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Beautiful pathways to divine guidance for your life path.

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Rosa Mystica Mother Mary

Imbue Your Heart with Peace, Love and Healing with Mother Mary, the Mystical Rose
  • Duration 13 Self-Study Modules with 4 Live Immersion Sessions beginning December 12, 2023
  • Level Open
  • Course Type Online
  • Price USD 777 or 2 Installments of USD 444

What will I learn?

Our Lady, Mother Mary, is also known as Rosa Mystica or the Mystical Rose. In our Rosa Mystica program we open to the spiritual embrace of Mother Mary, to personally experience her beautiful divine energy. Supported by Mother Mary’s unconditional love, you’ll travel your unique soul path, through the inner doorway of this program towards her sacred realm of trust, love, peace and, ultimately, divine healing.

Rosa Mystica, or the Mystical or Mystic Rose, is one of the sacred poetic titles of Mother Mary, used to address her in devotions. The rose is a powerful symbol of love, long associated with Mother Mary, and with her offering of unconditional love and devoted protection. The Mystical Rose is also an expression of the Divine Feminine, promising to accept you fully, while creating a sublime space for transformation to occur.

The higher purpose of the Divine Feminine is always your spiritual liberation and sacred fruition – to elevate your soul and accomplish your life’s higher purpose.

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Alana Fairchild is a rare teacher who embodies her free-spirited, loving, and empowering teachings, communicating from a place of authentic being and considerable experience, making esoteric wisdom accessible and relevant for modern humanity. She will inspire you to connect with your heart and realise the beauty of your sacred soul journey.

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In this program you will explore 14 soul-enriching modules created to help you explore the divine presence and many powerful facets of Mother Mary, Our Mystical Rose. You will connect at a deep heart level with the generous, gracious emanations of Mother Mary as the Mystical Rose of many colours, to heal, inspire, encourage, reassure and protect the soul. Practices accompany each in-depth teaching on the roses, the meaning of their colours, and how each colour relates to a different form of Mother Mary wishing to help you. This program is suitable for all levels.

  • Module 1 – Introduction and Guidance Into the Divine Feminine
    • In this module we focus on the Mystical Rose as an expression of the Divine Feminine, promising to accept you fully, while creating a sublime space for transformation to occur. We connect with Our Lady Mother Mary as an emanation of the Divine Feminine that is relevant for all hearts. We learn about how the Divine Feminine overcomes fear and that she will manifest in many and varied forms in order to answer our prayers, as an expression of her love for us.

  • Module 2 – Madonna of the White Rose
    • In this module, we focus on spiritual purification as a method to attain healing transformation and release, clearing and renewal. The higher purpose of the Divine Feminine is always your spiritual liberation and sacred fruition – to elevate your soul and accomplish your life’s higher purpose. Purification creates spaciousness to allow our higher purpose to manifest more readily. In the  spaciousness, there is room to heal, raise our vibration, and then receive new and improved energies that support authenticity, abundance and soulfulness. To purify oneself is to align more closely with our true loving nature and highest potential.

  • Module 3 – Madonna of the Red Rose
    • In this module, we focus on voice and movement practice, particularly connecting with a form of Our Lady known as the Untier or Undoer of Knots. This epithet of Mary is over 300 years old and yet is so relevant to modern humans. Our Lady, the Undoer of Knots, is particularly present in our lives when we are working through an old, perhaps long-standing cycle or issue, and are about to resolve it and become ready for a significant new chapter in our lives. She presides over transitions of significance and feeling a particular heart connection with her can indicate a significant inner and, likely also, outer transition taking place in your life journey.

  • Module 4 – Madonna of the Orange Rose
    • In this module we work through a beautiful guided visualisation process and explore our Lady as Stella Maris, or Star of the Sea. Mother Mary in this form is a guiding star, showing the way – especially through troubling times in our lives. One of the ways that this form of Mary is depicted is with her foot upon a crescent moon. The symbolism of such iconography is reassuring. The foot upon something shows rulership and strength to subdue. The feet of holy beings are considered blessed. Our emotional life can nourish and guide us when we learn how to work with it consciously and respectfully, but if allowed to rage out of control, or if repressed, it will become destructive rather than creative. As we connect with our Lady in this form, we are encouraged to embrace our emotional life with wisdom, realising the intelligence and intuitive guidance that our emotions can provide us

  • Module 5 – Madonna of the Yellow Rose
    • In this module you will participate in a stunning sound healing process, and we particularly connect with a beautiful form of the Madonna of the Yellow Rose known as Our Lady of Confidence. In the Italian language she is La Madonna della Fiducia, or Our Lady of Trust. Mother Mary in this form is protective of all hearts and is especially associated with protection of those that have a spiritual path involving leadership, particularly spiritual guidance or mentoring. She protects the soul through the difficulties we encounter while learning to become healers, guides and mentors for others, and even when learning how to rely upon ourselves and trust our own hearts to guide us on our authentic life path.

