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Saraswati Healing™

Intermediate Level

Next Intake Opens August 1 2022 by Invitation Only

“From shamanic spiral practices honouring the divine feminine, to divine masculine Christ Consciousness practices. From playful dance journeys through Divine Circus and Sacred Rebels, to a powerful triangulation healing template with our glorious lady, the goddess Isis, supported by Bastet, Horus and Sekhmet. Saraswati Healing™ strengthens your spiritual channel and awakens the soul to next level energy work for personal and planetary healing”
– Alana Fairchild

Intermediate Energy Healing Course—Energy Healing with Voice, Light and Wisdom

Our Saraswati Healing™ Intermediate level energy healing training course is by invitation only. Once we’ve extended an invitation to you, we’d love for you to join us to experience this beautiful 16-week immersive energy healing course.

During these 16 weeks we will travel on a journey towards the sacred uniting of the masculine and feminine energy in the soul. We will connect with the potency of the radiant goddess Saraswati through voice, writings, music, divination, meditation, movement and sacred healing rituals to generate powerful divine energy fields committed to healing for the greater good. These energy healing tools will help you as you embrace divine healing energies deeper than ever before.

In this program we work with numerous divine beings to promote enlightenment and increase the presence of love within us and around us for the spiritual benefit of all beings. In our work we focus on connection with divine energies of Freya, Kali, Xi Wang Mu, Jesus, and the goddess Isis, and more. This program is powerful, yet also playful and nourishing for the soul.

Intakes open now. Courses begin 1 March and 1 August annually, by invitation only. Prerequisites: Saraswati Healing™ Foundations Program or the full year of Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring™..

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Meet Alana

Alana Fairchild is a singular teacher. The energy and experiences gathered from her own soul journey allows her to lovingly guide others along their own spiritual path. 


In this intermediate energy healing course, Alana encourages and supports you to integrate and embody your soul’s remarkable potential She has trailblazed a unique way, and helps you to embrace the beautiful recognition that you can be a genuine and significant light in our world. 


Alana has created over 22 oracle decks, multiple foundations and intensive courses, 13 books, 33 albums of music and meditation and is translated into 11 languages. But it’s her pure heart and free-spirited presence that generates incomparable heart opening and true spiritual healing. 


We feel that the Saraswati Healing™ Intermediate energy healing course can help you understand and embrace your own soul in a new, previously unexplored way.

Welcome to Saraswati Healing™ Intermediate

The Saraswati Healing™ Intermediate Program is named for and embraces the divine energy of Saraswati—the radiant goddess of creativity, voice, manifestation, music, prophecy and wisdom. Although we connect with multiple divine beings in this work, our patron goddess of the modality is Saraswati, watching over us to ensure best outcomes of the practice. In this modality we connect with the potency of Saraswati while working for self-healing and for the benefit of all beings, including our beautiful planet.

This beautiful energy healing course supports your soul path by providing you with practical, effective tools so you can fulfil your spiritual purpose as a light and a source of wisdom and healing in our world. While you may do this in many ways, the training embraces the process of soul tantra, which empowers you to deal with what is happening in the human collective, and to work creatively on your own personal spiritual journey to share the sacred healing medicine of the soul that our collective needs. Through your own awakening, you are supporting human evolution as we shift into a new era.

Is Your Soul Guiding You to Saraswati Healing™ Intermediate?

The Saraswati Healing™ Intermediate program is not a beginner’s practice. This incredible energy healing course is only open to those who have completed the Saraswati Healing™ Foundations Program, or the full year of the former training program, Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring™. 


In the Foundations training, you established a divine connection to self and the enlightened divine beings. It’s vital that you have these strong foundations, so you will be prepared spiritually, emotionally, psychologically and physically to move on to this next level of exploration and practice.


In this deep-learning, intermediate energy healing course, Alana will teach you to expand your soul capacity for embodied spiritual connection, whilst learning to love and honour your unique, authentic life path. You’ll discover more exquisite templates and be introduced to advanced deity practices that combine multiple divine energies for richly layered experiences and expressions of consciousness. This deep work requires that you are prepared, and the Foundations level courses help you to gain that divine preparedness.


If you meet these prerequisites, we invite you to join with us to experience a deep dive into potent energy healing. You will travel a divine path of self-healing and discovery that leads you to a more grounded state and builds your own healing presence in your own life, your community and even with your clients, should you choose to practice professionally. Even if you choose to do this program for your own self-healing, you may wish to explore opportunities to practice informally with others in our Community of the Sacred, where we host healing circles around the globe to support Mother Earth and her precious creatures, including humanity.

