The October New Moon

On October 6, amplifying the 6 vibration this month, we connect with the numerical signature of the heart with the new moon in Libra, an invitation to integrate our material life into our spiritual journey so that the spiritual path is the basis for all. With the heartfelt commitment to the spiritual path as our basis for decision-making, we can enjoy the fruits of this world as soul nourishment, taking care that we are always working steadily towards spiritual-integration. This is a path that fosters the liberating, delightful, joyful release of fearful judgement (for it’s such a heavy burden to carry upon one’s mortal shoulders, being the decider of all things for all people), and instead we become able to more readily embrace compassionate acceptance.

On the same day, power player Pluto goes direct in Capricorn.

Libra is cardinal air, Capricorn is cardinal earth. In evolutionary astrology, the cardinal signs are innately impelled to initiate change and work together to bring about transformation. It is their energetic raison d’etre. Libra is justice, ideals of equality and harmony, and Capricorn is structure, authority, establishment and leadership in an earthly, and spiritual, sense. On a personal and collective level, the energies align for new insights and progress in matters of relationship, social justice (in the best sense of the term as being universal care), and the ways in which those in positions of power are motivated by the higher ideals of the heart.

The process continues with Saturn going direct in Aquarius on October 11.

The 11 is the numerical code for upwards evolution, for the new. Saturn in Aquarius is pushing for the new forms that honour ancient wisdom yet are innovative. The stunning Sabian symbol for Saturn direct at 7 Aquarius is – ‘a child born out of an eggshell’. That which may appear to be fragile, and yet also symbolises the wholeness of the cosmos, and the divine feminine, will give rise to new life, to the hope and promise of a new form. It is a profoundly idealistic vision grounded in a very practical month.

Jovial partying priest and benevolent best buddy to all souls, Jupiter goes direct on October 18 at 22 degrees of Aquarius. The 22 is the master number of divine alignment, sacred co-creation with the higher mind. Jupiter brings joy, energy and passionate purpose to the intentions we have been cultivating. When things just fall into place and you feel blessed, your soul has been love-bombed by Jupiter. On the same day, Mercury goes direct in Libra, giving our subtle energy body support for processing the reality of the ideals, how they will feel, how we can think and speak and communicate in such a way that they can manifest.


The October Full Moon

On October 20, the Full Moon in Aries is the culmination of the new soul stage, the spiritual foundation ready to move forwards. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, the initiating impulse, the cardinal fire sign. Think of the head-strong and mighty cosmic ram. Aries gets things moving. The Sabian for this lunation is “a large audience”. This lunation is about how we can share as individuals and also how we operate as a collective. Individuality can have potent influence on collective mentality. Will we work with this wisely?

Halloween is celebrated on 31 October, although the actual or natural date this year is Saturday 6th November, and the natural seasonal festival in the southern hemisphere is Beltane, whilst Halloween or Samhain is celebrated in the north. Both festivals are about the thinning of the psychic veils and the dance between life and death. Whilst we celebrate life, love and the capacity for birth and high Spring in the south, the north honours death, love and the capacity for letting go and moving on, which is the wisdom of deep Autumn. Together the northern and southern hemispheres rotate in ritual awareness of the seasons which supports the creative spiritual process this month for our entire planet.

The soul journey is so incredibly deep.

Even in its struggles, there is hidden divine beauty if we know how to look for it. That beauty gives us the courage and heart to move through the pain and grow in our capacity for joy and compassion as a result, opening up to divinity rather than closing down in bitterness or fear.

May our hearts receive and radiate the truth, hope and promise of love this month, for the spiritual benefit of all beings.

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