  • Module 6 – Madonna of the Pink Rose
    • In this module we will be part of a guided energetic offering process, connecting with Our Lady of Guadalupe. One of the heart treasures of Our Madonna of the Pink Rose is that although we need strength of will, confidence and courage to seek and serve spiritual compassion and truth, we are never alone. We are always being guided and helped. The Divine cannot do it for us. We are responsible for the human side of the relationship, but Mother Mary will become the wind beneath our wings and the safe path beneath our feet as we take confident and bold steps on our life path. The impossible becomes possible because we dare to trust in her. This form of Mother Mary is often particularly relevant to those who feel that they are not powerful by society’s standards, and need to learn how to recognise that their spiritual empowerment is enough to create a wonderful and special life journey.

  • Module 7 – Madonna of the Blue Rose
    • Here we’ll participate in voice healing and the intuitive reading process. The blue rose is not found in nature. With the Madonna of the Blue Rose, our journey with Mother Mary enters mystical territory which cannot be perceived by the ordinary senses. We are entering the subtle realms of the supernatural dimension. The blue rose is a human co-creation with nature. Our connection with the Madonna of the Blue Rose can signify a time when we are learning to love and respect ourselves as humans, realising that we have particular opportunities as human beings to use our free will in beautiful, creative and healing ways. This module can stimulate both healing acceptance of our humanity and greater flow of creativity.

  • Module 8 – Madonna of the Indigo Rose
    • In this module we work through a guided visualisation process, to connect with Our Lady’s wisdom. Beautiful epithets for Mother Mary arise from the Songs of Solomon in the Hebrew Bible, adopted in Christian writings as emblems for the Madonna. One of these symbols is the Tower of Ivory or Turris Eburnea in Latin. The ivory tower is an expression in modern parlance for a place that is removed from the realm of mundane concerns, within which one can explore esoteric matters free from distraction. In art, the Tower of Ivory is often depicted in the Hortus Conclusus or Enclosed Garden, another esoteric symbol for Our Lady originally inspired by Hebrew scripture. The private, protected garden is safe from intrusion. In such a garden, Mother Mary is often depicted with a unicorn, The unicorn is a pure being. It evades capture and rejects violence. These are the symbols of Our Lady as pure and sacred sanctuary. The Madonna of the Indigo Rose reminds us to trust in her, to  provide ourselves with comfort, peace and tranquility.

  • Module 9– Madonna of the Violet Rose
    • In this module you will participate in a guided energy healing process, learning about the release of grief and the need for rest in order to heal. We connect with a particular form of Mother Mary known as Our Lady of Salette. She appeared as a vision before two children, speaking of a time of suffering ahead, and begged for people to restore adherence to the day of rest to avoid such calamities. She predicted devastated crops and famine, illness and suffering, all of which came to pass. She was devastated because without their involvement, she could not protect the people any further from the outcome of their actions. 


      How could honouring a day of rest be so important to rectifying dire circumstances? It is the opportunity to recover – in our minds, our bodies, our land and our natural resources, that allow for life to flourish. This form of Our Lady helps us break the negative cycle of pushing too hard for too long, and instead discover a more nourishing and soul-honouring rhythm by which to live.

  • Module 10 – Madonna of the Black Rose
    • Here we embrace a beautiful breath-movement-visualisation process and connect particularly with the sacred power of the Black Madonna. The Black Madonna is truly of the people.  She is not owned by anyone and is especially not owned by those who deal in the currency of power rather than the grace of love. The Black Madonna is a natural, radical, gentle, and fierce face of Mother Mary. Her wisdom teaches us that Mary will do whatever she wants and needs to do to accomplish her aims of spiritual freedom for all beings. She is not dissuaded by the prospect of challenging the established hierarchy. Her powerful spiritual path led her outside of social conventions repeatedly and that is where all the most important elements of her life journey occurred. The Black Madonna speaks directly to the soul and those who are feeling challenged by societal mores and wanting to live more authentically from their hearts, rather than following the crowd, or who are honestly acknowledging a truth that others may be denying,  often connect with her very deeply.

