Be initiated by Alana into the beautiful realm of the Divine Feminine


Channel the loving frequencies of the Universal Mother


This vibrant, high-energy yet deeply grounding spiritual healing modality connects you with a powerful and loving frequency of consciousness that will stimulate your spiritual growth, support your life path in all ways, and initiate you as a bearer of light on this planet, for the greater good of all.  

Learn to connect and channel with Kuan Yin, Isis, Mother Mary, Tara and Kali, as a spiritual practice and a healing modality for yourself, others and our planet. 

No special skills, belief systems or pre-requisites are necessary to successfully complete the program. All you need is a willingness to open your heart and allow unconditional divine love to guide you.


The foundations program comprises of instructional online videos, an in-depth PDF guide, and culminates in a sacred energetic initiation process that takes place between Alana’s soul and yours. In the foundations program you will learn the principles and practices of the modality, and receive the Kuan Yin Transmission ™  from Alana, attuning you energetically to our Five Mothers – Kuan Yin, Isis, Mother Mary, Tara and Kali. You will be initiated into the sacred practices of invocation, channeling and healing with these divine enlightened beings. You will be empowered to practice the modality for self-healing, healing for others, and healing for our planet. 


Intermediate level teachings take you beyond foundations training, into a diverse array of practices honouring the divine enlightened guardians of our practice, exploring their relationship with each other, and us, as well as their many and varied forms. Intermediate training options are now available to those having completed the foundations training. 


After completing the foundations program, you will be eligible to undertake the advanced training program if you wish to do so. This is not essential to practice the modality, but is offered for those that feel the inner urging to journey more deeply into the work. The advanced levels provide additional teachings on how to work with the specific energies of the Universal Divine Feminine for personal and planetary healing. These practices will further activate the transmission you received in the foundations level, as well as expanding your repertoire of sacred feminine healing practices. Advanced teacher training options will also be open to those who wish to journey deeper into this sacred divine feminine pathway.



At completion of the advanced level, you will be eligible to undertake the master level and secret teachings. The master level and secret teachings can be undertaken solely for your own spiritual development, but are also based on working deeply for the spiritual benefit of all beings, and protection of the human soul.  In these levels, you will receive high level teachings that expand and diversify what you have learned in the previous levels, working at a more demanding degree.  

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Kuan Yin takes multiple forms, to meet the needs of all beings. She is gentle but like any feminine being she will assume a more ferocious form if necessary in order to protect what she loves. She takes masculine forms when that will best serve her higher loving purpose, bringing through much needed sacred masculine energies of tenderness, strength, courage and protection, as well as the divine feminine energies that nourish our souls.


Mother Mary has manifested healing miracles and empowering visions for humans all around the world. She is a truly kind, powerful and astonishingly resourceful guardian, willing and able to respond to any genuine request for help. She, and all of the authentically enlightened divine beings that we connect with in The Kuan Yin Transmission ™ does not judge you or require that you adopt or reject certain beliefs.  She simply wants to help you on your unique life path – whatever that is for you – in all ways.


Tara is an ancient goddess celebrated throughout cultures in the East and the West. In Tibet and Nepal in particular, she is recognised as manifesting in multiple colours to represent her varied responses to prayers, depending on what will best serve. From forms that grant prosperity and enhance the law of attraction to magnetise good things into our lives, to the fierce forms that distil truth and cut through the illusions of ego, Tara is a liberating force of love that holds the power to transform us and our world.


Kali is wrathful yet loving, fierce yet kind. She is called upon for shelter from extreme negativity and for assistance in those problems that just seem impossible to resolve. She is the creative source for all resources needed to successfully manifest one’s divine destiny. Adored as a provider of blessings and protections, she is deeply respected as a teacher of how to find benefit in our challenges and heal our relationship with our shadow or dark side, growing in wholeness and wisdom as a consequence. When we connect with Kali, we are giving the Universe permission to realign our lives so that they are authentic, empowered and tuned into an abundant flow of grace.


This Ancient Egyptian winged-goddess of love, magic and healing alchemy is a master teacher on how to defeat negative forces in ourselves and in our world. She is a gentle and powerful being, who holds the keys to the power of the heart. Her presence enables us to overcome any obstacle and grow wiser and stronger in the process, without becoming bitter or losing trust, hope and faith. She connects us to the higher frequency consciousness of the stars and supports our spiritual awakening, and heart healing, in the most beautiful ways.



 When your heart speaks, listen.

Join us in our sacred soul work of honouring the divine feminine for the spiritual benefit of all beings. 


Would you like the Kuan Yin Transmission ™ in your language? We are looking for CVs from translators! Please reach out to us. We want to share this beautiful practice globally for the spiritual  benefit of all beings.




“This whole experience has given me a new passion in my life to leave behind a sad past and move forward to a brighter future. You rock my world!”

Sarah from Australia

“Thank you for this wonderful experience. Loving it. The tools you have created are beautiful. Thanks doesn’t do them justice. Feeling hearts opening and love surrounding us.”

Elizabeth from Australia

“I don’t know how this can get any better … I am so thankful that this course just popped up when I was searching and said TAKE ME! Feeling very blessed! Thank you Alana! Thank you for being you!”

Priestess Rose from the USA

“I thought I knew what I was in for. It’s been more powerful than I expected. I did a distance healing and got feedback on a profound shift from the person. I never imagined that could have happened, it was amazing! This work is powerful. All this beautiful stuff pours out … I wish everyone could experience this!”

Monique from Australia

“I no longer run and hide and feel afraid of the dark. This work is truly miraculous! I am so honoured and my heart is filled with gratitude and love as I learn and grow and uncover the light of my soul and share with all of you. Thank you! Bless you!”

– Connie from the United States.

“How wonderful this course is. I honestly didn’t think learning to laugh and have spontaneous fun would be an important part of growing. So many beautiful surprises, words cannot express the love and gratitude for this incredible course.”

Lea from Australia

“Since the moment I enrolled I have been experiencing and feeling life in a whole new way, almost in a whole new body as well! What a moving experience! I could literally feel the walls around my heart coming down. I am so blessed to be here! Thank you for sharing this gift.”

Amy from Australia