Train in person with Alana

Channel the loving frequencies of the Universal Mother

The Kuan Yin Transmission ™ is a beautiful and unique healing modality which anyone can learn. You’ll be attuned over a powerful weekend program, in person with Alana Fairchild, becoming a channel of this divine ‘goddess reiki’ frequency which you can use for healing yourself and others. Click on the link below to find out more about this vibrant, unique program.

The Kuan Yin Transmission™ will launch globally in 2020.





A powerful year-long online program to awaken your soul


Would you like to have a year of supported spiritual awakening? Alana offers a unique and highly popular year-long supported training program to awaken your innate inner healer. The program is conducted online and you can enrol to support your own personal path or also elect the professional training options and become a qualified healer in Alana’s original Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring ™ modality.

Opening up to this sacred work will attract some amazing experiences and opportunities into your life. You can emerge confident, clear and committed to your spiritual path. The world needs you to be brave, to believe in yourself and trust in all that you were born to become.

Empower your soul

Manifest your destiny as an inspired and successful healer. Empower yourself – and your clients – with a stunning healing modality channelled by Alana, using a unique oracle deck, sacred words and your divine connection.

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