Embrace Mother Mary, Our Lady of the Mystical Rose

Rosa Mystica

 Next Intake Opens April 1 2022

Imbue Your Heart with Peace, Love and Healing with Mother Mary, the Mystical Rose

Our Lady, Mother Mary, is also known as Rosa Mystica or the Mystical Rose. In our Rosa Mystica program we open to the spiritual embrace of Mother Mary, to personally experience her beautiful divine energy. Supported by Mother Mary’s unconditional love, you’ll travel your unique soul path, through the inner doorway of this program towards her sacred realm of trust, love, peace and, ultimately, divine healing. 

Our Rosa Mystica program was created by vibrant spiritual thought leader and mystic of the divine feminine, Alana Fairchild. The program is designed to awaken you to the presence of Mother Mary, to experience your radiant heart bond with her, to receive her palpable protection and stimulate your own soul healing. We believe you will find a deeper experience of spiritual love with our Rosa Mystica journey, including meditations, visualisations, movement, voice and more.


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Welcome to Rosa Mystica, Our Lady of the Mystical Rose

Rosa Mystica, or the Mystical or Mystic Rose, is one of the sacred poetic titles of Mother Mary, used to address her in devotions. The rose is a powerful symbol of love, long associated with Mother Mary, and with her offering of unconditional love and devoted protection. The Mystical Rose is also an expression of the Divine Feminine, promising to accept you fully, while creating a sublime space for transformation to occur. The higher purpose of the Divine Feminine is always your spiritual liberation and sacred fruition – to elevate your soul and accomplish your life’s higher purpose.

Mother Mary has complete confidence in divine will and her ability to recognise it, align with it and express it faithfully. With Our Lady Rosa Mystica the soul is shown the path beyond fear and doubt, to the extraordinary spiritual presence and power within. Mother Mary helps you step into the spiritual intelligence of your heart, so you can live with courage, trust, confidence and awareness of your own precious soul journey. Mother Mary reaches to all those who seek divine intervention to manifest their highest purpose for the spiritual benefit of all beings.

Welcome, beloved. 

Experience and channel the divine heart of the Mystical Rose with beloved spiritual teacher, Alana Fairchild. Together with our sacred community you can explore the abundant grace, kindness, love, healing and wisdom that Mother Mary offers to all who come to her with an open and willing heart.

Course Details

  • Self-paced spiritual healing course
  • 14 modules, approximately one hour per module
  • Mix of videos, reading materials and practical application
  • Private online forum for participants hosted by our training team
  • Access to online community events with Alana Fairchild and our training team
  • Cost USD $888 (click here for payment plans)
Experience the divine blessings of our Mother Mary and bring love and healing to the world

Who Is Alana Fairchild?

Alana is a rare teacher, mystic of the Divine Feminine and inspired creatrix. A respected spiritual thought leader sought for her expertise in the spiritual evolution of humanity, Alana is a playful, dedicated, pro-human and free-spirited healing channel sharing a vast body of work with the world, to support humanity in awakening.

Alana created the Mother Mary program from the experiences and lessons that arose as she walked her own spiritual path. Alana’s life path taught her from a very young age that divine energies are expressions of unconditional love, available to all hearts desiring help. Anyone from any religion (or lack of religion), culture or belief system, who wants to connect with Mother Mary will receive her blessing. This program has been created for all hearts that crave genuine spiritual energy and guidance.

During your 14 modules together, Alana will tap into the esoteric wisdom of the Divine Feminine genius of Mother Mary. You will explore the remarkable ways that Mother Mary works with the soul to guide, heal and assist you through even the most complex or challenging situations (which are her specialty!). You can experience a different and more beautiful way to be – a way that is both practical and inspirational. Mother Mary’s tremendous, down to earth wisdom is shared by Alana in spiritual teachings and practices relevant for the modern human.

Alana has created over 22 oracle books, numerous deep-learning courses, 13 books, 30 albums of music and meditation and been translated into 11 languages. But it’s her open heart, joyful playfulness, authentic spiritual connection and free-spirited presence that facilitates spiritual healing and brings to life her messages of universal love, soul empowerment and generous compassion.

We believe Alana’s Mystical Rose self-paced healing course will open your soul to the Divine Mother’s heart. Your spiritual journey throughout this program can lead to healing, releasing yourself from fear and doubt and discovering spiritual confidence within a sacred, supportive community.

Together we will undertake sacred soul work to heal, grow and transform, for the spiritual benefit of all beings.