  • Module 11 – Madonna of the Coral Rose
    • In this module we continue our journey with a guided meditative movement process to sense the presence of Our Madonna of the Coral Rose as Sophia or Wisdom. Wisdom is not intellectual thought; it is knowing – embodied, eternal, undeniable and undeterrable. The Madonna of the Coral Rose is Shekinah, the dwelling place for the divine presence articulated in the Jewish and Christian theologies, and the name of the Divine Feminine in the Jewish mystical Kabbala. One of Mary’s names is the Throne of Wisdom. The throne is the regal seat. Mary is the place where wisdom rests. The goddess Isis is also represented by the Throne as her Hieroglyph and headdress. To give wisdom pride of place is to live a life that is in harmony with our heart and soul. It requires courage, yet we can only know genuine peace and fulfillment when we are living in connection with what feels genuinely true at a soul level. Sophia or Wisdom asks us to live our truths, to dare to dwell in our bodies and embrace our unique spiritual healing journey.

  • Module 12 – Madonna of the Turquoise Rose
    • In this module we’ll use invocation, voice and gentle movement process, to connect with the Madonna of the Turquoise Rose as Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal. This form of Mother Mary often resonates for those who feel called to a special life purpose that challenges the status quo. We may know that such a life purpose is not going to be easy, but through divine grace, Mother Mary promises us that we will be given the power to succeed. We need trust because sometimes we may feel like we are being guided to do something that we are not sure we can do! We may need to find the courage to face obstacles and not give up. We will need to put a lot of effort into self-healing and self-expression but the ultimate power of success will not come from us, but from her divine grace. In essence, we are spiritually ‘covered’. Understanding this can bring us relief, joy and an unusually high degree of courage and confidence to dive into our life path and purpose with trust.

  • Module 13 – Madonna of the Silver Rose
    • Here we find healing through gentle dance and the mantra process, connecting with Our Lady as the Mirror of Justice. To be mirrored faithfully is to have your reality shown to you. The divine mirror of Mary is not a passive receptacle. It is a revelation, a giver of insight, one that through her greater spiritual capacity allows us to know ourselves more truthfully and more clearly in her presence. We often connect with this form of Our Lady when we are ready to see a truth that we had avoided dealing with in the past, because at a soul level we have now evolved to the point of being able to face it and move through any challenges or growth that must occur for us to deal with that truth. As the Mirror of Justice, Our Lady faithfully reflects the divine plan, the highest order of things. When we feel a connection with Our Lady of the Silver Rose, as the Mirror of Justice, there is often some powerful realignment taking place in our lives.

  • Module 14 – Madonna of the Gold Rose
    • In this final module we culminate our spiritual journey with a dance meditation healing process and our beautiful closing session. The form of Our Lady in this module is Our Madonna of the Gold Rose as the Divine Mother who brings forth the golden or divine consciousness in all beings. In Greek, the Theotokos means ‘Mother of God’ or ‘God bearer’. In Latin, she is Mater Dei. The Divine Mother is the mother of divinity. Mother Mary is not only a sublime spiritual being, but also the wisdom, means and method through which the highest consciousness is birthed in us. She literally shows us how to awaken our innate divine potential and express it. There will be many beautiful opportunities, and many challenges, which will distil our divine essence, and help us become all that we were born to be. One of the beautiful epithets that refer to Mary in her role as the Theotokos is the ‘life giving spring’ or ‘life giving font’ (or fountain). This refers to Mother Mary’s miraculous power and support, her promise that we shall receive all that we need through her grace.

"The Mystical Rose is a form of the divine feminine that can assist all humans to find confidence, courage and healing. Mother Mary is a Universal Mother and all that is required to obtain her loving assistance is an open heart."


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“In these times of accelerated transformation and awakening, life can become a bit intimidating and overwhelming at times, especially when you go through one of those dark nights of the soul. I found the teachings and meditations offered in the Rosa Mystica Course to be an incredibly powerful tool to stay anchored and connected to the ever present vibration of love, nurturing and gentleness offered by the Divine Mother or in this case the Madonna.
Love, peace and blessings”
– Brigitte, USA
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need prior experience to enrol in the Mother Mary program?
    • There are no prerequisites required for the Mother Mary program. It is open to all those with open hearts and minds, who seek healing, empowerment and connection to divine spiritual energy that shows the way into a more beautiful inner world.

      We truly believe that if you feel drawn to this training, then your heart is ready to be immersed in the program’s frequency of loving divine presence, authentic soul, and the grounded wisdom that Alana herself radiates. Your heart will sense when it is time for you to join us on the journey to becoming an expansive channel for love, light and wisdom. 


