We invite you, Beloved,
to Alana Fairchild’s online course

Saraswati Healing

Join us for the journey and experience in this 16-week sacred healer training built with ancient wisdom and modern ways.
Next Intake Opens August 1 2022

“The name for the modality came to me in a dream, where I was in communication with spiritual guidance, following a series of meaningful synchronicities. I took time to reflect and meditate on the name, and am deeply honoured to share this name of a goddess that I personally connect with on so many levels.”
– Alana Fairchild

You’re invited to experience and empower the soul

While developing your healing channel with the divine energies of the Angels, Ascended Masters, Goddesses, and Crystalline frequencies.

During these 16 weeks, you’ll join Alana Fairchild and the community on an exploration of both heart and throat chakra based modalities, centred on speaking words of love, empowerment, and wisdom.

These specific intentions are built in a sacred container that attracts, amplifies, and circulates divine healing energies while working with Alana’s oracle decks, books, sacred music, and meditations as spiritual tools to support you along the process.

Meet Alana

Alana Fairchild is a rare teacher who embodies her free-spirited, loving, and empowering teachings, communicating from a place of authentic being and considerable experience, making esoteric wisdom accessible and relevant for modern humans. She will teach you how to connect to the heart.

Through lessons of her own spiritual journey, she has created over 22 oracle decks, 13 books, and 30 albums of music and meditation. These tools have expanded souls across the globe.

Her work has been translated into more than 11 languages, helping to share her message of universal love, soul empowerment, playful freedom, and generous compassion.

This sacred online journey is here to help you and others experience, as well as empower the soul by developing your healing channel.

Curious if Saraswati Healing™ is for you?

Alana’s online foundation’s course connects you to your own inner spiritual authority, laying the groundwork for you to polish and radiate your inner light. You will go on a journey of self-healing and discovery which enables you to become a grounded and healing presence in your life, your community, and with your clients, if you wish to practice professionally.

What this heart centering course will open for you:

  1. Connect
    • Globally with other students and hold space for each other in this sacred container.
  2. Develop
    • Strong foundations for creating a sustainable healing business that genuinely fulfils your soul and divine purpose while simultaneously nourishing your clients.
  3. Be
    • Part of a community focused on bringing heavenly energies to earth for personal and widespread healing.
  4. Learn
    • Learn precise invocations to help facilitate healing for yourself or others as you hold sacred space to receive and integrate the higher spiritual energies of the angelic realm, the ascended masters, enlightened goddesses, and crystal angels.
  5. Open
    • And empower your both heart-chakra and throat-chakras with spiritual tools Alana’s developed with her message of universal love, soul empowerment, playful freedom, and generous compassion.
  6. Support
    • Your own self-healing these foundations will support you to embody your soul, integrate a beautiful sacred inner world into your daily life, experiencing a vital, loving spirituality that assists you in all facets of your life journey.
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In this 16 week course you will learn how to create and hold sacred space for healings;

To integrate, ground and evolve your own soul light, how to manage your own energy and keep yourself clear and vibrant as a light in the world, and how to channel the energies of heaven on earth for the highest good of all beings. You’ll also build a relationship with enlightened divine beings, and your own soul.

The training in Saraswati Healing™ course also provides guidelines for self-care, and how to work intelligently with spiritual energies, underpinning your own inner transformation. Holding space to ensure you are not alone in your healing journey.


If your heart is ready to be immersed in this frequency of loving divine presence, joy and the grounded wisdom that Alana herself radiates, join in and become an expansive channel for love, light and grace.

Discover Saraswati Healing™

16 heart-opening modules to transform you and your clients:

Over 16 weeks, you will be building a relationship with enlightened divine beings, and your own soul. You will view videos, listen to audio recordings, read the PDFs, receive healings, and practice the techniques, whilst you are supported to explore and heal yourself and express that healing light within, in the world.

We share guidelines for self-care, and how to work intelligently with spiritual energies, underpinning your own inner transformation. You learn how to create and hold sacred space for healings; integrate ground and evolve your own soul light; how to manage your own energy and keep yourself clear and vibrant as a light in the world, and how to channel the energies of heaven on earth for the highest good of all beings.


Beloved, here’s a sneak peek of the healing magic that is Saraswati Healing™:

MODULE 1: Heart Awakening With Crystal Angels 444
In this module, you will be trained in specific rituals to experience and express the vibration of the angelic dimensions. These rituals attract angelic healing energy to all levels of mind, body, and soul. This work stimulates profound heart purification while strengthening your
spiritual power.

MODULE 2: Soul Connections With Crystal Masters 333

In this module, the training coursework deepens and amplifies your experience of spiritual energy, and facilitates the expression of your authentic self. If the angels are about the heart, then you could say that the masters are all about soul! The masters have their own loving and powerful presence that stimulates, inspires, and encourages the soul to courageously open, heal and express its innate purpose.



MODULE 3: Empowered Voice With Crystal Goddesses 888
In this module, you will explore awakening your own creative flow with the goddess energies, focusing on embodiment and empowering of your soul voice. You are trained in group healing templates including an additional template for facilitating threshold blessings for special events. The threshold blessing session can be used as a sacred ceremony for births, death, marriages, moving home, changing jobs, or retirement, and many other significant life transitions.

