestess. This day honours Isis and other Egyptian deities that feature in Alana’s new releases – the Magic of Isis and Crystal Goddesses 888 including Bastet, Sekhmet, Horus and Anubis.  

Working with Alana is quite an experience! With compassion, wisdom, power and a sense of humour, she’ll take you on a journey like no other. 

Alana will sign her books, oracle decks, CDs and new releases after the workshop.



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