What This Energy Healing Course Will Open For Your

  1. Empowered
    • to spearhead spiritual evolution

  2. Confident
    • to face challenges

  3. Inspired
    • to recognise wisdom within you

  4. Guided
    • to follow your path and apply it for the greater good

Course Details

  • Energy healing course
  • 16 weeks
  • 4 modules
  • Each module takes one month to complete with a commitment of approximately four to six hours per week
  • Mix of videos, MP3s, reading materials and practical application
  • Cost USD $1888 (click here[link] for payment plans) plus once only payment of USD $388 for a lifetime practitioner license (only necessary if you wish to practice the modality professionally, outside of our community). Lifetime access to your course materials and a forum is included in the course cost.  
  • Next enrolment closes 31 March 2022

Are You Divinely Attracted to the Saraswati Healing™ Intermediate Energy Healing Course?

In the Saraswati Healing ™ Intermediate energy healing course you will develop divine feminine presence capable of conscious engagement with divine masculine energy. You will work towards integration of both elements—embracing the challenge of it, and revelling in the joy and playfulness of it, as well. The result is a soul journey that leads us to a steady, strong and clear sense of who you are, what you are about and your purpose on this planet. 

Join Us

Intermediate training is focused on realisation of the wisdom within you and clarifying your unique soul path and applying your inner spiritual knowing to empower yourself and support the awakening of all beings. We believe you will become confident, inspired and motivated through this program, meeting the challenges that may arise in your path with love and creativity in your heart. 

There are certain souls that were born to spearhead spiritual evolution in this realm, and those drawn to this modality are part of that group. You’ll know if this energy healing course is meant for you, because something inside of you will be drawn towards it. You might not know why, but when you are attracted to the program, we believe there is a divine reason behind that. 

We encourage you to trust your intuition and reach out to us when you feel the call within.


Discover Saraswati Healing™ Intermediate Training

The 16-week immersive intermediate training is presented in four modules. Each module is synchronised with four different oracle decks, four unique templates and additional advanced practices integrated into the modules. Each module takes one month to complete, leading to an intensive four-month immersion program. 

Beloved, here is a glimpse into the four transformational energy healing modules that are Saraswati Healing™ Intermediate.


Module One—Enlightened Participation
Dive deep into the mystery of the soul journey, including dealing with negativities and toxic energies. We will be guided by the goddess Isis template, including the advanced group practice of the Alchemical Triangulation template, to begin to understand how one can grace, openness and strength, whilst cultivating wisdom and discernment on the path.
Module Two—Deepening Truth

Prepare your divine feminine consciousness to ready yourself for the connection with the sacred masculine in the following module. Here we explore the divine feminine archetype of the priestess, and the realm of shamanic healing. We discuss the divine nature of soul and the importance of the divine feminine intelligence of the heart in choosing what we wish to energetically birth in our world. 


Module Three—Discerning Wisdom

Connect with your divine masculine as you explore his tremendous value in your soul and the essential gifts of wisdom and discernment he brings which allow us to navigate not only our inner world, but the outer world, too. From this intuitive insight and its practical application we are then able to set priorities and create boundaries while exploring spiritual self-sovereignty. 

Module Four—Sacred Celebration

Connect with the painstaking and rewarding process of tantric integration—engaging the masculine and feminine to work together for the bliss, benefit and blessing of all beings. This integrative deity practice focuses on the Universal Christ Consciousness, evoking powerful spiritual protection. 

Alana has the spiritual juice to nourish your unique soul journey, setting her apart and imbuing her work with effectiveness and beauty.

Your Saraswati Healing™ Investment

Your 16-week transformational Saraswati Healing™ Intermediate training program costs USD $1888. Payment plans are available for USD $472 per month. 

There is an additional once-only payment of USD $388 for a lifetime practitioner license which is only required if you wish to practice professionally outside of our community. Lifetime membership in the modality-specific forum and access to modality related materials in your course – including any new course materials for that level – is part of your course inclusions. 

Membership in our Community of the Sacred is an additional cost and adds the benefit of hosted templates and connecting with trainees, graduates and practitioners, as well as general community members, for sacred events, hosted templates and more.

Each module is also supported by carefully-selected meditations and an album of Alana’s meditations or music, which are available via downloads. Trainees will need to purchase some additional materials which will serve as your professional took kit for the practices. These curated tools will vitalise your practice and enrich your experience of the modality and your soul healing journey. They will serve you well for your personal journey and your practice of the modality.

Welcome to Our Vibrant, Loving Community of the Sacred


As a participant in the intermediate course, access to a modality-specific forum is included. In our modality-specific community forum there is space to discuss and share your experiences with fellow trainees in the program, as well as with other graduate members. 

The forum is not a substitute for professional mentoring but it is a great way to build connections, feel supported and share some love. 

One-On-One Mentoring

From time to time we may suggest that you seek out personal one-on-one mentoring. You may choose to undertake this with one of our team of recognised mentors who have completed the training or with a professional healer of your own choosing. Their task will be to provide you support with the healing process that the training tends to stimulate within.

