Interaction between Earth and Moon

New Moon In Capricorn January 2022

Just in case we needed an astrological reminder of the significance of the 2 vibration during 2022, January kicks off with a Super New Moon in Capricorn on 2 Jan 2022 (at 12 degrees, 20 minutes into Capricorn).   A Super Moon is an ‘up close and personal’ lunation with the moon moving closest to Earth. Interaction between Earth and Moon mirrors the connection between the body and the material world, and the instinctual drives of the feminine (which include our heart’s desire to venture into the unknown, awaken the unconscious, express the emotional and feeling realms, access the intuitive symbolic realm and more). It’s a juicy beginning to a year rich with the promise of connection and creativity. 

In Capricorn we encounter the somewhat eccentric spiritual symbol of the sea goat. She can handle the depths of the ocean as well as scale the mountainous heights. Capricorns are a decidedly capable bunch, and in esoteric astrology, Capricorn is considered the sign of the initiate. Initiation isn’t exactly a walk in the park, but here’s the good news – preparation for it has been occurring within our collective for a very long time, and at a degree of heightened intensity for our human collective over the past two years.

The spiritual preparation phase is what makes successful initiation possible. Preparation is where we encounter the mess – things fall apart, we begin to recognise the issues, we start to clean up the mess, healing and evolving into new self-organisation. Through that process we become part of the consciousness generating energy to support collective awakening.

Preparation as the Spiritual Phase for Transformation

Preparation sets the spiritual stage. When we have completed preparation – which takes as long as it takes – we have gained an understanding of the situation at hand and what is needed. We are ready to put our learning to the test. We apply the wisdom. We have learned from what didn’t work and we move with more creativity and higher consciousness, intuiting a different pattern, and learning how to embody it through practice. Initiation is typically shorter than the preparation period but also – it takes as long as it takes. Months of practice may be necessary to settle into the embodiment of the new awareness, new behaviours. That is fine. This is not about using will power to dominate the body or the mind. It is about evolving naturally, and spontaneously, into more constructive, loving, authentic and liberating ways of being. How does this happen? Through the preparation phase we are nudged, shoved, pushed, invited and more by the Universe towards the inner healing that is necessary to catalyse our transformation.

Individuals who have the spiritual capacity to endure preparation and work with it constructively, will approach the spiritual threshold of initiation and in doing so provide positive stimulus, support and inspiration for our human collective. These light-bearing souls are the generators of higher consciousness within themselves and through that, in human culture. One of the many benefits created through raising consciousness is the realisation of alternatives – new possible ways of thinking, being and expressing ourselves, with more constructive overall effect, become known to us. We might call this ‘outgrowing problematic patterns of behaviour’.

The numerological support for this year – with the 2 and the 6 vibrations – helps us forge a deeper inner connection, as well as a stronger bond with the spiritual dimensions that encourage us. As our connection with our hearts deepens, we become aware of the innate heart’s need for beauty, harmony, grace and unity. These are not lofty or irrelevant ideals. These are essentials for heart health.

Kindness as a Balm for Suffering

 Whilst consciousness is what heals the collective, it must begin within the individual. Then it can be shared with others. For of course, we cannot share what we do not possess. Self love is the beginning of compassion. Compassion is kindness and kindness arises when we are able to acknowledge what it is to experience hurt, and also realise that hurt can be healed.

If people are unkind it is because they have not yet fully grappled with their pain. This is why it takes enormous courage to be kind. When you think of it this way, you realise that kindness is not weakness, nor has it anything to do with being a doormat or a rubbish bin for other people’s unresolved psychological projections. Kindness is an affirmation that you know what suffering is, and you have sufficient intuitive maturity to be able to recognise when it is driving others. You also know that healing is possible. Kindness is your soul choosing to add a balm, rather than a fuel, to the realm of suffering.

Questions to reflect on this New Moon in Capricorn

The new moon in Capricorn asks us how we want to show up as a being of love, of spirituality, of earthiness, this year. Put simply, the new year opens with an invitation – how do you want to live what you have learned over the past few years? How deep will you be willing to go and how high will you allow your spiritual path to ascend this year? It’s a beautiful blessing to begin, offered from the Universe that truly believes in you.

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