Tune into the Realm of the Sacred Feminine – 26 October 2019 Sydney, Australia

Join us at this amazing workshop!

Initiation into the three—fold flame of sacred feminine wisdom and empowerment soothes the heart, inspires the mind and renews the soul.

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26 October 2019 – 10am – 3pm Sydney Australia

Deep Restoration, Miraculous Grace and Abundant Resourcefulness

The wild and raw Black Madonna of India, known as KALI provides us with the mystery teachings needed to move through the dark night of the soul. Kali guides us into fulfilment of our potential. Her dark grace is there for you. She is the gateway into rebirth.

The luminous winged Egyptian goddess and queen known as Isis presides over the realms of alchemy, magic and healing. Her presence empowers us to transform challenges and negativity into fuel for the soul, becoming stronger, wiser and more spiritually skilful through the process.

Tara is the universal star-mother and wisdom goddess from numerous cultures, including Tibet. She manifests herself in many colours and forms to assist us in reaching spiritual enlightenment and healing of all problems or concerns along the way.

Initiation into the three—fold flame of sacred feminine wisdom and empowerment soothes the heart, inspires the mind and renews the soul.

Alana will sign books, CDs and oracle decks after the workshop.

COST: $222, plus $22 for lunch if required or you can BYO. (Please inform of any dietary requirements).
Morning and afternoon tea provided.

Hosted by:  White Tara – Peace Protection and Longevity

VENUE: Unit 39/2-4 Picrite Close, Pemulwuy NSW 2145 Sydney, Australia



Dear ones, we have received requests for information about which of Alana’s products might be most relevant to the workshop you are hosting. Any and all of her work will resonate with her key message during the day, but if you want to provide something ‘in the mood’ for the workshop, the list below can help. Alana is happy to sign her products on the day and you may like to do some ’special offer’ bundles for your participants. 
With love and blessings, Alana
These products will suit the Sacred Feminine workshop with Alana
The Kuan Yin Transmission ™ book, CD and cards (depending on availability – release date)
Love Your Inner Goddess Book/CD
Love Your Inner Goddess Oracle
Love your Inner Goddess Journal
Specifically For Tara – 
Crystal Goddesses 888
The Kuan Yin oracle (and pocket edition)
Divine Lotus Mother meditation CD
Wild Kuan Yin oracle (and pocket edition)
The Wild Divine Journal
For Kali – 
Black Madonna Meditations
Crystal Goddesses 888
Voice of the Soul music CD
For Isis – 
Isis Oracle
Isis Pocket Oracle
Isis Oracle Journal 
Magic of Isis book
Isis – Power of the Priestess meditation CD
Voice of the Soul music CD
Crystal Goddesses 888
If we can help further, please just reach out. We look forward to co-creating a delicious divine event with you!