Be initiated by Alana into the beautiful realm of the Divine Feminine

Channel the loving frequencies of the Universal Mother

The Kuan Yin Transmission ™ is stunning energy healing modality connecting you to the power of the Divine Feminine. You are attuned to the energies by Alana in the online foundations course. The foundations program is complete within itself, and you can begin working with the energies immediately upon completion. Advanced levels of training in the modality, including teacher training, will be available for those who feel called to journey deeper into this sacred work, upon completion of the foundations  program.  Gratitude for art by Zeng Hao from The Kuan Yin Oracle by Alana Fairchild.

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The Foundations Course runs for 16 weeks and costs USD 1,888. Payment plans are available. Upon graduation from the foundations training, advanced study options become available.  

 What you’ll get in the Foundations Course:


  • Training in modality techniques
  • Sound blessings and guidance
  • Spiritual initiation with Alana
  • supportive monitored private group forum
  • spontaneous interactions with Alana in the forum and live Zoom events. 




 When your heart speaks, listen.

Join us in our sacred soul work of honouring the divine feminine for the spiritual benefit of all beings. 






Soul Healing with Energy, Voice, Light and Wisdom


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Saraswati Healing ™ is named in honour of the goddess Saraswati, who presides over voice, language, healing, art and music, education, spiritual empowerment and manifestation, and awakening. She is the goddess protecting the throat chakra and encouraging us to live and express our truths. This is the guiding purpose of Saraswati Healing ™. 

This unique online training program, created by Alana Fairchild guides you into connection with three special groups of beneficial divine guides –  the angels, the ascended masters, and the goddesses, including, of course, Saraswati. 


Based on the best-selling Crystal Mandala Oracle, the modality provides you with sacred structure through which you can practice self healing and healing for others. Once you have completed the initial course, other courses working with different decks – such as the Isis Oracle and the Sacred Rebels Oracle are available. 



The modality works with the power of your voice, healing rituals and integrates Alana’s beautiful decks, books, music and meditations. You will learn how to facilitate healing templates for individuals and groups, and even run full day events if you wish, all held strongly within the sacred structure of the modality. 



The foundations training for Saraswati Healing ™ works with the Crystal Mandala Oracle and the high-level spiritual frequencies of the Angels, Ascended Masters and Goddesses. The foundations course runs for 16 weeks and costs USD1888. Payment plans are available. Upon completion of the foundations training, options for advanced study are then available, including a 16 week intensive intermediate training that works with the Sacred Rebels Oracle, the Isis Oracle, the Divine Circus and Love Your Inner Goddess oracles, with advanced integrative deity practices and teachings on being and living your light as a divine human for the spiritual benefit of all beings.

Channel Our Universal Divine Mothers

Fulfil your innate potential and empower your heartfelt light in our world for the spiritual benefit of all beings. Heal  yourself, others and our planet with this stunning new energy healing modality channelled by Alana. Connect personally and directly with Kuan Yin, Mother Mary, Kali Ma, Goddess Isis and Star Mother Tara. Overcome obstacles, outgrow self sabotage and awaken to your beautiful divine destiny.

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