Blessings from past students of Saraswati Healing Intermediate

We believe that Saraswati Healing™ can empower you profoundly. With the completion of the Foundations program, you have already begun the transformation process. Now you can continue the work to become more of who you came here to be.

We believe you can learn to harness divine energy healing and become more capable of shining your inner light for yourself and for others. And you’ll be able to work with the divine ones under the wisdom and guidance channelled through Alana’s heart.

Alana has a gift for creating a pathway for the visionary soul that is inspiring to the heart
and highly transformational. I see so many trainings that make promises yet lack a
deeper understanding of everyone’s unique journey. This is a sacred journey that keeps



Saraswati Healing has been the catalyst for the greatest change within me, a journey of remembrance guiding me back to my authentic truth. When I set out on this journey I imagined I would weave this modality into my offerings, holding space for others as they opened up to their truths. Nothing quite prepared me for the unfolding of the most profound self-healing of my life thus far.

Rachael Staples

My journey through the course was in one word MAGICAL. I can’t even begin to explain the number of miraculous things in my life during this journey. It was truly a blessing way beyond my boldest imaginings. A rebirth of my soul and a gentle unravelling of the layers that were keeping me small.



What’s Next

Once you have successfully completed this intermediate energy healing course, you will become akin to an elder in our community. At this point, you may want to consider becoming a professional practitioner of the method. Or you may prefer to continue to practice the modality for self-healing and through our vibrant community practices which work together to create light and healing on Earth and beyond. Importantly, you also become eligible for advanced training options. 

As a graduate community member you have access to an in-depth community library of materials. This includes many rich recordings by Alana and Dr Jo responding to questions from trainees and embracing discussions with participants over the years. There are also additional and highly-supportive teachings, prayers and practices, as well as Higher Guidance, provided by Alana especially for the community.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the intake dates for Saraswati Healing™ Intermediate Program?

The modality courses begin on 1st March and 1st August annually. 

As enrolment is by invitation only. Completion of either the Saraswati Healing™ Foundations training or the Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring™ full year program is a pre-requisite to this course. You can then request your invitation to enrol in this program.   

Do you offer one-on-one or group support throughout the course?
As a participant, you will also have access to our team-hosted Saraswati Healing ™ online forum to discuss your studies and relate to the other members of the soul group moving through the training along with you. This is not a substitute for professional mentoring, but it is a great way to build connections, feel supported and share some love. Some beautiful connections and powerful learning experiences happen through the energy that is shared in the community forum.

Details for joining this group will be given after you enrol.

From time to time we may suggest that you seek out personal one-on-one mentoring with one of our team of recognised mentors. We will encourage you to work with a professional healer that you resonate with to support you with the healing process that the course stimulates within.

How much time will I need to spend on the course each week?

The course is designed for approximately four to six hours each week to maintain your studies. Our Self Care Guide and our Course Study Guide provide suggestions for taking care of yourself during the training and a detailed study guide which will help you stay on top of your studies and enable you to move through the materials at an appropriate pace.

Is this course suitable for beginners or designed for practitioners?

This course is not a beginner’s practice. It is only open to those who have completed the Saraswati Healing™ Foundations Program, or the full year of the former training program, Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring™. These programs will have prepared you spiritually, emotionally, psychologically and physically to move on to the next level of exploration and practice. 

Provided you have completed the above prerequisites, you are warmly invited to request an invitation to enrol. 

Can I become qualified or licensed as a Saraswati Healing™ practitioner?

You may choose to do the program solely for your own personal development and spiritual growth, or you may also wish to become qualified as a Saraswati Healing™ practitioner. Training in the modality will develop your skills in divine connection and channelling of Universal energies. These skills support your personal healing and spiritual transformation. You will learn how to be and live your light for the greater good of all beings.

We also offer an optional practitioner license upon successful completion of the training. This license is required to practice the modality professionally with the public, but is not required to practice within our group practice events or for self-healing practice. 

To become licensed you must successfully complete the coursework as well as an additional short assessment. You must also sign a license agreement which is a legal contract outlining the appropriate uses of the practitioner license.

If you have any questions about becoming qualified or licensed as a Saraswati Healing™ practitioner, email support@alanafairchild.com. Our team is here to assist you.

Enrolments Open - August 31 2022








There are moments on the path when the soul wishes to take an evolutionary leap. At that moment we experience a heart-yearning, a reaching for something that will inspire, nourish and protect us at a deeper level. Saraswati Healing ™ Intermediate has been designed to answer that need. We warmly honour your precious heart.—Alana Fairchild

“Gratitude for art by Jane Marin from Crystal Mandala Oracle by Alana Fairchild”