“The work we do on ourselves through our spiritual practice accumulates and gathers, always guided by loving divine beings encouraging us on our soul path.”
– Namaste, Alana Fairchild

Soul Empowerment with Mother Mary, our Rosa Mystica, with Alana Fairchild

We invite you, beloved, to join Alana and our sacred community on this soul-expanding 14-module spiritual exploration of the divine presence and loving power of Mother Mary, Our Mystical Rose. Throughout this program you will receive written teachings, guided healing practices and spiritual blessings in video format set to Alana’s own beautiful music. You will be led on a sacred journey to experience 13 sacred forms of our beloved divine lady, Mother Mary, as the Mystical Rose.

Embrace purification through our Madonna of the White Rose, voice healing with the Madonna of the Blue Rose and much more. Together with Alana and our sacred community, experience the abundant grace, kindness, love, healing and wisdom that Mother Mary offers to all open hearts. You can embrace Mother Mary’s practical and life-enhancing blessings so relevant to the modern world through Alana’s guidance.

The Rosa Mystica course is designed to empower and elevate your spiritual path and proficiency in manifesting higher energies. The program can be approached as an immersive spiritual retreat where you complete one module per day or per week. Or it can be accomplished over a longer period of time to allow for complete integration of each module and its accompanying practice.

Heal your heart, sanctify your soul and transform your life with Mother Mary 

14-modules of soul-inspiring healing and heart connection

For all open hearts.

Our Mother Mary Mystical Rose program is for all with open hearts and minds who are craving a spiritual journey into divine feminine love, courage, protection, healing and wisdom irrespective of religion. You are welcome whether you have a religious path or none at all. Our Rosa Mystica course is for those that crave genuine spiritual energy and guidance and the spiritual freedom to follow their own unique path. Just like Mary Mother, this healing course is non-judgemental, accepting and loving to all genuine seekers.

Mother Mary4

For all open hearts.

Our Mother Mary Mystical Rose program is for all with open hearts and minds who are craving a spiritual journey into divine feminine love, courage, protection, healing and wisdom irrespective of religion. You are welcome whether you have a religious path or none at all. Our Rosa Mystica course is for those that crave genuine spiritual energy and guidance and the spiritual freedom to follow their own unique path. Just like Mary Mother, this healing course is non-judgemental, accepting and loving to all genuine seekers.

Mother Mary4

For times of change

During times of change and challenge, our spiritual path can give us support, steadiness, peace and empowerment to keep our minds and hearts clear and connected to something hopeful, healing and true. Mother Mary and the Divine Feminine can teach you to embrace your greatest challenges and transform them into the vehicle through which your most precious blessings manifest. Mother Mary has an incomparable capacity for navigating the soul through incredibly complex and difficult times. As we learn how to trust and rely on her, our ability to work with any situation to facilitate blessings radically increases.

Mother Mary7


Alana guides from personal experience, as Mother Mary has gracefully intervened in Alana’s own life many times. This is one of the many reasons that Alana shares the Mystical Rose’s beauty, grace, wisdom and love with all open, seeking hearts who need her guidance, reassurance and powerful support.

Heal yourself, heal our world

This supportive yet powerful program can be used to heal yourself and so bring healing energy into the world. Alana’s guided techniques utilise divine feminine energy work and sound healing, voice and movement practice and guided visualisation, to advance healing, love and soul expansion within yourself for the benefit of you and the world around you. You can be a source of the light and love so needed at this time. Embrace that and share it with the world.

 Mother Mary 9

Structure of the Rosa Mystica Program

Beloved, here’s a peek at the transformational magic that is Mother Mary.

Module One

Introduction and guidance into the Divine Feminine

Mother Mary3

Module One

Introduction and guidance into the Divine Feminine

Mother Mary3

Module Two

Madonna of the White Rose with energy and sound healing

Module Three

Madonna of the Red Rose with voice and movement practice

Module Four

Madonna of the Orange Rose with guided visualisation process

Module Five

Madonna of the Yellow Rose with sound healing process

Module Six

Madonna of the Pink Rose with guided energetic offering process

Module Seven

Madonna of the Blue Rose with intuition and voice healing and intuitive reading process

Module Eight

Madonna of the Indigo Rose with guided visualisation process

Module Nine

Madonna of the Violet Rose with guided energy healing process

Module Ten

Madonna of the Black Rose with breath-movement-visualisation process

Module Eleven

Madonna of the Coral Rose with guided meditative movement process

Module Twelve

Madonna of the Turquoise Rose with invocation, voice and gentle movement process

Module Thirteen

Madonna of the Silver Rose with gentle dance healing with mantra process

Module Fourteen

Madonna of the Gold Rose with dance meditation healing process and Closing Session

“Rosa Mystica is a gift and a modern pathway I would recommend to anyone seeking to bring the Divine into their everyday life”
Dianne, Australia

Your Investment in the course

Your 14-module soul-inspiring Rosa Mystica program costs USD $888.  