  • How much time will I need to spend on the course each day?
    • The course is designed to be self-paced.

      You may take it as slowly or as quickly as suits you. However we have structured it to take approximately one hour per module, and in our forum we generally explore one module per week.

      While you can undertake the course as an immersive program, completing one module as often as you like, perhaps several in one week, we encourage you to consider completing one module per week to allow for full, supportive integration.


  • Is this course suitable for beginners or advanced students?
    • This course is suitable for both beginners and more advanced students. There are no special skills, belief systems or prerequisites necessary to successfully complete the program. All you truly need is a willingness to open your heart and the courage to embrace the program.

      A beginner can complete this course and so can those with more experience on their spiritual path.  Alana has been working with Mother Mary for her entire life and had beautiful new experiences with Mother Mary in the creation of the Rosa Mystica course.

      Trust your heart-attraction to the program. There is likely a deeper spiritual reason for that pull and, therefore, benefit to be gained.

  • Do I need any extra materials to undertake the training?
    • No. Everything that you need to undertake the training is contained within the supplied course materials. 

      If you wish you may download Alana’s Mother Mary Oracle, Mother Mary Oracle Journal and meditation albums, Mother Mary Meditations and Holy Sisters Meditations with Mother Mary and Kuan Yin. These extra materials can support your journey, but they are not required to participate in the program.

  • Receiving your graduation certificate
    • When you have completed your Mother Mary course, you will receive a beautiful electronic certificate via email. You may wish to print and frame this to remind you of your accomplishment and beautiful soul journey.

  • What opportunities are available for graduates of the Rosa Mystical program?
    • Graduates of the Rosa Mystical Mother Mary program are welcome to remain connected to the course-specific forum throughout the training, and beyond. The course investment includes lifetime access to the forum and relevant course materials. You can complete the course and come back to it again as you wish.

      Many of our graduates are interested in taking their spiritual studies and soul process further with us, deepening and advancing their understanding and techniques. After graduation from the Rosa Mystica course, we invite you to consider taking your soul journey to new depths by moving onto one of our 16-week immersive modality courses – such as Saraswati Healing™ or the Kuan Yin Transmission™ program. Both of these programs have no particular prerequisites and feature the presence of our beloved Mother Mary too.

      You are welcome to reach out to our training team at any time to discuss your options for further study in one of our online programs.

  • Can I enrol in more than one course at a time?
    • Yes. Some community members enjoy enrolling in a non-modality course, such as the Mother Mary Rosa Mystica program, alongside of a more intense modality course like Saraswati Healing or the Kuan Yin Transmission program, as a form of additional spiritual nourishment and support and this can work very well.   The Mother Mary program complements many other offerings from Alana and is both full and rich on its own, and in combination with other explorations.

      However, the modality courses are deeply immersive and you will need to allow adequate time for rest and integration, as well as practice and study. So whilst we encourage you to trust your own inspiration and enthusiasm, we also want you to pace yourself and trust in the wisdom of steady progress too, savouring the fullness of each program.

  • Will I have direct access to Alana during the course?
    • Alana is always spiritually present in the course, and the forums are hosted by a carefully selected team of healers and mentors who are very close to Alana and the team is in regular communication with her, doing the work together of holding the space for the magic of the work to unfold in the soul. They will share messages directly from Alana and you will have a chance to connect with Alana at the opening and closing online ceremonies for the training.

      Alana’s direct involvement is also strongly felt through the content of the courses and key video instructions which flow from her, with some additional supportive offerings from the team as well.

      The holding of space and energetic integrity in the course process is an ongoing and always evolving collaboration between Alana, our beautiful human team and the Spiritual Guidance inspiring the work. Keeping Alana’s spiritual presence in the program and the forums is something we take very seriously, providing support on an energetic level as well as creating a safe space for people to connect and share.

  • What is the refund policy?
    • We do not offer refunds on this program. Sensitive souls will often feel the energy shift immediately upon enrolment, even prior to the course beginning. We have already committed resources to you, particularly at an energetic level, and places in the program are limited. Nor do we offer refunds if you are unable, for whatever reason, to complete the course or if we cannot offer you certification as an accredited practitioner. However our team wants to help you on your journey and we will do our best to help you find a way to resolve any issues you may have.  

      We want you to feel fulfilled by the program and encourage open communication with our team should there be any questions or concerns throughout the program. Please always feel free to reach out to us.

May you attract something beautiful and blessed in your life, to help you realise that a new beginning of grace is here for you now.
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