And Much Much More!
Download a prospectus to see the full course outline.

Alana has the spiritual juice to nourish your unique soul journey, setting her apart and imbuing her work with effectiveness and beauty.

Your Saraswati Healing™ Investment

Foundations programs cost USD $1888 for the 16-week term and payment plan are available at checkout for USD $472 per month for 4 months.

You will need to purchase a copy of the Crystal Mandala Oracle deck (or the app); The books Crystal Angels 444, Crystal Masters 333, and Crystal Goddesses 888 as well as The Messages in the numbers. Each module also connects with a different album of Alana’s music and meditation. These are also available as downloads.

These incredible tools will expand your work and continue your healing journey.

Blessings from past students of Saraswati Healing

So many of our community have shared with us that they find the course exciting, fulfilling and soul-stirring, and we feel that you will not be the same ‘you’ once you have completed the training. 

Instead, you will feel even more of who you came here to be – clear and refined, capable of shining bright, and working with these divine beings under the wisdom and guidance channelled through Alana’s heart.

Alana has a gift for creating a pathway for the visionary soul that is inspiring to the heart
and highly transformational. I see so many trainings that make promises yet lack a
deeper understanding of everyone’s unique journey. This is a sacred journey that keeps



Saraswati Healing has been the catalyst for the greatest change within me, a journey of remembrance guiding me back to my authentic truth. When I set out on this journey I imagined I would weave this modality into my offerings, holding space for others as they opened up to their truths. Nothing quite prepared me for the unfolding of the most profound self-healing of my life thus far.

Rachael Staples

My journey through the course was in one word MAGICAL. I can’t even begin to explain the number of miraculous things in my life during this journey. It was truly a blessing way beyond my boldest imaginings. A rebirth of my soul and a gentle unravelling of the layers that were keeping me small.



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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the pace of the course and how to become a SARASWATI HEALING™ practitioner?
The training has been structured in a 16-week format in such a way as to support the student as they move through different frequencies with the divine beings. We understand that the pacing may seem fast, but this is part of the journey as a student and you will find that you only need around 4-5 hours a week to watch the training videos, listen to the MP3s, read the materials and practice.
How to receive your certification:
Certification and eligibility for higher levels of the training require assessment. Even if you are not interested in further progress, we encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity to share your experiences with us. It can be a healing experience to know that you have been seen, acknowledged, and are supported on your personal spiritual journey.
Advanced Training Options
When you have completed your training, you receive certification as a healer which you can use for your professional practice, and/or you may prefer to channel your skills into your self-healing practice.

Ongoing personal growth and professional development are fostered through graduate community membership. However, some graduates are interested in taking their training to higher levels through advanced training options which are only available upon completion of the Foundations training.

The advanced 16 week Saraswati Healing course is open for enrolment for Graduates of the Saraswati Healing Foundations Course.

What are the graduate community membership fees?
$188 USD per year gives you access to our Facebook forum where we connect and share healings as well as offer opportunities to participate in global healing chain events on behalf of the planet. Graduate Membership provides continued access to our community resource library which is updated with new materials such as additional MP3 Q&A sessions, Zoom online discussions with graduates, live Zoom events with Alana (recordings of the live Zoom sessions with Alana for the training community are uploaded here), as well training materials such as video, audio and PDFs.
Can I enrol in both the Kuan Yin Transmission ™ and Saraswati Healing ™ simultaneously?
It is OK if you want to do both the Kuan Yin Transmission ™ and Saraswati Healing ™ simultaneously, but please note that these are both deeply transformational programs and you will need to allow adequate time for rest and integration, as well as study.
How is the course delivered?
Will I have access to Alana during the course?
The students get live access to Alana during the Zoom sessions we hold over the course of the training (two to three in total). They will have the opportunity to ask Alana questions in these events,  either by sending in advance questions or live in session.
All the training Videos and MP3 s are pre-recorded but they are also 100% new and original material.
All students get access to a Facebook Forum group where they can interact with other students and the training team. They can ask questions and will receive help. 
Alana and the training team hold space for the students. This is something we take very seriously, providing support on an energetic level as well as creating a safe space for people to connect and share.
Refund Policy
In the unusual event that a trainee requests a refund, we make no guarantee regarding the training other than any implied consumer guarantees that cannot be limited by law. In Australia, rights to compensation are governed by the Australian Consumer Law. You are not entitled to cancel the training and receive a refund simply because you have changed your mind. We will carefully consider any application for a refund on a case by case basis.
Investment and Payment Plans

Foundations programs cost USD1888 for the 16 week term and payment plans are available for USD472 per month. Please note that payment plans are run by a third party provider and we cannot customise them.

Please click here to pay with the payment plan option

Dates for Training
Training terms run from March – June and August – November each year. Enrolment closes 31 March and 31 August respectively.

Enrolments Open - August 1 2022








Is it time for your soul to be nourished for the next step on your sacred life path?

“Gratitude for art by Jane Marin from Crystal Mandala Oracle by Alana Fairchild”