Payment plans are also available. 

There are no requirements for enrolment in the Mother Mary course. All essential learning materials are implemented as part of the program itself and nothing more is necessary (except an open heart and mind). Alana’s Mother Mary Oracle, Mother Mary Oracle Journal and meditation albums, Mother Mary Meditations and Holy Sisters Meditations with Mother Mary and Kuan Yin, can support your journey, but they are not required or necessary to participate in the program. 

Upon completion of the Rosa Mystica program, a beautiful personalised electronic Certificate of Completion will be emailed to you. 

Welcome to Our Sacred Community

All participants in the Rosa Mystica program are welcomed as members of our beautiful Community of the Sacred, which includes others who are exploring the Mother Mary course and other courses created by Alana to guide them on their own personal spiritual path. Our community also includes professional practitioners of Alana’s healing modalities, as well as community members that practice the course techniques for self-healing and group healing work in our community dedicated to healing our planet.

Every member of our community brings their own unique light and love to our sacred, spiritually-vitalised hub of divine presence and practice. Together we will work towards healing and awakening within ourselves and amongst each other, and send that energy out to the planet, for the spiritual benefit of all beings.

Soul Sayings from Participants of Our Rosa Mystica Program

Alana’s ability to channel pure pathways of healing and teach them in modern ways is one of the greatest gifts I have ever received.



My eyes were opened to a truth of how destiny calls us, and a deepening in my heart with such connections and alignment to have such purpose in this world. 



 This work is an unfolding journey of Divine grace, with healing benefits for all of Earth and her inhabitants.



What’s Next?

Experience courses like the beautiful Rosa Mystica healing program which are designed to give you the opportunity to explore the energies that Alana works with and discover what our sacred community can bring to your own soul journey. Once you’ve completed the Mother Mary course, you have choices available to continue your soul journey with Alana and our sacred community. You may feel spiritually called to Alana’s modality courses, the Kuan Yin Transmission™ online training and Saraswati Healing™ online training, exploring more in-depth processes and materials.

Heed the call of your heart. We welcome you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the intake dates?

The Mary Mother healing program launches on 1 September 2021 with a special offer available from until 30 September 2021. 

What are the intake dates?

The Mary Mother healing program opens each April and September for one month.

Do you need to have completed any prerequisites to enrol in the Mother Mary program?

There are no prerequisites required for the Mother Mary program. It is open to all those with open hearts and minds, who seek healing, empowerment and connection to divine spiritual energy that shows the way into a more beautiful inner world.

How much time will I need to spend on the course each day?

The course is designed to take approximately one hour per module. You may undertake the course as an immersive program, with one module per day, but we encourage you to consider completing one module per week or as desired to allow for full, supportive integration. 

Is this course suitable for beginners or designed for practitioners?

This course is suitable for both beginners and practitioners. There are no special skills, belief systems or prerequisites necessary to successfully complete the program. All you truly need is a willingness to open your heart and the courage to embrace the program. 

A beginner can complete this course. And even if you believe you are a beginner, if you feel attracted to this program you are more likely an Old Soul (who perhaps just hasn’t realised it yet). 

Those with more experience on their spiritual path can gain benefit from the program too. Alana has been working with Mother Mary for her entire life and had beautiful new experiences with Mother Mary in the creation of the Rosa Mystica course, Trust your heart-attraction to the program. There is likely a deeper spiritual reason for that pull and, therefore, benefit to be gained.

Enrolments Open - April 1 2022








Listen to your Heart

If you feel the spiritual attraction to the Rosa Mystica program, we invite you to join us. Together we journey deeply into the divine heart of Mother Mary, embracing love and light for the spiritual benefit of the planet and all her precious beings.

Alana has the spiritual juice to nourish your unique soul journey, setting her apart and imbuing her work with effectiveness and beauty.

“Gratitude for art from Shiloh Sophia from Mother Mary Oracle by Alana Fairchild, and also for art by an unknown artist.”